Thursday, November 26, 2015

BMG's KCL Hashgacha is consistent

BMG's KCL Hashgacha is consistent.

Pizza deliveries by non- jewish personnel are done in the following manner;

Put in a number of "unsealed" pizzas in the insulated bag, the delivery driver grabs a roll of BMG's KCL tape to be sealed when he gets to the customer.

The KCL mashgiach is standing by the register observing it all, business as usual.

A goy in A BMG's KCL in the Exxon station under KCL  is removing a salamy by putting his hand under the plexi glass. 

Here the goy under the plexi glass is stealing BMG's KCL tape,


Fresser said...

I was wondering what the shvartza with the salami does for a day job!

Anonymous said...

why would pizza need a seal

Anonymous said...

The delivery guy is Jewish! One of those kids that were rejected from the Lakewood High Schools!

Anonymous said...

That shvartza should go into a new line of business as a consultant for hashgochos to show them how easy it is to get around chosamos & plexiglass dividers - bifrat the ones devised by KCL.

Maybe he can team up with Lubinsky. Lubinsky was grada seen last week farkoyfing a new food line from the Korean giyoress whose husband runs the Carlebach shul off of South Lake Drive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Glatt Gourmet-I was just there and there was a shiksa working there with a short tight mini skirt!!

All under the watchful eyes of KCL's mashgiach of course.

Fri Nov 27, 05:56:00 AM 2015

Rubashkin fresser said...

Uh oh! Shvartzes, Koreans, etc.

The last time Lubinsky was nominally involved with all kinds of ethnic multicultural people, it was at Postville where all those poor people ended up getting the shaft. Mexicans, Guatemalans, Sudanese & Marshall Islanders who were all overseen by a Palestinian Arab manager who fled as a fugitive & hid in the West Bank before he was found by the long arm of the law & extradited back.

Pizza fresser said...

A pizza needs a seal because most pizzas from pizzerias look alike and the non-kosher ones have actual treif ingredients.