Sunday, March 13, 2016

Star-K Wolf in sheep's clothing -OU "Shechita, et al) is in their cross hairs

The Star-K goes after the OU hashgochas, while the OU has to be politically correct.

The Star-K continues to go after the OU Hashgochas in China, Pesach Hashgochas, Oil companies, etc.

Now the Star-K is going after the OU in the meat & poultry industry.

Friday- the Rabbi slept late.
Saturday -The Rabbi was in Shul
Sunday-the Rabbi was relaxing
Monday-The Rabbi took a day off
Tuesday-The Rabbi went to a convention
Wednesday- The Rabbi went to give a shiur
Thursday- The Rabbi sees a sign on his office
                             Under new management-Star-K office


Anonymous said...

The OU & Star K had a vicious fight years ago with each bashmutzing the other about being lax with shechitos owned by goyim.

OU Crony Watch said...

"The Cheese Guy" is Brent Delman's company with many varieties under OU, except when he sells gevinas akum so he puts it under the KORC from San Francisco.

KORC Kosher certified

When he sets up shop under his corporate banner at the New Rochelle Farmer's Market where there is a large modern orthodox population, do they think it is ok to eat anything from the selections offered?

Does the OU look the other way from anything inappropriate because they don't want to offend the cheesemaker's rabbi Avi Weiss?

Hebrew Institute of Riverdale

Welcome New Members:

Brent Delman & Patricia Vuguin-Delman

Pesach hotel fresser said...

In 2009, Lasko Family Kosher Tours, operators of the popular Fontainbleau program, was sued for failing to pay more than $200,000 to one of its suppliers. A federal judge ruled against the company, requiring Lasko to make payments of $120,000.

Sam Lasko declined to discuss his company’s finances with JTA. But this year, the company is operating under a new name, Lasko Kosher Getaways, and is operating only two programs, in Miami and Orlando, down from seven in 2009, when it ran programs in Nevada, Arizona and Westchester County, N.Y.


Posted by jengstn


Lasko Kosher Tours Supplier

Ben Harris mentions in his article that Sam Lasko didn’t pay one of his suppliers $200,000 and was sued. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Ask any kosher food purveyor in New York if they would sell Sam Lasko any product and the answer that would come up would certainly be no. As one of the kosher suppliers that Sam Lasko has screwed, I know this first hand.

Kedem, Bertam, Quality Kosher Food, Alle Processing etc etc. All these companies our owned by Frum Jewish people. Maybe Mr. Lasko feels that these are big companies and can afford taking a financial hit so he can drive around in a Lexus and enjoy his golf membership, but even a small frum supplier from South Florida such as Ness Paper who certainly can’t afford taking a financial hit of $60,000 with his 5 or 6 kids has been screwed by this man.

Mehapech becharara said...

The OU does not exactly deserve victim status. They have been going around for years to chap oiss accounts from the small & medium hashgochos.

Anonymous said...

The Heimish hashgochas are not worth as much as a plain OU.

Anonymous said...!cuisine/mh6rb

Under the Strict Rabbinical Supervision of Rabbi Meir Goldberg, Rav Hamachshir, Vaad Hakashrut of Flatbush!FRESH JUICE BAR/zoom/mh6rb/dataItem-ie3btmmo1

fresh raspberries, etc

Gelt Fresser said...

Speaking of Ram caterers where Goldberg is going, the OU got upset a few years ago from losing the money when Ram stopped using them for Pesach so they put out a warning that Ram is only under them during the year. As if it makes a difference whether the shrotzim come with Belsky's approval under OU or with Heinemann's approval under Goldberg.

OU Eyepopper said...

If you remember the scandal with Dokter Rabbiner Seth Mandel working with the shochet Hanau who bragged in an interview he eats treif, it is no surprise really considering that Hanau's wife is listed as a JTS grad here on the last page.

Mandel of course also worked with at least one Conservative rabbi.

Here is another Conservative rabbi bragging that he has worked with multiple American Orthodox shechitos, at least in capacities outside the shlachthoizen. Does this mean he was also working with Mandel?

It's outrageous that the Rabbanut agreed to give "Rabbi" Gabriel Botnick kabbola in shechita even though he was in a conservative yeshiva & only stopped eating treif because the conservative yeshiva forced him to.

Other questions remain like which Charedi faker in Eretz Yisroel trained him knowing he is Conservative (who a different article says is Moroccan Charedi)

Botnick blabbered somewhere that made it to the internet that it was in Beit Shemesh by Badatz Netivot Shalom's training division Moreshet Avot which seems to be licensed to give Rabbanut kabbolos. That beis din would therefore be duping the Rabbanut as well as Edah rabbonim who hold of them.

And which American hashgochos allow Botnick to shecht in non-slaughterhouse educational programs?

Gabriel Botnick—a Conservative rabbinical student, shochet, and mohel— is the founder of Tekumah, the first and only Jewish organization dedicated to teaching the holy trades to any Jew interested in learning —regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religious observance.

Rabbi Botnick is the only non-Orthodox Shochet in America certified by the Israeli Rabbinate!shechitah/zhrqm

I am proud to be the only non-Orthodox person in the world who is certified by the Israeli Rabbinate to slaughter any and all Kosher animals.

Anonymous said...

As pesach is fast approaching and you are looking forward to spending it with your WIFE and family at the eden rock in Florida remember. ..rabbi meir goldberg is the rav hamachsir .so be mindful of where your wife spends her time