Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Lakewood "oilum" didn't buy into the Star-K "Heterim"

Star- K presents : The Sabbath mode  is not allowed, Lakewood event


Pride of the Farm(er in the Dell) said...

There should be a mechoah outside lemaan kavod Hatorah showing the teshuvos from all the gedolim who demonstrate all the Star K meshugassen as not holding any water, like the chilul Yomtov "mode", the fake bishul loophole that R' Shlomo Zalman ztl warned is gorem intermarriage r"l, etc. The bugs in food is nebich no worse than many other fraudulent hashgochos, but in many other areas the Star K is the proverbial cheese that stands alone.

Anonymous said...

Oilom Goilom.
Star-K is king.
Gives this site what to follows on next page.

The Emperor hath no clothes said...

Star K is the "King" indeed.

King of bishul akum with low watt light bulbs (ayen Shu"t Minchas Shlomo)

King of cholov Akum when hiding behind their Star D alter ego

King of chilul Yomtov (noch all the feifing at P.C. Richard's appliance stores)

King of bugs in salad bags

King of catering toyaveh "weddings" that even OU avoids (it's a secret with Star K mashgichim disguised in jeans & baseball caps)

Anonymous said...

there was also the freya gvir who made his son's bar mitzva with all the chilul Shabbos (& chilul Hashem) when Star K used to have the catering at Yankee Stadium

Tinokos shel beis Rabban said...

Be careful if Star K is importing any staff from Baltimore to run the Lakewood event. One Star K employee is a convicted child molester whose mug shot is on the Maryland sex offender website. And be careful criticizing Star K over it as it gets them very jumpy. When the askan Phil Jacobs was moyche, Rabbi Heinemann put up a handwritten & signed letter against Jacobs in the Baltimore Agudah, calling him nasty names like "kelev chozer al kiyo"

Anonymous said...

After all is posted and commented, After all the venting and greptzing with only halachic allowable critic, STAR-K is still king.

They are the only innovators in Kashrut not only for food but for all other issues.
They have a alteh chushuva talmid of Reb Aaron ZY"A heading it and coming up with shaalehs that no others think of.

The fact that some don't care for his conclusions and go to Eretz Yisroel to challenge and undo his conclusions, which were already run by the EY Rabbonim (and lately those some use his alteh gitteh frayned to write tsuvis in the same vein) does uproot the star-K's Kingdom.

Most of the orthodox people follow the king no matter what all others say.

Once again:

STAR-K is KING. Let them live forever.

Anonymous said...

Ask any of the International hashgochas "who made the biggest churban in pesach, all year kashrus including in CHINA?
Everyone agrees it's the Star-K.
As Rashi says in קהלת פרק א'-אדם סומך על חכמתו ואינו מתרחק מן האיסור

"King" of kashrus vee Hurdus? said...

Now the Star K chussid is duplicating Chabad Meshichist apikorsis that the Heinemanns should "live forever"?

Did anyone see the letter from Rav Sternbuch over 20 years ago how the GREEDY Star K stuck their snouts into South Africa to chapp aus all the problem accounts that the Johannesburg Beis Din would never touch? The letter goes on that the Star K interlopers made a CHURBAN of South African kashrus and that he was shocked to learn that bnei Torah in Lakewood actually eat Star K.

Anonymous said...

Please explain the term "bnei torah. " now that we are approching shvuos its a good time to discuss where exactly were the bnei torah standing on har Sinai? Where were the non bnei torah standing? Was there a mecitzah on har Sinai? Was it chazon ish or reb moshes shiur. Please fil us in