Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lakewood-Kashrus eye opener

Interesting, every product in your home was manufactured in a goi'ishe company. nuhr vos, you are relying on the capable Hashgocha and their capable Mashgiach.

Also Interesting- is the fact that finkel who was frum, gave a daf yomi shiur, was the baal koreh, etc yet he gave treif to all of New York & Lakewood customers. Doheny in Los Angeles, also a frum owner that gave treif to all of Los Angeles.

A kosher butcher in Frankfurt, Germany, recently admitted in court that he sold doctored tons of non-kosher meat for years as glatt to all of the observant Jews.

There was the 4-5 episodes in Boro Park, Flatbush, Queens, etc areas where frum owners were selling treif to their customers.

All Goi'ish owned food service or eateries that had a capable Hashgocha and a trained capable Mashgiach was not found to be selling treif.

Bottom line? Where can one eat kosher food in Lakewood?
Where you either rely on the owner or on a capable hashgocha and capable mashgiach.

Rabbi G.Finkel seems to have a knack to  love the ones that are machshil people R"L.

Rabbi G.Finkel seems to have a knack to  have a "hatred" of the "emmes" and ones that know what they are doing and are the true experts. 


Anonymous said...

"Eye opener", nothing!

Many of the hashgochos are acting as if they learned nothing from Finkel & the other mushchossim.

And the OU is so immature about it that they went out of their way to deny Yudel any credit for being the first one to catch Finkel. The OU was not even directly involved in that story but they HATE it when Yudel is correct at the expense of the establishment.

Anonymous said...

Great only eat at 105 clifton you are saying?

They are sneeking in cases of food from the back door and you have no clue while your mashgiach is in the bathroom! I think u need to have 2 mashgiach full time!