Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sky high prices for Colchicine

URL PHARMA was sold for a whopping 800 million dollars

Richard Roberts is a doctor and former chairman of a pharmaceuticals company URL Pharma.
Who uses colchicine?


Anonymous said...

Rich Roberts made his dineros by ripping off the backs of poor people that needed colchicine.

Shouldn't BMG give him back his million dollars which is dirty money aka blood diamonds.

Anonymous said...

And what about $chemed? They get like 125 for a strep culture when a regular doc get 40? Bmg riping of government

yankel said...

What does this article have to do with Dr Roberts? he has nothing to do with the companies involved

Anonymous said...

See the 2 letters. Dr. Rich Roberts made his blood .....from raising the price of colchicine
by a shocking "2 4 0 0 %", etc. all of the backs of the poor sufferers that need colchicine.

You ever heard of illegal trade in blood diamonds? Read up on it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roberts was the owner of that company and sold out for a whopping 800 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

Bmg got a million of those ill gains?

Anonymous said...

Someones gotto pay for Those bi-annual kiddie parties of 10,000+.