Friday, November 18, 2016

שהחיינו "Gefen" [Kedem] company is the first to undertake a kashrus re-call without waiting for the Hashgocha to "Kratz" and not make a recall.

Subject: Alert regarding  Gefen Cholent Beans
To whom it may concern,
It has come to our attention that our Chulent Mix  date code # 091218 as well as #090518 and # 090522 has been found to have some instances of infestation. [there may be other lot numbers as well]

This may be the result of a hot summer season or other causes. We are addressing this with our growers.

In light of our high standards of Kashrus and quality, we would like to take a precautionary measure and pull all above mentioned product from the shelves and replace with new product which has been checked and cleared as clean.

Please get in touch with your sales rep for a full credit and we'll replace with fresh product as soon as we are assured of the cleanliness and quality.
Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter. We appreciate your continued business.

Charles Herzog
Kedem Foods & Kenover Marketing

Goya stores their beans in refrigerated warehouses



Anonymous said...

About time they woke up and the Company makes a re-call, without waiting for the kosher certifier to sit back without making a recall.

Anonymous said...

Charles just had a extra drink today.

Anonymous said...

Stop & shop, so far the best I have found. Like to know if anyone ever caught them.
I've said it before & will say it again, never buy these products without sell by dates, always heck how long they give until expiration.

Anonymous said...

Thu HUGE KIDUSH for trump was cancelled
They used gefen beans

Anonymous said...

Anyway שבת איז מען פליישיג

Anonymous said...

How do you check bean's
U got to be NUTS

Anonymous said...

If you soak you're beans maybe the worms disintegrate
Like by the pickle
I heard this in BMG

Anonymous said...

Yudel- if you soak the beans can we rely that the bugs would have floated to the top?

Anonymous said...

Trump Kiddush cancelled due to DAASTORAH.COM's disapproval of Trump.
As you Know DaasTorah is one of Yudels main sources.

Anonymous said...

These since deleted entries about Gourmet Glatt had comments about a suspicious manufacturer "Kosher R US" making "pelmeni" Russian style meat ravioli certified by Babad despite seemingly non-frum people supplying meat under Israel Mayer Steinberg.

It is more relevant now that Hisachdus has taken over from Babad. Did Glick force them to use Satmar fleish or nothing changed? If Satmar fleish, would Glick make them kasher the kelim?

Associate of Zukes said...

What's pshat that Sachdis has this shaychus to da Rrrrussians?

Let my Ruski get fed said...

Who is interested in Ruski Fress-a-rai other then the holy neshamos from Metropolitan Avenue? And/or the Kashrut experts from Queens Blvd?
FYI - Lots of fresser barns especially on Queens Blvd are under the supervision of the Torah Vodaas Talmid Horav Steinberg Shlit'a, and has been for years and it seems that "barn' owners as well as the 'bhaimos' that get fed there are just fine with that.
(It goes without saying that its still better then the queens vaad, at least according to this blog).

Chronicles of OU Mashgiach said...

4:44 pm would seem to indicate that after the frey Queens Bocharianishe supply the fleish for ravioli, the "Kosher R Us" packages are peddled around town in "West Side Kosher" trucks!

Israel Mayer Steinberg may have once attended Torah Vodaas but so did Queens Vaad's Peretz Steinberg which is why Peretz sometimes participated in the shake downs for $$$$ in the Torah Vodaas shiur room from where NYPD detectives were given a recording of Gimpel Wolmark telling Harav Hagoon Belsky that one of the victims is going to receive "a zelcha makkos".

Anonymous said...

Chronicles of OU Mashgiach.
OU mashgichim know nothing (according to this blog) and this commentor seems to know way too much for a OU mashgiach.
OU mashgichim don't blabber about whats going on inside even if its true, kol shkain if its not true.
So, of course, not only is this bum not a OU mashgiach but he is a imposter, trying to take over hashgachas thinking that there is money - lots and lots of it - in Hashgachas.

We are just informing the readers who we are dealing with.

Anonymous said...

So now the Choochim gives one wipe and destroys Torah Vodaas from A to Z for some personal frima-krima ideology. Nu. Nu 'Nooeh L'mee Sheom'roy' Right out of the boar's 'pisk'.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue 11:52 am, because that is a parodized name making fun of an OU mashgiach who goes around Queens cursing out R' Yudel. But the fellow happens to know some real facts on the ground. It is know in Torah Vodaas circles that rabbis P Steinberg & Belsky were friends and both their names have appeared on tzettlach from shmutzik episodes that were made public

Touro Vodaas said...

What destroyed Torah Vodaas is Belsky, Mendel Epstein & others including Queens lowlives Steinberg & Bryks plotting - inside the yeshiva - beatings & how to be gorem mamzerim.

Regarding the Mund scandal reported here, it was this case that led R' Elya Rominek shlita to inform Rav Elyashev ztl what Belsky & his accomplices were up to. There are good reasons why Rav Pam ztl did not get along with these chayos.

Paysach Krohny Watch said...

"The Maggid Reeks" is mishpuche with some of the Mendel Epstein / Belsky gang. He tried to falsely whitewash them in one of his Maggid books as tzaddikim veyedidim who were close with the heiliger Rav Pam obm.

After the public expressed outrage over such lies being printed, Artscroll issued a revised edition deleting Krohn's propaganda.

kiddus at reb Shloimahs place said...

Aye. Mon Nov 28, 09:37:00 PM 2016.

It took a while. But he finally admits that he is 'ein shtik' parody.
Dehr ganzehr mensch zeineh' is a parody. ( sorry for calling you a mensch.)

All he posts is a parody.
We'ev been trying to tell this to the oilom. Maabrook. It even sunk in to the 'baal dovor' himself.
There is still hope for this world in general and for Queens in particular.
Even The Boocharees and the metropolees.

Anonymous said...

When Rav Rominek told the gadol hador about Belsky, it was not just gittin but the whole package including all the kashrus fraud orchestrated out of OU and through many other hashgochos in America. Rav Elyashev ztl was in agreement with Rav Rominek that any dvar halacha from Belsky is unreliable.

Your Favorite Buchary said...

Why do Vaad of Queens admins keep posting on this blog
Do you guys have nothing better to do with your time
Ziskind and Schwartz, Please focus more on kashrus and less on chatting on a blog. Bring in an expert to fix infestation in your establishments.

Yours Truly,

Safra deBlogga said...

Although Chaimel Schwartz & Ziskind are capable of all the desperate & childish defenses being posted for the Queens Vaad, they are not directly doing most of it. That they leave to the OU mashgiach who doubles as chavrusa (or is he more a paid tutor in learning?) for Chaimel's friend. If only the mashgiach would actually learn with Chaimel's friend instead of blogging from his cell phone and shouting to anyone who will listen that Rav Yudel Shain is "WORSE THAN HITLER", Moshiach vet kummen!

OU Chavreeseh. said...

TV nik (as in Television) and Booboocharees and Metropolees (those are great keenuyim for those great interveltnicks).

Why blog and post and comment and surf the (only koosheh intehneht) internet.
Just come down to 73rd Avenue and take over the place. Like your friend Reb Shlomo tried and succeeded.
At least you'll get the koovid your desperate for and you'll be spared all the looshin haureh, Re'cheelis, and Moitzeh ShemRah violations.

Anonymous said...

Like the OUnik has no issues. Velt's hypocrite (inter & uber) who until he was "outed", was bashmutzing on the internet dozens of rabbonim & askonim who he opposed their hashkofos, primarily if they have problems with sub-par OU / VHQ kashrus and/or child molesters. He is very, very sensitive when it comes to protecting "rights" of molesters. If there is any opposition to molesters ki hu zeh, that makes life more difficult for the mechutan.