Friday, June 12, 2015

Kashrus alert- OK certified Stop N Shop Bakeries

The OK certified Stop N Shop Bakeries

Their "OK" kashrus on those bakeries should not be relied upon.

We wrote an Email to the head of the OK re above, we did not receive any response at all.


Anonymous said...

Here in Boston some of the Stop & Shop bakeries are under the new and improved KVH.

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know. I did not know stop and shop has their kashrus.
I can now shop there! I am not a crazy kashrus fanatic and OK does a great job.

Thanks Yudel!

Anonymous said...

Please show us the letter you sent them.
yidel , why dint you respond to the letter that was sent to you?

Anonymous said...

What was in the email you wrote them?

Anonymous said...

Can you be specific as why there is an issue?

Yudel Shain said...

5/31/2015 3:07:50 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time was when the email was sent to one of the owners of the OK, we received no response.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's why R' Weinfeld came snooping in Lakewood in the glatt kosher chinese restaurant under the hashgocha of Rabbi Yehuda Shain.

Rabbi Weinfeld, Rabbi Shain left the Manalapn chinese restaurant when Reb Don Yoel Levy of the OK decided to allow the chinese owner to have the keys to the restaurant, even though the owners were caught on numerous occasions trying to ganveh in unauthorized treif.

The mashgichim verified that the chinese owner had the keys for many years at least.

The Lakewood glatt kosher chinese restaurant only the hashgocha has the keys.

The mashgichim do not receive their from the restaurant owner, only from the hashgocha.