Monday, September 12, 2016

What's new in Queens kashrus

The Kosher Consumers Union is closely monitoring and checking the infestation levels of the numerous kosher certifiers  in the tri-state including Vaad Ha'Rabbonim of Queens. 

 We the Kosher Consumers Union are currently checking produce under the various kosher certifiers including the VHQ and those Hechsherim that work together with the the ones that are not reliable in checking for infestation will unfortunately not be spared of the forthcoming videos of excessive VHQ infestation. 

We ask that kashrus organizations not work in junction with those that are not in line in reliability of insect infestation e.g.VHQ, etc so that we will not be forced to expose the other kashrus organization parties involved in catered events. 

Our (the consumers Queens) current objective is to upgrade the standards of the VHQ, and are not looking for other hechsherim to suffer from the collateral damage.

Thank you to all other Hechsherim for their understanding of the situation as Queens kashrus concerns are at its peak and it is time for change. The Consumers of Queens have voted unanimously.

We Remain,

The Kosher Consumers Union

PS next is a neighboring community


No money no honey said...

Its kind-a strange that from all the hashgachas in metro NY and elsewhere only Queens Vaad serves bugs. All others have a perfect record.

Another Hillary Supporter.

Biased. Biased. Biased.

Anonymous said...

I guess the news is out that no reputable kashrus organization is willing to allow Schwatz or Zizkind into there places as extra Mashgiach. VHQ has proven to be below acceptable in all aspects of kashrus and now all the kashrus agencies won't come next to them at all. They are rendered treif and will treif up your kitchen. Consumers are questioning the CRC of Chicago on how they can have VHQ back on their recommended list. They hate Schwatz but need to play nice and be politically correct. Ask any hecsher they don't want these guys to treif up the kitchen so throw them out. Keep all the trief food in queens.

Grassroots Support is the Key said...

Its because the queens consumers are the only ones who cared enough to ask the Kosher Consumers Union for assistance in fixing the kashrus issues in their community.

If other communities cared enough to take action as the Queens Consumers have done, then it wouldn't be just the queens vaad.

Wool over the eyes of Queens said...

Other hashgochos do not usually outright lie when posed specific questions.

But for that "living wage" that Chaim Schwartz ZOOMED from Boston to Queens for, he will deny any indisputable fact whether on the orders of his modern orthodox masters or altz his own cover up chumros, lest he suffer a dent in his weekly paycheck and other perks like home renovation money. The goodies that are not part of his regular salary can be found in Queens Vaad IRS filings.

And if you know the truth that Schwartz is trying to cover up, you will be the target of harassment, character assassination & attempts to harm you & your family.

What a cover the modern orthodox have for their kashrus scam to fool those with yeshiva backgrounds. And it's complete with Schwartz weaseling his way into giving a shiur by Rav Shloime Teitelbaum's beis medrash.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote on the other Queens article that Rabbi Welcher has been sputtering that Schwartz is a lousy kashrus administrator. So what? Even King Schonfeld himself makes Schwartz into a punching bag when questioned by rabbonim outside Queens. They step on Schwartz to protect themselves when Schwartz is making sure that the matzav is a disaster while lying & covering it up, which is exactly what they want Schwartz to do for them. Maybe Rabbi Welcher deep down would prefer that things were more kosher, but not Schonfeld & the other YU rabbis. They want the cheapest short cuts, kashrus be darned. Welcher is a Chofetz Chaim yeshiva rabbi. If you know the yeshiva you will understand why they have no problem with Schwartz. It is very sad but they have no clue in hands on kashrus since about 1970. The talmidim would mostly nebich not be able to keep up in learning in a mainstream yeshiva. And they have developed an insane superiority complex. The High school bochurim make false boasts to each other how their yeshiva is so gevaldig that the learning is on a higher level than BMG Lakewood. Yes, they really are this delusional.

Schwartz is getting most of the flack from the critics but the Vaad shul rabbis are just as bad if not worse. This is like when the heads of a drug cartel use street level drug dealers & thugs to do their dirty work for them.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Welcher must be upset that his VHQ Mashgiach Zizkind was denied by mainstream hecsherim to be used at special event as extra Mashgiach. The hechsherim told Rabbi Welcher that VHQ isn't reliable so we can't allow any VHQ Mashgiach to work in the event. All the queens Rabbis ( the ones Schwartz brainwashed into believe VHQ is the best hecsher) are very disappointed. Well at least the VHQ gets a taste of their own meds, as they don't allow outside Hechsherim to put their own mashgaich in their places.

Many hecsherim are following this approach and don't allow any VHQ Mashgiachs to work together with them in any catered event. It's the new standard, stay away from corrupt VHQ hecsher.
Just ask Vaad of Flatbush, Vaad of Five Towns, all chassidish hecsherim now don't allow them in.

What is the VHQ waiting for change management and upgrade system. Being stubborn is why you got into to mess in the first place. You completely ruined yourself ( Rabbis on the board you know who you are). You let the gangster Schwatz bring you to the very bottom of the food chain and now you are exposed. Keep this up and you will be forced to close down your hecsher. Schwatz your comments are a waste of VHQ hours on the clock. Better try to train your works to keep their mouth shut more and not to discuss all the VHQ issues in Shul on shabbos.

Anonymous said...

I got the scoop from one of the yechidim in Queens who does not eat anything there (and tries to keep quiet about it because Schwartz thinks anyone not eating VHQ must be either blogging agaainst him or at least giving reports to other hechsherim & Rabbi Shain).

The matzav in Queens will never change. Queens did have one normal administrator before Schwartz but he couldn't survive there. In most of the shuls women wear pants & do not cover their hair. They want Avi Weiss type participation in minyan which they are already fuming that the YU rabbis do not allow. The rabbis know they are finito if they dare start with anything kashrus-wise, that they cannot fress fresh brocolli, etc. And some of the YU rabbis are not even personally frum, even when wearing a black hat.

Why didn't the haymish non-Vaad rabbonim start their own hashgocho? Because they don't have the spine to stand up to VHQ intimidation & threats.

The only way around this huge mess is if someone opens a concession to sell food from Brooklyn under a normal hashgocho. But it will be difficult to make much money. The Vaad will angrily call for a boycott while screaming about it's supposed evils. Chofetz Chaim will tell their oylam that it is bad middos and also call, less angrily, for a boycott.

Anonymous said...

The Star-k hecsher was ready to offer certification in Queens. But chaimel went and threatened Avram Pollak Star-k President that he better stay away from Queens otherwise we will make sure no more distribution of Star-k meat product in Queens altogether. The funny part is that Schwatz nevertheless ( after star-k backed down) went to all the VHQ establishments and forced all the owners to stop using star-k meat and claimed that queens consumers only want chasiddish shechita. Like queens consumers even know what chassidish shechita is. It was only of recently that sefadri consumers of queens began complaining that they want Star-k meat available in queens places and a lot of complaining these consumers did. After force now we see Star-k meat available in queens again.

We had the same issue with empire the VHQ held empire is not reliable but than consumers began to complain and complain that they want empire. Now all the VHQ stores have empire. It is dvar pushut that a mainstream hecsher should begin giving certification in queens to combat kashrus issue. Apparently, they all are afraid of the beheima Schwatz.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the Star-k fell for Schwatzs plan of action. When Schwartz threatens you it doesn't mean he will not go threw with it unless you comply. It means that he is out for blood and will do the dirtiest tricks available. Of course he was going to ban star-k meat either way. But I am sure the VHQ went for fake peshara meeting to Baltimore to make believe they will sort things out and give impression to star-k that their meat isn't up to VHQ standards just to cover things up. Pure lies, they are just playing you as standards VHQ tacticies. VHQ has no standards just $$ is their motive.

Anonymous said...

I suggest getting samples from Kof K places. They do no bedika whatsoever. Just washing.

Allah Akbar said...

Star K is no good but Chaimel wanted to bring the controversial rosh hashochtim Rabbi Spiegel to start a VHQ shechita at a PALESTINIAN ARAB slaughter house in Jamaica, Queens.

The endeavor fell apart anyway at which point Chaimel & Spiegel pathetically pinned the blame on Yudel & his conspirator undercover snitches being mefarsem.

"Halal" al d'avdin

Anonymous said...

Chof K policy is true. It is the two faced Gissinger calling the shots who most people think is a 'machmir' on checking from Bodek. Gissinger has a couple of warped friends who are rabbis of kehillos where they encourage this no checking at all. They reword all the poskim like it is an exercise in revisionist history so they can push their eating bugs agenda. One of the basket case friends when he was in Lakewood always seemed like he should have gone to YU instead. He also specializes in giving out other kashrus 'psak' where he gloats that he 'poskens' not like R' Moishe, vos er halt zich a bar plugta.

Zomicks Jr said...

All Natural Products Inc in Queens does business as "The Bakery of New York" and Davidovich Bagels. Many of their products if not all are under hashgocho of Don Yoel Levy's OK.

Man claims he was fired from Queens bakery after refusing to bake with bug-infested flour

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 4:59 PM

A baker claims he was fired from a Queens commercial bakery after refusing an order from his boss to make a batch of multi-grain bread with bug-infested flour.

The boss wanted that flour used for the multi-grain “presumably because the insects would pass unnoticed if concealed in crunchy bread,” according to baker Stefan Fischer's whistleblower lawsuit.

Fischer is no slouch in the kitchen.

When he was hired last January by Bakery of New York located in Long Island City, he had 30 years experience, held a degree in baking bread and pastry from Berufs Fachschule in Germany, and was certified in food safety and handling.

So when Fischer discovered the bakery's 3,000-pound flour silo was infested with insects, he acted decisively, taking a photo of the problem and sending a text message to his boss informing him that he was going to toss out the tainted flour and have the silo sanitized, according to the suit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The owner responded by ordering Fischer to use the flour to make a batch of multi-grain bread.

Fischer refused to carry out the disgusting directive and was fired from his $75,000 job as master baker and operations manager, the suit says.

Anonymous said...


Aldi Stores has pas yisroel Benton's cookies that do not state 'pas yisroel' on the label and they are much less expensive than pas yisroel brands you might find elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

LINDENHURST, N.Y. -- A grocery store chain said it is investigating a customer's complaint that a bug was found in a box of vanilla wafer cookies purchased at a store on Long Island in New York.

Eric Sowa, said his family opened the box of cookies last Thursday when his 9-year-old daughter wanted an after-school snack. That's when they found the bug, which he said appears to be a spider baked into the cookie.

The cookies were purchased at the ALDI store in Lindenhurt.

Sowa said his wife, Elizabeth, contacted ALDI headquarters, and they offered her a $5 coupon and said the manufacturer would be in contact.

As of Monday afternoon, Sowa said the company has not contacted his wife.

"There has been no communication, nor the store saying they would pull any inventory or notify," Eric Sowa said.

He added that the $5 coupon was "laughable" and that his daughter has been upset after coming close to eating a "spider cookie."

Eyewitness News reached out to ALDI, and the company issued a statement:
At ALDI, we take the safety and integrity of the products we sell very seriously. That's why every private-label food product we sell comes with the ALDI Double Guarantee, which means we will replace the product and refund the purchase price of any ALDI food product if a customer is not 100 percent satisfied.

Our understanding is that this is an isolated incident and our supplier has reached out to the customer to investigate the matter further. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this situation may have caused.

Anonymous said...

If it's anything like Glatt Boys when Asher eckstein ( menakur ) worked there I can imagine. Even when Glatt boys finally got OU is was on many conditions of securing the non-switching of glatt for regular kosher meat. We recall I time when glatt boys was under Star-k and they got caught by Star-k Producing fake Star-k labels and labeling the regular kosher meat ( Firestone ), with those fake Star-k labels. After that they got VHQ certification. The OU came in and saw the horrific seen of sloppy kashrus at its best under VHQ operations. The OU blamed VHQ for all the kashrus violations found in glatt boys. At least now it's under some type of supervision unlike unreliable VHQ supervision.

Anonymous said...

Why does the first guy in the picture look like 'Yodel' ???

Anonymous said...

Tonight will be a event in elite palace under VHQ hecsher and I will take samples of produce home and check it while recording. I will let the olam know of my findings.

Balanchine said...

When you give a heads up to Chaimel he might make sure the lettuce at Elite Palace is cleaned even if he has to clean it himself

Chelem'eh said...

Nu! Where is the "prooooooooooooooooooof"??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Seems like our Buchaary "Ahmad" only does "events" at Elite Palace.
And for good reason. (Check all suitcase entering that place)

Anonymous said...

He doesn't know how to clean it himself either
Nor does he care enough as rabbi Welcher paskened for vhq that its muttar to serve bugs

Anonymous said...

Tue Sep 20, 12:11:00 PM 2016

By your comments one sees how you missed the point.

Anyway, where's the proof ?
Still have excuses?

Still being 'mevazeh' Poskim 2 weeks before Rosh Hashanah?
Do you need his address to ask him for mechilah before Kippur?

Still have some imaginary scores to settle?

Its about time you do t'shuvah.

Queens said...

VHQ is sick.

Anyone who opens his eyes can see the kashrus scandals which VHQ then piles on with layer after layer of denial, covering up, bashmutzing, intimidation, threats, and retaliation.

There was that scandal years ago a wedding hall serving yayin nesech to guests. It's so long ago I am trying to remember, was it Le Cordon Bleu? Schonfeld really "bleu" it with all his attention focused on covering up.

So why do you think when Joel hired his consigliere from Boston it's an even more immature version of covering up & intimidation?

Monkey see, monkey do.


Another "Queens said" shtikel toireh.

With all those adjectives (Denial Cover.....) We were almoxst convinced that it may be true. But then the proof with 'I am trying to remember....' just upset it all.
To the contrary, This 'bau' (it Elul so lets say) got some extra screws.

There is no such thing as YAYIN NESECH today.
Maybe in the back woods of India - but not in this country.

Efsheh Efsheh 'Stam Yayin'. But as you can see the whole comment is 'me'zooyaf mee'tocho'.

Anonymous said...

The only ziyuf is when Queens Vaad & it's allied blogger from OU (who at 10:43 am is taking another break from first "seder" in his phony "kollel" to blog on his phone) are trying to conceal the truth.

The wine scandal was at the time reported in a frum publication warning people that there is a so called ausgehalten hashgocho who not only were so reckless to not check the bartending, but upset wedding guests were even more aghast at the atrocious behavior of Queens Vaad personnel when it was brought to their attention. The publication was too scared to name the Queens Vaad because they know how Queens Vaad has been acting like bullies & mafia for many years.

Anonymous said...

The guy who always butts on behalf of his Queens Vaad buddies, this morning calling himself MOO-VHAUK, is wrong & mooing like a cow as usual.

Yayin nesech only in the backwoods of India?

There are Xtian monks who make wine & beer on the estates of their tiflus abbeys that is sold commercially. These items can be bought at many dedicated beverage stores and higher end supermarkets also carry them.

The alcohol manager at Fairway market who tries to keep himself familiar with the various hard drinks under hashgocho, has been saying it is interesting that a "rabbi" who shops there is not only not makpid on hashgocho, but he specifically likes to buy beer made by the galochim from France & Belgium.

I am willing to venture that the "rabbi" may be a card carrying member of Queens Vaad.

On Kollel Break said...

Wed Sep 21, 12:27:00 PM 2016


So now the whole story is from 'I don't remember' to 'The publication was too scared to name...'

Mamesh Ah Zeeyoof.

And 'nuch zee'yofim'.

".... dedicated beverage stores and higher end supermarkets..." Yeh. the caterer at Blue cord supposedly ("Can't remember" moo...moo....mooo) under the Queens Vaad (MAYBE) served 'dedicated beverages and higher end wines' from the monks in hotz und plotz?!?!!?!?! Yeh. Right.

And the "RABBI" who buys moo....moo.....moo.
We are to believe what a goi zookt.

And we are also to believe what a commenter, that is mevazeh Rabbonim fin alleh schichten (is a apikores according to the Ramba'm, maybe) says: that he heard fin ah kol zauv vchol tzaree'oo. Does he really know what he heard?

Truth is stranger than fiction said...

The next time the Queens Vaad co-certifies something together with the Reform / Conservative rabbi from Great Neck, like the shutfus they had by the coffee bar at Union Turnpike & 272nd St, maybe they can open a bar & serve for happy hour the wine & beer from the Notzrim.

It is very frum looking when they allow the Reformer to post his teudah. It is all in lashon kodesh & promoting vos er hot amol gelernt in "Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon". The YU oissvarf makes no mention that he switched to JTS, was a Conservative rabbi in Little Neck for 26 years and now has a shteller at a Great Neck Reform temple.

So who are koifrim? Certainly not those who are constantly, falsely accused by 1:52 pm, who not only brands anyone he disagrees with as an "apikoiriss" but shreys like a lunatic that R' Yudel Shain is "WORSE THAN HITLER"

Anonymous said...

The Fairway manager ken zein is maysiach lefee toomoi. He thought Yidden just like to buy some things under hashgocho but are not mechuyev to be makpid on everything & he didn't even realize there could be a problem to buy the shirayim of Franciscan & Benedictine Catholic Priests.

I read the article about the Queens Vaad wine scandal myself & I have reason to believe R' Yudel also read it or at least knows about it.

The reason I did not name the publication & mechaber on the blog now is because C.S.'s sidekick, kedarkoi betumah, always launches into attacks & shmutz against Queens Vaad critics. At least one of them reads the blog & I know he will have agmus nefesh to see he is being attacked by the bulvan, which is the reason to begin with why they did not identify the culprits in the report as the Queens Vaad.

Chelemeh Rosh Hakool said...

Lets see how hashgachas work.

You check out the place and it passes. You either do or do not put in a tmidi, depending on the need.
You give them a certificate and the store posts it on the window. Now people know
that the the food in this store is kosher.

The store or the local people put up notices of local events on the window. Does that mean the hashgacha approves of them? Some temple president puts up a notice that he also thinks its kosher, does that mean the Hashgacha approves or does not approve of it.

So some shvantz pastor put up his approval of the store. Now comes the #1 blogger and the #1 expert on hashgachas (but nothing about kashrut) and claims their 'partners'.
Guess the kashryt world is missing some kashrut and legal knowledge.

The same about publications.

The publications is publishing for 1 reason and 1 reason only.
To sell more papers and to increase his readership so they can make more money.
It plays no role if the articles or 'scoops' are true. Just so people can talk and read and buy the paper.
If they published a name or a store or a institution they will #1 lose readership and get sued if its not true.
But now again, the #1 blogger and the #1 expert on hashgachas (but nothing about kashrut) and expert on peoples intentions claims that its the Queens Vaad and there really was a scandal and that it involved wine and that no one did anything about it and....and....and....

Anonymous said...

Very shvach non-argument above.

The Queens Vaad accepted from the Great Neck Reformer thinking no one haymish would catch it all the way out in New Hyde Park.

(The general rule is the further you go from Metropolitan-Main St, the more outrageous Queens Vaad kashrus failings are, and the less they try to conceal them because who is frum out there?)

But Queens Vaad wasn't thinking because a lot of yeshivishe people are in New Hyde Park for LIJ hospital & the business park.

So AFTER the Queens Vaad was caught with the hugely improper shutfus that was MUCH MORE than hanging a sign, they kept trying to cover it up in their typical bumbling fashion.

Because you could still find proof of it after they went running to rip down the Reformer's teudah and other cover up attempts, they finally moved all the equipment out of view, although they were still using it.

on coffee break said...

Well said.
It was only a sign. (even if true, nothing wrong with that)
No proof or argument needed when, as usual, nothing occurred.
Sorry to report that the tumelt that you've been trying to get going for all this time is going nowhere.
You could of sat in a shul (Would say learn or say tillim but you know most bloggers have yet to learn ivrah))and not wasted your time.

Anonymous said...

its really funny or sad when one always "KNOWS" what all others are thinking.

part time chaplain said...

It is a rather sad commentary on the Queens Vaad desperately covering up that they indeed had an improper partnership with the Great Neck clergyman in a restaurant the Vaad had complete control over that went far beyond a simple sign.

The same clergyman was also the main official chaplain for Long Island Jewish hospital where he obstructed rectifying serious kashrus problems that tremendously inconvenienced frum patients. A former Queens Vaad VP was actually involved in trying to reason with him, but to no avail.

So the next time the bureaucrats at the Queens Vaad try to cover something up, they should check with all their comrades before issuing misleading & false narratives that are clearly not true.

For shame!

Anonymous said...

Can someone pls explain why most of the people that are commenting are all from this town called lakewood you guy know nothing about what is going on in queens u have no clue how much work rabbi ziskind puts in to make shore that everything is to the best it can possibly be so all you lakewood people go worry about yourself and as for Mr shain you should really go get a job and worry about your own probloms in lakewood not in queens