Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alert: Misleading information re: MINCED fish, fish stick, fish patties, fish cakes

In the bulletin they write that "Minced" fish is finely ground and is permitted.

Minced fish is not ground at all, and is not permitted.

Includes- fish cakes, patties, cakes.

Minced fish+ removed by mechanical means and is not ground at all. The anisakis are whole insects.

NOTE: There may be other mistakes as well.

For some reason the CRC Hisachdus- Brooklyn, Volover, Tartikuv MC, Kcl, Star-k, etc among many others are not concerned about the Anisakis worm.

See תשובות והנהגות חלק ו  re: the Anisakis in the USA.

NOTE: No one has any issue with the anisakis in herring


Anonymous said...

Atlantic pollock and tuna both are infested as well
A bunch of mistakes in this list

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is from last summer. Why is it being posted now?

Anonymous said...

Last year?, What's the difference? the fish didn't change.

But one thing is they don't know the fish process and are providing non-reliable information.

They write that fish sticks are mutar because of bitul as it's finely ground, when in fact it's ossur because it's not ground at all.

I took apart a raw fish stick and saw it's not ground.

How could one rely on their other information?

Anonymous said...

Although it is true that some fishstick companies do not grind the fish, some companies do. My children only like the taste of the ground ones.

That is why they list fishsticks on both sides of the paper, because the there are different types of fishsticks.

Anonymous said...

tere is no ground ones, dey are all minced.
you are a liar and bluffer.

your children ar eeting vat you give dem and its full ov vorms.

a nidrige um mentch vus di bist.
farfeeren dem zibur iz ba deer a mitzvah di oirasah

Anonymous said...

dai say minced is very fine ground.
dats not tru
minsed is not groond at al.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that maybe somebody can answer in a civilized way.

As far as I have seen and was shown by the experts, the anisakis is a pretty large worm. It's not a mite or a thrip. Those would not get broken up unless finely ground. And even then, they still might be whole. But after the fish is minced, even if it is not ground, how can the worms be whole? Why wouldn't they be broken and batul?

Anonymous said...

At least one mistake was fixed in this one regarding the atlantic pollock in the old one they said it was clean
Tuna is infested as well this one is still wrong

Toshav Queens said...

Great question,
It really depends on the type of machinery being used. As of today the two most popular types of bone seperators use are the auger-type seperator and the drum-type seperator. The former requires grinding in a seperate machine before it is fed into the bone seperator and produces a gel-like product of very fine consistency while the latter takes intact fish presses it against a perforated drum and the mince is seperated that way. With the latter the "minced" product is not ground at all and coarse. The latter method is used during fishstick production to give it the flaky taste that its known for. Kani is produced with the auger method.
With the auger method there is room to be matir the final product
With the latter (drum method) there is not enough to create a safek bitul

Toshav Queens said...

You are correct regarding the atlantic pollock that it has anisakis
Tuna is infested with other
worms in belly cavity but not with anisakis
Whitefish on the other hand is infested with anisakis and they wrote its clean.
The industry expert on anisakis and all fish infestation in general is rabbi revach, I recommend following his list.

Anonymous said...

The serious rabbonim who know hallacha well such as the names mentioned in the post are at the same opinion that anisakis is not an halachic issue, just the empty kolel yungerleit and extremists are trying to make a tummelt and get their voices heard so they score some points, but no one serious is picking it up B"H just noise makers like yudel etc. or the Israeli rabbis who want to show that they are frummer then the Americans.
:( :( :(

Toshav Queens said...

Rav vosner, rav elyashiv, rav nissim karelitz, rav halberstam, rav gestetner, rav yitzhak weiss (av bes din eida chareidis), rav chaim greineman, rav chaim kanievsky, rav mordechai gross rav amar all agree the worm is asur

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone eating herring?
Rav Chaim wosner says his father did not assure anisakis in fish.
Rav sternbuch says the/Aida is not using it because of a safek.
Reg David feinstein said how can we asset something that the shulchan oruch says is muttur?

Reb Moshe vaye says he spoke to reb Moshe and he said its mutt or.

Yudel Shain said...

What does rav lay say?
He is the chief rabbi.

Yudel Shain said...

Rabbi lau.