Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kashrus "Alert": תושבי ואורחים בלייקוואד-PIZZA storeis are also one that violates

Kashrus alert: All BMG's KCL Establishments including Pizza stores.

It has become a practice instituted by BMG's kashrus certifiers to use market "infested" product.

They tell the food service establishment to rinse and blend the infested product and use it in anything and everything.

There is absolutely no Heter for this, even if one is a "kahl" קל in infestation.

The workers are building on this treif "minhag" with a "lumdis" and use it in all of their dishes "as is" without rinsing and grinding.

When the Sushi chinese man was using the fresh infested herbs in the 4th st pizza store for his sushi. When BMG's kashrus certifier was asked "pishat" his response was "the goi used it by mistake".

The הפקירות has no limits. The chinese worker lives upstairs, there is no mashgiach that can have any control (besides the cash register). Who knows what he is bringing in from his upstairs apartment, for Lakewood oilum to be "mitamtum" themselves and their families?

Don't eat from any of BMG's kosher certifiers establishments.


Anonymous said...

Sushi there is awesome. Maybe that's why.

Anonymous said...

Reb Yudel:

With all due respect, as I'm sure you are aware, the owner of Pizza Plus is an ehrliche Yid and a Yorei Hashem.
As such, I cannot understand why you could not present your gripe to the owner directly. I am sure he would've corrected any and all deficiencies.
Why should your Cold War with the KCL mushroom (checked of course) into a hatchet job on Reb Moish?

IMHO if your objective was to correct a problem, speaking with the ehrliche owner and mashgiach would suffice.

If the objective was to bash the KCL, is it ok to do it on the soul of an ehrliche Yid?

Since when is it one strike and your out?

Kindly reply.

Anonymous said...

How do you know he didn't speak to Moish?