Thursday, June 18, 2015

KCL: Kashrus alert: infestation

Kashrus ALERT: re: Infestation

Many facilities under KCL utilize "market-produce" unchecked from infestation and have the facilities wash, blend and use.

This method is וודאי אסור משום אין מבטלין איסור, כולם מוחזקים בתולעים.  

They were found to be infested with whole insects.

This affects all KCL products;
Falafel balls
Any item that uses fresh herbs including dill, cilantro, etc.



Falafel fresser said...

You mean to tell us that arbess have bugs?

Anonymous said...

The parsley & cilantro herbs used in the falafel balls are fresh infested ingredients

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

mekatreg will pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Thank you hand chosen and picked by Rav Shneur AND Reb Nosson making you the poisek achron.

Anonymous said...

I got a psak from a talmid chochom who I don't believe is associated with any kashrus organizations allowing me to juice romaine, kale, spinach etc bought from produce stores unchecked (I still wash them to clean from dirt and visible insects). The psak regarding ein mevatlin issur lekatchila was based on two things:
1) we don't know for sure that what I am juicing has a bug. Your position that there is a chazoko has many variables, such as season, location. You cannot make a blanket statement that there is always a chazoko.
2) there is no interest in the issur. Reb Yudel, if you disagree with this point please provide references.

I would be very interested in a continuous flow of information for all produce that comes into the various stores in Lakewood regarding their infestation status. Do you want to pursue this?

Yasher koiach!