Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Infested vegies at Kof-K, Gissinger, Abecasis certified restaurant
infested vegies, full of protein;
Thyme, Sun dried tomatoes, pesto basil, oregano, rosemarry, baby brocolli, cilantro, garlic, Artichokr


Anonymous said...

Maybe its all dried spices???
How about the fish? is that all good now???

Anonymous said...

Chassidishe grocers are selling infested Star K sun dried tomatoes repackaged under Rav Gruber. Or is Rav Gruber going to claim he pulled a Shufra that he dropped the account without telling anyone?

Anonymous said...

sun dried tomatoes are all infested regardless which hashgocha.
baby brocolli is not dried
BTW- They pride themselves that it's all fresh herbs.
They say that abecasis, gissinger, kof-k allows all of these infested product unless the insects are as big as an elephant including the trunk.

Gissinger Chof K franchise said...

A kosher-food supervisor at an Upper East Side store was fired after complaining about insect-infested food to his boss, who told him, “Don’t worry, it’s protein,” a new lawsuit charges.

Moshe Iskhakov, who worked as a mashgiach at Park East Kosher starting in December 2013, alleges in his Manhattan federal-court lawsuit that conditions at the Jewish butcher were far from kosher — bugs covered the vegetables, rats ran rampant and meat returned by customers was resold.

When Iskhakov complained, his supervisor told him to just “wash the insects off of the vegetables” while store owner Michael Kane quipped, “Don’t worry, it’s protein,” the suit says. The bosses then retaliated, making him dispose of dead rats and refusing him paid vacation and sick time, he alleges.

Iskhakov, fired in 2014, is suing Park East and KOF-K Kosher, which oversees the store, for allegedly violating the federal Food Safety Modernization Act.

“We have no knowledge of this,” said a store manager before hanging up.

New Jersey-based KOF-K Kosher didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Anonymous said...

A Chof K Gissinger restaurant in Riverdale is advertising in Monsey's heimishe magazines to attract the chassidishe oylam down there to fress.

Anonymous said...

That is the same place that was caught with green asparagus.

Anonymous said...

YUDEL< Why are you expanding out of Lakewood? You have enough going on there that you should focus on your own Chinese restaurant on Cliffside.

Anonymous said...

Nit shainer yid- Oh-So the restaurant you are taking money to promote here does NOT use Garlic?????????????????????????????????

Unknown said...

What are you talking about shmuck, they have great and fresh food