Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kashrus Alert: Fish Sticks, fish cakes, and SUSHI-.

Bdatz Aida Yerushalem says-

Don't use any pollock fish products-even if ground up or minced.

 Don't use any Surimi in your sushi, which includes the California roll.

BMG's KCL doe$n't care about infe$tation? 
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בדרך כלל לא משווק בחנויות שתחת השגחת הבד”צ, לעיתים קיים ייצור מיוחד ללא חשש תולעים בהשגחה צמודה
נגיעות גבוהה של תולעי אניסקיס בבשר הדג
דגים קפואים יבוא ללא עור
סין - ים
Alaska Pollock


Anonymous said...

Yudel you claim that KCL is not kashrus oriented only politically, can you explain that? It's not that I disagree.

Yudel you claim vehemently the bmg's KCL (as u call it) and Rabbi Yosef Eisen are Hypocrites, can you explain?

I found the dictionary definition; hypocrites as follows;
1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

2.a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Are you saying that also?

Anonymous said...

Why can't ground pollack be eaten?

Anonymous said...

Yudel, the way you go about what is not accepted to eat is out of control. Why dont u make it easier on us amarstzim with a list of itrms that are ok to eat?

Anonymous said...

Anisakis is muttar as per shulchan aruch y''d 84. Down with amheraatzus.

Anonymous said...

The Aida knows all your info and still does not allow it.
The one that is muttar is the "bain oir li'bussur" origination type and minai ku'ruboo. I'm sure your unfamiliar with those type of infestation. Sorry, but the anisakeis remains ossur. You can talk to Reb Yoel Finegold in Lakewood.

Anonymous said...

It's funny herring they allow. In any case Volcan is no longer in the Eida.. he lied about the research he did.

Anonymous said...

The Aida also says you can't go to the Kotel.
The Aida also says you can't take $ from the Gov't (Even section 8).

A Mashgiach Who Cares said...

Reb Yudel,

You are being disingenuous about the Badatz list!

I refer to page 4, which states that Alaska Pollock has high infestation of anisakis.

You quote Badatz as saying: "Don't use any pollock fish products-even if ground up or minced". The fact is, that said nothing of the sort there!

Moreover, by posting the pictures of products that have respected hashgachos, you insinuate that they are all worthless, as it's impossible to supervise this type of fish.

Now here's the rub. Please check again the above page, where Badatz themselves admit to occasionally doing runs of Alaskan Pollock, which they claim are parasite free!

So we see, that contrary to your alleged pronouncement in the name of the Badatz, the Badatz actually admits that Alaskan Pollock can be satisfactorily produced.

Why would you think that the American hashgachos are any different?

Anonymous said...

The Aida is still looking for Herring that is insect free, someone told them that the Arizona herring is insect free. U\You know why, because there isn't any herring in Arizona.

All of those respected hashgochas are using the infested pollock.

The Aida is still looking for the elusive Alaskan Pollock that's insect free. Keep looking, Rav Revach couldn't either produce it insect free.

Grinding or Mincing by a muchzak is considered "ain mivat'lin issur, etc".

Anonymous said...

"Grinding or Mincing by a muchzak is considered "ain mivat'lin issur, etc".

But R' Shlomo Zalman poskens you can puree broccoli whch is muchzok

Anonymous said...

Most poskim way before R Shlomo Zalmen hold that you could lichatchila buy vegetables that have a miut hamotsoi bugs if a goy ground it and if it was not ground in order to be mivatel the bugs but because you want ground vegetables.

Chaim Yoseph said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anisakis is muttar as per shulchan aruch y''d 84. Down with amheraatzus.

Mon Jul 20, 11:58:00 AM 2015

Are you denying the validity oF the Shulchan Aruch? Are you denying the validity of halacha Moshe mi'Sinai? What comes next - saying that a dead 'Rebbe' will be Moshiach?

Anonymous said...

They tell everyone not to take but trust me they take it under the table.i ts an old story. Do as i say not as i do.