Sunday, August 02, 2015

Would this place ever make it to the Khal Nesiv Hatorah's "LIST"? Who cares?

Would this place ever make it to the Khal Nesiv Hatorah's "LIST"?

The Vaad's Administrator and Rabbi Adler could try. We gave up.

If it made it to the "List", what does that mean to you? It's still based the upon the Vaad's administrator's sole recommendation and information. 


Anonymous said...

No one has any idea how little real kashrus knowledge the bulk of nesiv hatorah list is based on. I don't have a level of comfort to rely on it, even though they are well meaning. In the real complicated world of kashrus, that doesn't provide what I need, yet.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi, If want to bump into the Vaad's Rabbi A.? don't come on Friday, Sunday or Monday because he's vacationing in the catskills.

Anonymous said...

What is a Hypocrite? The Vaad administrator wants to show off his kashrus of infestation checking, he uses for "show n tell" gourmet glatt and seasons. We all know what the other places are like.

When the Red Cross were invited to visit the Terezin (Tereisenstat) concentration camp
run by the Third Reich, who desperately needed the thumbs-up for their camps, it was the
Swedish who went. They dutifully reported that all was well – they even witnessed the
Germans giving cans of fish to the Jewish children there. (The children were starving and
they weren’t given can openers and, of course the cans were taken off them when the
Swedish departed.)

Nesiv Hatorah swallows it all hook line n sinker.

Walther Funk said...

And the Vaad shul rabbis, both the modern orthodox as well as the two faced "yeshivish", are like the bankers who profited handsomely from facilitating the Reich's economy.

Rubashkin fresser said...

Does this Federal lawsuit mean that Doheny had previously unpublicized co-conspirators who were recycling Agri boxes for meats of non-kosher origin or that these other people & entities allegedly did the same or similar things by themselves?

Defendant: Michael Engelman, Doheny Wholesale Meats Inc, Doheny Kosher Meat Inc, Does, Henry Brait, Shmuel Feinstein and Sherman Oaks Food Corp Inc
Plaintiff: Agri Star Meat and Poultry LLC and SHF Holdings LLC
Case Number: 2:2013cv03384
Filed: May 10, 2013
Court: California Central District Court
Referring Judge: Paul L. Abrams
Presiding Judge: Michael W. Fitzgerald
Nature of Suit: Trademark