Friday, October 21, 2016

Evergreen Monsey's Newday "No reliable Hashgocha" on prewash n checked-DON'T RELY ON THIS BRAND

Evergreen also carries the Yoka certified "INFESTED" product.
Shocked? ask the Rav Hamachshir.
He thought he was the ultimate decider of kashrus at evergreen.
He learned otherwise.
What a shame!


Anonymous said...

What up in Camp bnos?
All OK this year?
Anybody know?
Anybody want to know?
Anybody care?

drysolutionsnj said...

Anonymous said...

Part of Evergreen now became a new restaurant focusing on salads called Chop n Chill. They couldn't be bothered with Rav Wagshall who might actually check for bugs so they put it under Shteinmetz.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the video with Rav Elyashive?

Anonymous said...

Monsey's Wesley Kosher take out is under Rav B. Gruber. I am pretty sure I saw raisins in some of their take out dishes during Chol Hamoed. Rav Gruber has definitely for years been allowing notoriously infested sun dried tomatoes from Heinemann and fish eggs coating sushi rolls.

Are these some of the reasons why the Nirbater reportedly does not allow anything under Rav B. Gruber's hashgocho?

Queens said...

One of the Baalei Musser said mir darfen mechazek zein in Lita so that the baal habos in London will still keep Shabbos and the baal habos in Paris will still marry a Yehudis.

So if some heimishe shgooches have been going downhill it's no wonder the Queens Vaad, so many dargos below, vert nuch & nuch erger.

Infestation GALORE
No mashgiach when required
Mixed dancing in the Bucharian restaurants
A "yeshivishe" imposter mouthpiece lying to the public that standards are still "mehadrin"

The Baal Shem Tov told of a chussid who snuck in without a special permit for gesheft in Moscow in the days when Yidden were banned from the city. At the trade show he was invited to partake in the treif dinner-dance banquet. He didn't want to raise suspicion & blow his cover by refusing to participate so aveyreh goreres aveyreh, he fressed treif and tantzed mit a goyta.

Until his payos he was hiding under the ushanka fell out.

After being arrested he chose to become a meshumod instead of being severely punished by the Czar.

There are always choices in life, like the choice between being ehrlich in kashrus or lying to the public to cover up gross violations in kashrus on the orders of your modern orthodox Vaad masters for that "living wage".

it didnt take long... said...

Its just 15 days after Yom Kippur you got to think that most people thought about what they post &/or comment. Never mind if one should use the internet for such "holy" communications.
But here comes a comment about one who THINKS he saw ("I am pretty sure I saw....")?!?!?!

All you had to do is ASK. (maybe it was cranberries or something else as the bakeries use for Rosh Hashanah. Or Some other allowable item or way to use).

Now with the Loshon Horah or Motzee Shem Rah already hatched, the commentor, in the same breath goes on to besmirch some Hashgacha AND tries to start another machlokes between two poskim, which may or may not be true.
One got to scratch your head on this one.

Kew Gardens said...

Maybe this winter Chaimel will make the Russian ushanka hat the official Queens Vaad head gear with the VHQ logo on the front.

Gut Vinter

Anonymous said...

Fri Oct 28, 09:45:00 AM 2016

Goes to the theater and tells the Rabbanim what to do!!!

Only on Metropolitan Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if a mistake might have been made over raisins vs cranberries when that hashgocho for sure allows fish eggs that have anisakis & sun dried tomatoes that are crawling with other shrotzim?

Anonymous said...

Evergreen has one department now under steinmetz hashgocha already, they might just change the whole hashgocha to Steimetz

Kew Gardens said...

Never went to the theater, whether on Broadway or off Broadway.

But that fur hat will make complete the ridiculous act of the Queens Vaad, the entity that none of the yeshivishe and chassidishe rabbonim participate in.

Anonymous said...

Evergreen is now selling "Jus By Julie" under OU-only, some of which are purees of strawberries or pineapples. This juice line is a favorite of Hollywood types and other rich & famous people.c

The Shinover Ruv obviously does not have control over the entire store, despite what Evergreen claims

Anonymous said...

Yidel you fixed us up in lakewood azoi git,the Shinover is coming to Lakewoods evergreen.

I hope you'll make sure they won't bazidik him like they did in monsey.

Anonymous said...

How is yidel with the shinover of monsey evergreen?

Monsey said...

It is a violation of Federal & State laws for PRIVATE pre-schools & camps to discriminate & not accept pre-school age children with disabilities, even disabilities as severe as Downs Syndrome.

The Federal Justice Dept & State Attorneys General have been cracking down when receiving complaints, extracting compensation for parents, punitive damages, and appointment of a compliance officer.

It's way past time that someone took all the Monsey achzorim to task, like YESHIVA OF SPRING VALLEY.

Anonymous said...

Yiddishe kinder are being "killed" by the fake, phony, frauds who have hijacked the yeshiva ketanos.

YSV is perhaps leader among the places that not only discriminates against kids with real disabilities but also pretends healthy kids with a slight delay or leberdigkeit are also "disabled" and to be rejected.

They don't have a leg to stand on al pi Hatorah or al pi dina demalchusa.

The sickos at YSV and elsewhere leave kids with no where to go.

The timtum halev instilled in the YSV office by former YSV President / Chairman MOISH FINKEL is still in full force.

Anonymous said...

The money Rabunim see evergreen falling by the wayside in kashrus.
The shinover built their kashrus and they are throwing him under the bus.
The ultimate decider if kashrus is the educated consumer.
A satmar altitude doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

What was the conclusion of the rabonim meeting re evergreen kashrus?
Go back to Rockland kosher?

Route 59 said...

Several Monsey establishments have unfortunately ignored customer complaints about shrotzim in seaweed (nori) in sushi and are refusing to provide alternatives like soy paper.

The first yochid however has now taken action & is offering soy paper for an extra dollar.

Sheli's Pizza / Cafe at Town Square in the same mall as Evergreen on Route 59. There are 3 Sheli's locations in Monsey. Only this one may be offering soy paper.

Evergreen itself does not have soy paper for sushi.

An idyot manager at another place in Monsey is saying with a straight face to customers that he has the only seaweed that is not infested because it is from Sachdis. He further claims that Sachdis will not allow him to use soy paper.

Anonymous said...

The heimishe shgooches are defending themselves that the bugs in seaweed are not whole.

I don't believe for a second that this is true of all the bugs.

Some Rishonim hold there is still an issur berya if a bug can live while missing an eiver or two.

The bugs are anyway disgusting & numerous so please allow soy paper even if the bugs are mutter.

Thank you

Heimishe Kishke Caterer said...

What is the Chaim Schwartz rationale in Queens to soothe his own guilty conscience?

Sushi iz nisht kein heimishe maaychel so if the fressers consume the bugs it's their problem?

Pushett, it's doesn't fit with the image for R' Shloime's beis medrash.

Sushi passt nisht far KG.

Keep up those dimyonos that KG is shpitz heimish! It's not just a grimy place to live under the dominion of the moderne Vaad rabbis!

Anonymous said...

What the connection of the last few comments?

Seems like Sheli's supplies lunches to YSV and has done so for many years even when Chaim Schwartz was a student there. All this was OKed by the Monsey Rabbonim.

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out why Evergreen just doesn't take the newly established, not yet in actual business, Queens Blvd Bucharie Kosher Supervision (QBBK)? As long as there are no bugs in the drain pipes all is 'clean' and fine.