Monday, June 08, 2015

From an Email re: kashrus in Lakewood

 Anonymous said...
KCL and cohorts are besieging everyone re: Reb Yudel giving a hashgocha to a place belonging to a goi.

Interesting, every product in your home was manufactured in a goiyeshe company. nuhr vos, you are relying on the capable Hashgocha and their capable Mashgiach.

Now KCL says that for Lakewood yungeleit it's a different madreigah. Eateries, restaurants, etc. one should only on the frum owner and not on a capable hashgocha with a capable trained mashgiach.

So why is KCL giving hashgochas to frum owned establishments? Why is KCL charging fees those establishments for a hashgocha that KCL says is not needed because it's a frum owner.

Interesting also is the fact that finkel who was frum, gave a daf yomi shir, was the baal koreh, etc yet he gave treif to all of New York & Lakewood customers. Doheny in Los Angeles, also a frum owner that gave treif to all of Los Angeles.

A kosher butcher in Frankfurt, Germany, admitted in court that he sold doctored tons of non-kosher meat for years as glatt to all of the observant Jews.

There was the 4-5 episodes in Boro Park, Flatbush, Queens, etc areas where frum owners were selling treif to their customers.

The bottom line is it all depends on the Hashgocha and the mashgiach.

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