Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Israel RABANUT declares "Though shall not eat in VHQ establishments.....


Anonymous said...

The Queens Vaad azei ponim said already that Americans are allowed to ignore the posek hador Rav Elyashev ztl.

So why would they at all care what R' Yitzchok Yosef shlita has to say?

Anonymous said...

ואותו ועד כשרות עתיד ליתן את הדין על זה שמכשילים את הרבים באכילת תולעים"

"אין לצרכנים להסתמך על ועד כשרות זה בשום פנים"

Regarding a certain vhq rabbi's psak that while mashgichim get retrained (which will never happen) it is permissible to serve infested produce: "קשה להאמין שחכם פסק כן, וחלילה וחס לומר דבר כזה... כי מי יכול להעיז להתיר"

Anonymous said...

Provided that its true.
Read the little words.
Like hes does not believe raboonim said something like that Etc.
IF it like you wrote.... Who wrote it ? Not a roov.

Anonymous said...

Typical VHQ practice, let's change the story and say the question wasn't posed properly or no one really understands what the VHQ policy is. Why because they never came out with an official pask. So VHQ can change the story all day long. VHQ will be writing a fair tale song very soon about how all the bugs of queens have magically disappeared as a result of Schwartz's super powers. To bad Schwartz's forgets he is the villain in this story line.

Try something useful, provide us with a report from the bediakas toliam expert you hired to train your mashgichim and check your establishments for infestation. Show the finding of infestation.

How many mashgichim do you have that actually complain to you that they can't get any produce clean during the week!

Why is it that on Schwartz's mashgichim group chat out of so many mashgichim ( keep in mind all produce is from same distributior) only one Mashgiach is complaining that he finds so much infestation that he can't clean anything or sell anything in the store. No one else has any issues, I guess all the bugs get shipped to one location in queens, real fairytale in the works. Maybe, it's because all the other mashgichim just don't know what they are doing! Hmm.

Ronald McDonald said...

Schwartz should get serious about kashrus considering the new trend of all those getting in trouble for appearing like clowns in public.

It's time that Schwartz stopped clowning around with a "kashrus" operation that's as kosher as McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Typical VHQ policy ...... Bla bla bla.

Any bum can write a letter to someone who they don't know and give a sob story about how one bunch of "Rabbis" serve only this kind of stuff or this kind of stuff....
The Rav answers that if this true it is bad news but he does not believe that Rabbonim would do or say something like that.

Who should the consumer believe? the BUM writer or the Rav who says it not true?

The bum does not stop there. He publicly states that the RAV "declares" that you can not eat VHQ - The RAV himself said he does not believe it and thus never said such trash.

Then again, the BUM won't be able to take over the VHQ if he states the truth.
So all mis-truths are devised to make the 'takeover plan' gain popularity.

(Think of Hillary and the rest of them - they even got the FBI and Justice Dept to say that all is OK).

Anonymous said...

I think it's unbelievable how this apikoris is still writing on this blog after he was notified by his superiors to stop blogging. Rabbi Genack together with Hillary are coming after the VHQ admin full force if she is elected president. That was Hillary's deal breaker to get all the Queens consumers to vote for her. In deed, her plan worked, as we speak Schwartz and Ziskind are plotting assassination attempts of Hillary. Don't worry, Rabbi Welcher got this covered, he will cover up the entire crime sense and shift all the blame on his lack of being a real posek. Rabbi Welcher isn't the kashrus posek of VHQ, his boss Schwartz is. Schwartz pulls the strings and rabbi Welcher follows. Don't you find it odd that after 10 videos of infestation in VHQ establishments Rabbi Welcher or someone from the VHQ would come out with a explanation or full fledged psak on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend to speak to Rabbi Marcus but he has decide to step out of the picture after seeing all the VHQ corruption. He can't wait to get out of office ASAP. Rabbi Marcus doesn't want VHQ presidency to affect his position at his real job as a school teacher. Teachers can't be controversial now can they, a controversial teacher will loss his job. Rabbis Marcus now that's a difficult decision to make. Either expose the VHQ fraud or keep your teaching position? Which one to pick! Are we honest and believers of justice at all cost or do we stay comfortable at our position.

Anonymous said...

Thu Oct 27, 08:25:00 PM 2016 + Thu Oct 27, 08:32:00 PM 2016

Pushut ah democrat!

Anonymous, the one who wants to become president of the vhq, has learned from - or taught - Hillary how to forge videos and present them as normal routine facts. No fear from the law or the public. Of course when he gets to become president he may as well change his name to finkel.

Queens Blvd Rabbies said...

Better to eat any Rabbanut Stuff from Any place in Israel (including heter mecheerah)then to eat VHQ Stuff. The Rabbanut are the Sanhedreen Gedolah and anyone saying something against them or not eating their hashgacha is a Saken Mameh'reh.