Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Why no recall from Hisachdus Williamsburgh? because.............Reb Lipa Klein.....

Hisachdus (Williamsburgh) התאחדות בשיטה מאכט נישט קיין ריקאלס אפילו פאר תולעים
התאחדות נאמט נאר אראפ זייער השגחה ועגען געלט זאכען אדער משום כבודו של הרבנים של התאחדות

 Magrover Ruv und Belzer Dayan would have made a recall even on a "sofek".

They would have made a recall on anything item that has the Pardes name.

Shinover, Tartikuv, Sachdus, Magrov, Belz, etc are all nizhar in "netilyas-yuh'dayim" (one hand washes the other) we must protect the monopol / cartel.

Don't be fooled by "Green-house grown" -as even Green house grown is known to have insects, albeit controllable.

Rav Yitzchok Glick Menahel of Hisachdus Harabonim of Brooklyn should have a refuah-shlaimah.

Reb Lipa Klein (Hisachdus PR man) is trying to hold the Kovod of Hisachdus (certifier of Pardes) intact during the crisis of Pardes strawberries that were found to be infested.
He therefore allegedly is calling mashgichim and others with all type of threats re: pardes infested strawberries.

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Anonymous said...

Hisachdus Williamsburg? Yudel, aren't you taking your Hisachdus joke a bit too far???