Monday, August 29, 2016

Queens consumers- get all the protein in your salads

Another Queens Vaad establishment with infestation issues. When will the vhq administration finally decide to fix the issues?

We think Chodesh Elul is a good time to fix the issues and stop feeding people forbidden insects.

The consumers of queens are eagerly awaiting the day that the vaad will decide to bring kashrus standards up to par.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The consumers of Queens should look into the corrupt way the Vaad of queens Beit Din handles din Torah's. One recent example is the din Torah between Katz vs Gross. The case of Katz (caterer) being thrown to the side and Gross ( caterer) Who is Rabbi Steinbergs close friend (Gross) getting his way. Since when is it mutter to paskin on a Din Torah when you are nogeh b'davar. First Schwatz sends 3 hazmanos to Gross and sides with Katz and then Rav Steinberg arrives back from isreal and screams at Schwatz for issuing the hazmanos and Paskins his best friend gross is the Bread winner of the din Torah.

Anonymous said...

Schwatz- we dont want you anymore- leave Queens!

Ma Nishtanah guy said...

Tue Aug 30, 02:02:00 AM 2016

There are no non-corrupt bais dins today.

All must go to the straight and honest democratic goish courts.

There all get real justice.

Get real said...

....The consumers of queens are eagerly awaiting the day that the vaad will decide to bring kashrus standards up to par....

One must really laugh at these "brilliant" statements.

1. No one is waiting par kashrus when it comes to eating.
2. No one in Queens is waiting for anything. Do be a fool.
3. No kashrus is up to par. There are terrorist all over.
4. This site is becoming more and more a joke. Sorry. A par joke site.
5. Ready for the big one?
You think anyone these days knows or cares about Elul?
In Queens?
Anywhere else?
Most yeshivas are startin either after Elul or when Elul is just about gone.
(Of course YU doesn't count).

Anonymous said...

I think that the Vaad of Queens will never get rid of Schwatz as who else will they the rabbonim have to do their corrupt dirty work for them. Schwatz is the only one willing to take all the risks. Forge letters, let Rabbi welcher sign as a dayan for Rabbi Steinberg in the Katz versus Gross case. Rabbi welcher never even heard the entire din torah and claimed not to be a Dayan as well. Hopefully Hisachdus burys these guys. Schwatz tell Rabbi Steinberg to stop calling Hisachdus and let Rabbi welcher be prosecuted otherwise you are next on that short rope. And if Schwatz replies to this message then we know that the truth is really getting under his skin.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with YU the entire VHQ is built on YU Philosphily. We need to remember a time when OU wasn't a relible hechsher 30 years ago. As was written in the Beer Moshe. It was run entirely by YU. Now we have the same situation with queens. It's run by YU/chafetz Chaim/chabad. What a great combination. In the end, major of All 3 groups win which is YU. Queens is second to Teneck NJ.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Queens but the ASK OU participants were definitely awaiting the day to actually see some veggie checking at the nursing home. You ruined it for us because you figured we would look for your mesh and find insects in your produce. Leave it to the Schwartz crew to cancel the strawberry demonstration. They really are paranoid in VHQ head quarters. You never know who is watch and auditing. If you were so concerned about us finding insects you should have demonstrated to us on how to check something that doesn't need checking for bugs. I would have been impressed. Next time you host a group of beni Torah make sure you don't have Rabbi Schonfeld speak as he paskins really out of the box. I mean allowing to eat in a non Jewish restaurant veggies that need checking for bugs. Is that a VHQ policy as well. It must be if that was Rabbi Schonfeld speech. Maybe Rabbi Schonfeld meant eating in VHQ establishments veggies that have bugs.

what planet from??? said...

You make it sound like the Beer Moshe 'shgoochah' is the greatest and the OU was the worst.
Your a ignoramus who just parrots what you hear in your mikvah or the like.

If not for the OU - FROM DAY 1 - you would still be eating tarfus. The OU always was used by the frimmest 'shgoochis' and still is. And YOU know that.

However, in order to make yourself frimmer (its good for your fraudulent ego)then all others - especially Queens, 5T, Teaneck area and YU you keep on perpetuating your ignorance. And all can see right through it.

Keep up the "good" work of bashing all others with untruths.

Anonymous said...

Wed Aug 31, 01:04:00 AM 2016

Sounds like some unhappy loser here.
Its OK. Most who lose a din torah act that way.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a computer hacker That tapped into rabbi schwatzs cell phone and he said Rabbi Scwartz himself posted these comments. For what
reason I don't know. Rabbi Schwatz can you explain yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Another VHQ establishment infested! When will this end. Which VHQ place is that again?

What about all the other videos you have saved R'Yudel. Why wait for the first of every month. We know you have many more videos. If you wait to post videos for the first of every month that means you will have enough posts to last you 2 years.

Now that's a lot of videos. I would like to see videos of arons kessina I am making special request please. Also I am requesting all the VHQ great neck videos you have saved. I think the great neck community would be very interested to see

Anonymous said...

So I took salad samples of queens wedding halls under the VHQ and found major infestation in the veggies. I can add to your list of videos as I recorded checking it with my digital camera. I wanted to to see for myself if it's actually infested as all the videos show on this blog. Maybe I will just send it anonymous to all the wedding hall owners and to several kashrus organizations. I don't think this blog is making enough of a impact on the velt. Someone told me to show it to Rabbi olebaum, worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

It's the VHQ infestation marathon how many videos can you post before the Vaad of Queens finally decides to fire Schwartz.

Anonymous said...

Any Queens Rabbi who gets involved in milchama againest Rabbi Schwartz will have their kids thrown out of Queens yeshivas. That is Rabbi Schwartz classic line of defense to control Queens Rabbonim. So I think these Queens Rabbonim should return the favor and call Queens yeshivas and complain about Rabbi Schwartz. Tell the principal we don't want parent body who Negligently serves us treif bugs in our salads. Queens Rabbis don't be afraid of the big bad wolf ( rabbi Schwartz). HaShem is on your side fight this holy war even if it's in your own back yard.

Anonymous said...

Holy war is exactly the right word here.
Like The ISIS guys, Hamas etc. fighting their holy war.
Terrorists. Period.

Anonymous said...

Schwartz why do you always use the word "terrorist" whenever you post on this blog.

Do you work for alkida or jehad Muslim groups. Ben Ladin & ISIS watch out big bad Schwartz is in town and he means business. He is suicide bomber and ready to blow up the entire queens community to keep his money flow afloat and coming in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the VHQ administers should spend more time auditing their establishments. And less time posting on the blog. I am just saying...

Maran Shvarz N"Y said...

Maybe you (Wed Sep 07, 07:41:00 PM 2016 & Wed Sep 07, 07:48:00 PM 2016) should follow your gedloim's psak and get off the internet once and for all.
If your poskim would know what kind of "holy war" you try to lead on the internet they would ban you from their "daled Amos". Just like Rav Chayim Kanyevski Shalit'a just posted in front of his home.
If you don't like the Queens Rabbis go support all the non-Jewish vendors (So you can eat the bugs and not blame anyone) or go to the one and only jewish store not under any hashgacha - meaning all items found in that store is "heimishe Insects".
If you don't know which store it is Rabbi Schwartz (I meant to say "I will....)will be able to direct you there.

Anonymous said...

Maran Schwatz !!! Ha Ha, You mean Moron Shwartz. Learn how spell chaimel. Either way, you should take you own advice and get off the internet.

Anonymous said...

My family and a few relatives of mine as well have been boycotting vhq places for quite some time now, we shop at rosenblums or in brooklyn. Chayim Schwartz is destroying queens, the situation has progressed from fake kashrus (a.k.a treifus), to timtum halev, now corrupt rabonim, high intermarriage rate, kids going otd etc. All so chaimele can get a few more dollars in his pocket. Its high time the oylam finally saw the vhq kashrus administrattion (schwartz, ziskind, etc.) as the שקרנים ומחריבים they really are.

Anonymous said...

I actually was in erez Yisroel not to long ago and I spoke to Rav Chaim the real Maran and not the fake imposture here. I told him about the bug videos of VHQ and can people continue to rely on a hecsher that willing allows bugs in their establishments. I told him about Rabbi Welcher pasak and ask what his thoughts are. He reponded that their is no such heter. He didn't sound to impressed about the VHQ policies. He said this hecsher sounds like it is below acceptable hashgacha standards.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Shwartz u r an embarrassment to the VHQ. If u had half a brain u wouldn't cont to work for VHQ. Ur just pulling their reputation down with every passing day.

Anonymous said...

R' Schwartz has ordained himself the ruler of the Vaad Ha'rabbonim of Queens. He controls R' Steinberg and R' Welcher. I guess the Vaad Rabbonim have no backbone to retaliate. At least R' Schwatz admits it, he is in full control of the entire VHQ including the corrupt Bais din.

give us your mother's name said...

Thu Sep 08, 09:29:00 PM 2016


Anonymous has no family or relatives. Otherwise he would not be Anonymous.

This chief anonymous zadik keeps on living in a community that by his own admission is:
"fake kashrus (a.k.a treifus), timtum halev, now corrupt rabonim, high intermarriage rate, kids going otd etc".

These "problems !!!!" will not get solved by shopping elsewhere. As long as You live there you and your family - if he has one - will be "infected" by:
fake kashrus (a.k.a treifus), to timtum halev, now corrupt rabonim, high intermarriage rate, kids going otd etc.

When this occurs (not if it occurs) don't blame your favorite scapegoat Rabbi Schwartz. Blame yourself for staying in Queens and not getting the ... out of town.

Anonymous said...

I actually was in erez Yisroel

Not only did you not hear him say "their (to quote the shakron) is no such heter"
He actually said there is no such insects.

And if you want to deny the truth produce the video of this exchange. Everything over there is on video.

Anonymous said...

We waiting eagerly for Rabbi Schwartz to start controlling the Thu Sep 08, 11:58:00 PM 2016 commenter.
Hope it happens sooner then later.

Anonymous said...

The same website yeshiva world you are constantly surfing on. Is where you can see the salads of VHQ establishment checked by R'Hoffman. So try searching for things that are related to you and not others. You have the time to search the web all day instead of supervising your establishments. Take the musser and don't deny or lie to yourself. You know your places are infested otherwise you wouldn't bring in R'Goldstein to train your Mashgichim and you wouldn't need R'welcher to give you a psak to continue serving bugs in your places. This is typical Schwartz behavior deny deny deny even when caught red handed.

Queens said...

What's really going on is that Chaim Schwartz is 100% the stooge of Schonfeld & the YU rabbis who don't want to inconvenience & the get the Leftist Modern Orthodox crowd angry with real kashrus standards that interferes with their fressing. Schwartz feels he is paid well enough to stoop to any sheker on their behalf. The administrator before Schwartz was thrown out for enforcing halacha.

And you can forget about Oelbaum. Like Savitsky, they both know the Schonfeld-Schwartz mafia will take their heads off and destroy their parnossa if they protest the Vaad.

The only rov who gets away a little bit with opposition is Rav Teitelbaum as long as he doesn't make too much noise. Schwartz gives only that rov a pass because Schwartz fort needs a heimish place to daven. Ess passt nisht the hypocrite should daven in moderner Vaad shuls.

There is some posting on the blog by Schwartz himself but probably most posts attacking Vaad critics are from his zaftig friend the OU mashgiach who has many benefits from defending VHQ, including that it makes him feel good to be contrarian on the blog considering how much he HATES Yudel Shain. Besides his irrational hatred he is a crazy kanoyee who is very dangerously deranged, spending much of his time spreading shmutz.

Be careful because Schwartz has played very dirty to retaliate against anyone he even suspects is exposing VHQ scandals. And motzee shem starts getting posted on blogs about the people and their mishpochos, compliments of Schwartz's deranged OU friend.

Monsey said...

Before Schwartz's father moved from Monsey to Lakewood, Chaimel would come visit & hock in town as if he is in the parsha of heimishe hashgochos.

What a joke

The closest supermarket is Newday. Maybe they consult with him how to pretend there are no bugs in the lettuce.

Vaad to Expose the Queens Vaad said...

The OU mashgiach thinks he can support the Queens Vaad's blog battles on behalf of his friend AND badmouth all his enemies like JBAC rabbis AND scream that certain people are "worse than Hitler" AND badmouth rabbonei machshir who compete with the OU-VHQ, yet only a single person is going to come here to blog back against him?

People figured out it is the OU mashgiach who is doing most of the blogging to attack critics & competitors of the Queens Vaad AND the OU, whether in kashrus or other issues.

JBAC knows the identity of the OU mashgiach and so do UOJ and some of the kashrus industry personalities who he has attacked. He thought being anonymous was like hiding out on Mars, but they got him with help from some KG people who provided very interesting information about the blog terrorist. He launched so many attacks against JBAC because JBAC came after a molester who is part of his extended mishpooche.

Anonymous said...

JBAC is JABC. Just Like Avi Weiss is Avi Weiss, Or like Maharat Horowitz is Maharat Horowitz.
But there is no such thing as a JABC Rabbi.
Its a Steerah minay ubay.

Anonymous said...

The theme of 9/12 - 02:24PM is very simple and a give away.

JABC, UOJ, KG are all one and the same.
A hot and frum Mizrach Vant "up there".

Anonymous said...

There are many kehillos in Queens and all have one common agenda to get Schwatz of out of Queens. No one likes Scwartz, even his own kids are trained to not eat in VHQ places and he publicy denies all accusations. Until VHQ Rabbis have enough of your lying you can continue being a bully and fire anyone that gets in your path. But the videos will not stop. And the Private investigator hired will expose everything that happen in your wedding halls and restaurants soon enough. We are waiting for the right moment. And Schwartz always be on red alert because you never know which terrorist is ready to attack. Even be suspicious of your close friends at the OU. The ball is ready to drop.

The Chosid of Queens said...

The warped OU mashgiach, despite his phony frumma meshugassen, oddly denies there are any shortcomings at either OU or VHQ. His "chazir feesel" is to attack Yudel, other critics of his favorite lousy hashgochos, and critics of some non-kashrus figure lowlives who are close to his heart.

Anyone who doesn't conform to the warped hashkofos of the OU mashgiach is "worse than Hitler" and an "apikoros".

The Netziv in Ha’amek Davar, hakdoma to Bereishis, blames the churban Bayis on excessive “righteousness,” that is, “righteous” individuals who said that those who did not exactly conform to their beliefs are "apikorsim".

Moderneh Kew Gardenser said...

Oh come on, you don't really expect the OU mashgiach to be goress the Netziv? After all, the moderneh Bar Ilan University is named after the Netziv's moderneh son. But it's ok when anything with a connection to the mashgiach is moderneh, like the moderneh OU, moderneh Queens Vaad, moderneh Kew Gardens Synagogue that the "controversial" mechutan sometimes davens in, and even the temple in Hillcrest, so moderneh that it's actually Conservative, where cousin Shiya zingt mit moderneh chazzonus.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Chofetz Chaim yeshiva is "out to lunch" working with kashrus yedios that are about 50 years old. That is why Schwartz has gotten away so far with all the garbage.

But even Chabad is not completely in VHQ's bag. There is one Chabadnik in Queens who is old style Lubavitch & really knows how to learn. He does not allow anyone to eat from VHQ and even for chevra kadisha steers everyone away from VHQ under corrupt Zohn to chevra kadisha in Williamsburg.

Because he works in kiruv he knows exactly which Israeli fakers are allowed unsupervised by Queens Vaad when they are really mechalel Shabbos chazir fressers.

You would amazed to know the truth how many business owners under VHQ are anything but what VHQ claims they are in frumkeit.

There is also an in house caterer at one of the Young Israels who was a board member of a non-orthodox stream of "Judaism". The Queens Vaad quickly made sure his name was removed from the letterhead of the apikorsim when it got out. But like with most other things, the Schonfeld-Schwartz cover up was very sloppy because they neglected for years afterward to remove the bentchers from his store that are published by the apikorsim. Queens Vaad tries to cover up by claiming the baal habos "always davened in orthodox shuls". Even if you want to ignore that his old shul in Lawrence is "Open Orthodox", he does also occasionally go to a Conservative temple, but be quiet about it because Queens Vaad hates it when facts get out.

HELLUL !!!!!!! said...

"And the Private investigator hired"

Desperatto! Desperatto! Desperatto!

The terrorist(s) is(are) pretty desperate to get some 'shmitz' on Queens Vaad and the Rabboonim.

Nee. Nee. Elil is a good time for their terror to be upgraded. The Queens Vaad people 'taakeh' need lots of 'zecheesim'.

Of course, all their terrorism is "LESHAIM SHOOMAHYIM".
Who would think otherwise?

Kew Gardens said...

You missed the big story with the OU mashgiach. When Cyperstein from Chaverim of Queens was working at Bronxwood he also served as the home's mashgiach of kashrus. He told NY State in the paperwork he filed that he was trained by the "big shem davar" OU mashgiach hee hee. Talk about the blind leading the blind as the menu for Sunday morning breakfast is sausage & cheese in the same meal.

Rabeinu C.S said...

Schonfeld & Schwartz of VHQ protecting Ebstein at Queens Pita bakery. For a long time after he was arrested they let him keep giving cookies to kids he wanted to molest. Ages later when Ebstein finally pleaded guilty in court, the Vaad all of a sudden jumps up to finally take action & pretend like they are heroes for getting rid of him.

Rabeinu C.S said...

Rabbeinu Chaim Schwartz is a loyal soldier in the service of Reish kol bnei Galusa R' Joel Shonfeld. And back in the day when R' Joel's father R' Fabian (Shraga) Shonfeld had a say over OU kashrus, it seems like there are a lot of similarities to today's Queens Vaad!

Rabeinu C.S said...

Rabbeinu has a solid background in kashrus before stepping foot in Queens KVH didn't even stop Jewish owners from operating restaurants on Shabbos until Rabbeinu was gone from Boston

Keystone Cops said...

How would the Queens Vaad even know to remove non-orthodox bentchers? You think they actually make the investment to look around inside their accounts? It costs money to pay visiting mashgichim by the hour. The Queens Vaad excels in a giving hashgocho in the format of Dovid Katz from Flatbush - just take the money for your teudah.

And if everyone finds out that Shoinfeld & Shvartz are running a scam, just scapegoat Shaya Richmond. Fire him & blame him for all the chazirei you approved lechatchila, even though the chazirei is also at accounts not under Richmond if you know where to look.

Anonymous said...

Here is the root of JABC movement and its chasidim especially the ones who "WORRY" so much about bashmootzing Rabbonim and Askonim of Queens.
A guy is allegedly accused of a crime so ban his source of Parnasah even if its not yet proven in any way.
The accused makes a deal with the non-halachah courts and is not found guilty (not by a jewish court and not by, Rachmana l'tzlaan, by Arkaus).
The owner is then notified to make a sale in a reasonable way as too follow Halacha . (In spite of not being found guilty).
All this is not in accordance with JABC's mission and fundraising. They just 'steamroll' over all in their path, including but not limited to established Rabbonim and Askkonim.
Not only that, they accuse all in their way of being worse then Conservative and reform. All for following established Halachah with no agenda or finance attached.

we are posting this so we all should know who we are dealing with here in Queens. Who these ISISnick are. Who is the 'rotten to the core' club.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, why does Rabbi Welcher publicly announce that VHQ is running under the best administrator ( Schwatz ), while in private Rabbi welcher tells the Queens chavarim that we know Schwatz is bad news but this all we have and let's make the best of it. And Rabbis Schwatz admits the reason why they keep him around is to cover up all the VHQ shmuis that goes on in the Vaad. Schwatz says he needs the money he has a big family to support so he is sticking around. VHQ rabbanim respond that we need someone to take the fall for all the kashrus issues so we will gladly accommodate your needs. One big conspiracy. So why not just demote Schwatz in the office and ordain him the new janitor it suits him better. He already knows how to clean up shmuis. Give a job of his expertise, clearly he knows nothing about kashrus. SCHWARTZ THE JANITIOR, he even speaks nivul peh on the job so he has all the credentials needed to qualify.

gotto eat !!! said...

The same reason why "ANONYMOUS" publicly screams and accuses Queens Vaad of all kind of lies, but privately eats and dines in all the Queens eateries together with his whole congregation, friends and family.

Anonymous said...

This is the best "defense" that the Queens Vaad has been regurgitating on this blog for almost a decade now. Falsely accuse those exposing VHQ scandals of "lying" and further accuse them of eating from VHQ stores. No attempt to disprove the scandals as the scandals are true and no proof that the critics are eating items that are not prepackaged & sealed by another outside hashgocho.c

showing his rainbow! said...

Did the world hear this right?

Who has no proof?
Who can't stop blogging?

Like A dog "choser aal ki'oh"

Anonymous said...

Very sad that not all comments are published on this blog. Like the one I sent in yesterday as a Toishav Queens which I was did not get published because it spoke out against the critics of Queens. I guess you're not interested in emmes Rabbi Shain.

Anonymous said...

No one EVER claimed that this blog is associated with Emes.