Thursday, June 04, 2015

CRC Hisachdus is offering $5.00 to the owner of the bug in the romaine

bug in the Romaine


Anonymous said...

Next to the CRC symbol is Gissinger's kehilla symbol. There are certainly shkotzim urmoshim who hang out in that shul - like Yudi Kolko. Even if Gissinger doesn't believe he is a molester, Kolko is fort a mesarev l'din by Mechon Lehoyroah & Beis Din of America.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, you misunderstood these Ingrisher-Romanisher.

Hisachdus expects the bug owner to pay them the $5 altz his bug is grazing on their lettuce.

Anonymous said...

Remember though, if your washing process eliminates this to below 10% it's genugt, sic

Einfall said...

Put the lettuce inside a Bodek (trademark) garni bag & immerse in water. The bug will float through the very large holes in the mesh. Presto! No more bug!

Shanda far di goyim said...

The gentile management of Lake Compounce CT banned Yudi Kolko from bringing yeshivishe camps on waterpark outings after they were contacted by askonim & reporters from New York Magazine.

Ober Boidek's heyligeh machshir Harav Hagaoin R' Shloima Gissinger allows Kolko in his shul without constant shoimer?