Thursday, February 01, 2018

Aisle 9 - Gevald-If you are looking for kosher? stay out of there

ALERT!! There is "NO-Hashgocha" on the store.

R' Yudel,

Aisle 9 in Lakewood are out to deceive the customers especially the one that think they could find there anything kusher.

Anything they make or pack should not be touched. Don't rely on their hashgochas either. 
Their pre-washed & checked is infested.


Anonymous said...

nothing new-aisle 9 is not for kosher conscious persons-nisht fin inzereh

Anonymous said...

Well one thing they do right is not using kcl for their hasgacha.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, dont beat around the bush. Aisle 9 is under the Satmar Dayans hechsher. Are you saying that the Dayans hashgooche is not reliable?

Nee ehr is duch gerecht said...

They min hastam "forgot" to be "poideh" themselves with "Ah shaineh PIDYEN" when the Yudel came by to say "shoolim Alaichim".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can explain why. How am I supposed to know how to process a posting like this?

Unknown said...

All I know is the mashgaich that works there was thrown out of his previous job because he was find attending a mixed wedding