Thursday, December 01, 2016

Agudas Yisroel convention re: "Shocking" -Congregation Nachlas Yitzchak in Kew Gardens Queens, is accepting VHQ unreliable kashrus ?....

..Nachlas Yitzchok..has no issues with the Vaad of Queens [non] kashrus standards, infestation, non qualified mashgichim, non-shomer shabbos, etc?

Ask their Rabbi, they must have a solution.


Kew Gardens Shills said...

Everyone is afraid of mafia type retaliation from the Queens Vaad, that includes not only dem vos ruft zich "Humner Ruv" at Nachlas Yitzchok, but even the big Brisker kanoyee on 73rd Ave. If you say one word of criticism as meekly as a shepsela the mafia will still come after you. The only one who gets away with a little bit is R' Shloime because Chaim Schwartz fort needs a heimishe place to daven & to let him give a shiur.

Heimishe Kishke Caterer said...

Rav Oelbaum himself is using Meal Mart under the 2nd hashgocho of the Nirbater and the caterer of his shvogger, the Bostoner Rebbe of Lawrence, which is under KAJ. He may be allowing Queens Vaad on supposedly harmless things that don't officially need much hashgocho, but even the "harmless" things you can't trust the Queens Vaad because simple ingredients like flour are prone to infestation which is of no concern to the Queens Vaad.

Anonymous said...

My humble observation
The tzibbur at nachlas yitzchak is not interested in going up against the vaad. Neither are ANY of the ashkenazim (neither rabonim or consumers) in queens.
Even in the sefardi community most rabbonim are not willing to fight against vhq as they know they will be harassed, slandered, decredited, children not accepted to schools, etc.
Ruba de'ruba of the rabonim are scared to stand up to the big bad wolf VHQ except for the BP Torah V'daasnik, and some other yechidim in the community.

The sefardi consumers on the other hand care about kashrus and can make enough noise to be heard if they are motivated enough and have proper leadership.

Anonymous said...

R' Noach Isaac could very well be capable of turning a blind eye to non-kosher VHQ food when you consider this.

One of his naive relatives eats from VHQ because he falls for the bald lies of C.S. that everything is kusher veyusher. Another relative who is cynical & calculating is smart enough to not eat from VHQ but has a corrupt upmach with C.S. of please quietly break VHQ rules for me that I can kasher your catering halls when I need them before I bring my own non-VHQ caterer & I will in turn help you persecute others who don't eat from VHQ. After all, two-faced phonies should be looking out for each others' interests when there are mutual benefits. It's very easy to get away with this kind of behavior when he has a shul with a barely a minyan. The minyan is half modern-orthodox and another three are Conservative Jews who never finished becoming orthodox.

KGH said...


weasel watch said...

queens vaad was propagandizing years ago that they came in to clean up a bunch of violations at meal mart main st & thus saved the nibatir from himself

what a joke! keep being toyvel while clutching your shrotzim you pathetic queens vaadniks

fress and ess said...

The whole queens fresses queens vaad. Some admit it some deny it.
All the Rabbonim feast on Queens vaad. Some rub the 'baichel some don't.
All the shnorers use meal mart for their 'seedis mitzvahs' including reb Shloimeh and company. Some claim its holier then thou some claim its more holes then not.
"aubeh alle essen' queens vaad. Some of the shnorers even fress queens vaad.
The only way out for the shnorers is for Rosenbloom to open a catering service. But he's smarter then that. It cost money to cater and he wants to get paid. He also make lots of money now by saving hashgoocheh gelt. Hes no fool. but he knows how to handle the fools in his shchinah.

Aizekel fun Krakow said...

RNIO also knows how to be kanoyish (when it suits him). Look up old newspaper clippings from the early 80s & you will see the famous picture of him at an event in the Ramoh's shul in Krakow where he ripped the tallis off a woman "rabbi" who was trying to hijack davening.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it boils down to whether Nachalas Yitzchok macher Bernie S. wants to rock the boat, or not.

Anonymous said...

Is R' Noiach Izaak the same age as the big kashrus "machmir" Weissmandl? They learned in the same yeshiva.

Romanisher Ferd said...

Rav Oelbaum is ainekel of the Kobersdorfer Ruv in the early 1800s. The guy who today calls himself Kobersdorfer Ruv gives hashguche on a restaurant in Boorrro Parrrk that was known for years to have an out of control infestation of flies that were breeding in the indoor garbage cans that the baal habus was too karg to buy covers for. The Boorrro Parrk Kobersdorfer is son of the great luminary in kashrus, the Yuka Ruv.

Mesachek bakuvya said...

It's not like the Queens Vaad would have any problem with bingo games

A Queens Vaad caterer has even been hosting poker games for Italian mafia that turn violent as this newspaper article archived on this blog shows.

And even when there are no shootouts, the same Queens Vaad caterer is into real wild parties

just to be meorer said...

Reb Yudel.

All this "history" about Rabbi Olbaum and family, which no one was mekabel in any way (due to Loshon Horah violations), is out right motzee shaim rah or loshon horah.
There is absolutely no toheles for someone to post stuff like this weather true or not.
Its has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged issue you raised and besides the anonymous commentor being oiver countless avairos, YOU should delete all this stuff. Otherwise you are just as guilty as the poster and are msahyay'ah to this avaryon.
Reb Yudel. You, out all people, should know better and not allow these comments.

Boor-o Park said...

The restaurant swarming with flies. What a place. The owner was once arrested at work after a scuffle with NYPD. It is not so clear what happened. Al kol ponim the "fixer" askunim got the cops involved transferred to the Bronx as punishment. The owner smartened up after that. He lets the gantz 66th precinct fress his food for free and they return the favor by never giving him a parking ticket.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that all R'....... cares about is Kuved and gelt. The question is which one he cares about more. Those of us in Queens that care about Kashrus don't eat in any VHQ facilities.

Mayginei Yudel said...

The know it alls who constantly undercut & second guess R' Yudel have a lot to learn.

While not every blog comment is going to be leshaim Shomayim or appropriate, background is a very important factor.

The major Rishonim are in agreement that someone who is not honest in monetary matters is also choshud in kashrus. The Taz brings them as halacha lemayseh.

There have been plenty of characters examined on Yudelstake that zicher fall in that category.

There may or may not be anything monetary automatically posseling Rav O but once he is being called out for being silent in the face of tremendous michshol, background is still relevant. I was once at a meeting that some roshei yeshiva requested of the zkan hador Rav Zelig Epstein ztl. R' Zelig spent several hours just learning as much background as he could about the villains being discussed. I am told that at another meeting on a different topic R' Zelig spent TEN HOURS.

Better Late than Never? said...

The way the family operates is to wait many years and when there is nothing to lose anyway you finally make a stink that the food is not kosher. That is in a nutshell Rabbi Oelbaum's shvogger's lawsuit against the OU re Manischewitz

Anonymous said...

Another Maigin Haador - Rachmonah Litzlan.

Another 'godol' - in lieu of Reb Zelig - paskening that its alright to be oiver first class issurim d'oiraisah to promote a private (and false) agenda.
For some very very strange reason Reb Zelig did not post his so called background checks. (If the tale is true to begin with (coming from the notorious agenda minded commentor it needs independent corroboration - and I would waste any time to corroborate since I don't want to be disappointed).

Missed the point said...

You post a video of a West Coast Rabbi geting up to speak about bugs and says that one must be vigilant with kashrus. The Rabbi is trying to make his listeners aware of general situations in Kashrut.
How did "Naclas Yitzchok get involved with this video?

Anonymous said...

From the father of Rav Oelbaum, a remarkable position on kashrus in his teshuva sefer.

Is this one of the unusual cholov "yisroel" (but in fact akum) ice cream flavors that Shoinfeld & Schwartzie approve at Max & Mina's on Main St?

ר' יצחק אהלבוים (רב בטורונטו, קנדה) בספרו "שאילת יצחק" (מהדורה תנינא, ניו-יורק, תשל"ח, סי' פ"ב) בבעיה של בהמה שנתפטמה אך ורק בדברים אסורים.

ר' יצחק אהלבוים מזכיר שם דברים מוזרים בשם בעל מנחיו"ס, שמי שרוצה לטעום טעם של בשר בחלב, שהתורה אסרה, יאכיל תרנגולת בהרבה חמאה, יריץ אותה לפני השחיטה והיא תזיעה והזיעה תעביר את החמאה שבמעיה לבשרה. מתרנגולת זו הוא יקבל בשר וחלב ביחד. הוא רק לא ידע, שעופות וצפורים אינם מזיעים וגם אילו הזיעו, הזעה לא היתה מעבירה את החמאה דרך בשרה החוצה. הזעה אינה תחליף למערכת העיכול. בזיעה מאבד הגוף נוזלים ומלחים.

Anonymous said...

This teshuvah has a lot to do with the issue of this post !?!?!?!?

Reflects on the not so 'anonymous' commenter.

Agudah Fresser said...

Rav Oelbaum will fit right in. We already fressed Rubashkin fleish at many a convention and with Rav Eckstein in charge of the lettuce, you will feel like you never left Queens. Even the venue itself has it's own special kashrus challenges. The caterer who is there lately every year for Pesach leaves the stricter of their two hashgochos during the year at home, only bringing the more lenient one who turns a blind eye to too many kashrus violations to count. Just one of many examples is the goyishe waiters have free access and have taking chometzdik creamer out of the non-Pesach supply room for coffee.

Anonymous said...

ניכר בסמינרים החסידיים, שנערכים לקראת פתיחת ההרשמה ללימודי דרגה 2 (מקביל לתואר שני אקוויוולנטי) זאת לאחר קבלת האישור של מועצת גדולי התורה של תנועת "אגודת ישראל" (החסידים) הרי שכפי שנחשף בחסידות הכשרים מבקשים לצמצם את מימדי התופעה ולנסות למנוע אותה בכל מחיר כדי לקדש שם שמים. וכעת רואים בחוש השפעת הרשעה של ההשכלה הזאת אפילו כבר אצל פלג הבני ברקי, מהסיפור המזעזע על לשמים, של הסבא והסבתא מפלג הירושלמי, שהם גם הסבא והסבתא של ’בני תייירה’ "השונאים" שלא הוזמנו לחתונה של הנכדם שלהם, החתונה התקיים בבני ברק! בנשיאות הרב שטיינמן.

הסכסוך הליטאי קורע משפחות: זוג ליטאי שחיתן בשבוע שעבר את בתו, בחר שלא להזמין את הסבא והסבתא, הסיבה: הם משתייכים לאנשי ’הפלג הירושלמי’ • בהזמנה לחתונה של הזוג הצעיר לא צוינו שמותיהם של הסבים והסבתות כנהוג, כדי ששמם של ההורים ה’בעייתיים’ לא יוזכר • קרוב: "במשפחה היתה גם ברית, ולסב ניתנה בכוונה שעה מוטעית" שומו שמים!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! הצטערתי לשמוע ותרגז בטני, אני מקוה שזה לא אמת, אין הדעת סובלת סיפור כזה, ולמעשה בכיתי כשקראתי הכתבה הזאת. לא להאמין! לאן הגענו??? אתם בכלל יהודים??? אתם מתנהגים כמו היטלר ממש. תגידו לי זה החינוך אצלכם בבני ברק -חזון איש המשומדים? או הורים טפשים אכזרים? אין מילים לתאר את גודל השאט נפש שכל אדם ברדעת מרגיש לנוכח התנהלות גועלית זאת. לא להזמין סבא וסבתא????? למה??? למה??? (בשביל שהם מחמירים במצות התורה יותר ממכם?) ממש נורא!!!! הרי זה דוגמא טובה לחינוח הכת הבני ברקי.

קדימה, איפה כתוב בתורה שמותר להכאיב להורים בגלל שהם חושבים אחרת לצד היותר הטוב! אני מקווה שמנהיגי הכת שלכם שאתם מדברים בשמם לא מגבים את השחיתות הזאת. מקווה מאוד אבל לא בטוח. האם שאלתם את מנהיג הכת שטינמן אם מותר לעשות את זה? התירוץ לכל קושיות הנ"ל: אין שואלים שום קושיות על המנהיגים-המסיונרים ומנהגים של הרודפים מ"בני תייירה" האכזרים המשומדים מבני ברק, "השונאים את הקב"ה" משום שכבר אמרו חז"ל עליהם: מבני בניו של "המן" למדו בבני ברק. הם בטח נכדי המן העמליקי , הכת המשומדים ומסיונרים, המטרה שלהם היא "שמד" שמד "שמד" ושב "שמד" גיוס על בני ישיבה , M.A. לשמד הבנות "מבית יעקב", פשוט "שמד" וכו’ מזעזע מזעזע מזעזע… חילול ד’ עצום שאפי’ יום המיתה אינה מכפרת. אתם לא מתביישים לחנך עוד דור לבטלה?

כמה אלפי בחורי ישראל נפלו מהתורה והיהדות בגלל ההוראה הכללית של רח’ חזון איש להתיצב לגיוס…. מי לוקח אחריות על הבחורים האלו, ואינם להם כוח להתמודד בלשכה ונופלים לגמרי…. כן יש מאוד הרבה כאלו….. האם זה צדקות ואחריות… זה פשוט שמד ורציחה. ברגע שניתן להם הזדמנות ברור כשמש שהם ישובו לתקוף את גדולי ישראל, וכעת שאין להם כח הם ממשיכים להמריד ולהפיץ שקרים בכל העולם כנגד הצדיק הגדול מנהיג הדור הזה המנהיג אותנו לקראת משיח צדקינו מרן הרב הצדיק ר’ שמואל שליט"א וידוע אצל הצדיקים האמיתים שריבוי ההשכלה לאשה הוא דבר לא טוב; ההשכלה עצמה ’דבר שלילי’, גם אם התוכן עצמו לא שלילי, אעפ"כ זה סכנה גדול מאוד למילוי התפקיד של האשה "הצנועה" סכנה גדולה לתמימות, לדיקדוק המצות, וליראת שמים, ולמילוי התפקיד של האשה ע"פ תורה – גם כ’אשה’ וגם כ’אם’ החיה לגמרי בדרך התורה, ולא חיה בדרך שמד. מובן מאיליו שיש את המינימום שאשה צריכה ללמוד, אבל אם כדי להתקדם בעבודה שלה היא צריכה להרבות בהשכלה, זה משפיע מאוד מאוד לרעה על כל הצביון של האשה והאם. ובשביל תוספת פרנסה לא עושים עבירה כזה. יש שואלים במצב שאדם רוצה שביתו יהיה בית ד’, ’בית שהשכינה שרויה בו’, מה היא הדרך? על זה התשובה ברורה; שמי שרוצה בית ד’ כזה סוג בית, הדרך שלו היא אך ורק לוותר על ריבוי ההשכלה גם אם זה מוריד מפרנסתו. וזו התשובה בצורה ברורה וחד משמעית.

ידוע יש היום בסימנרים אפילו של "בית יעקב" מביאים ההנהלה דת"לים או חילוניים גמורים, כופרים ונואפים גמורים, שמדברים כפירה ודברי ניאוף בגלוי "לבנות בית יעקב", או שמדברים דברים אחרים לא טובים וד"ל, ואין פוצה פה נגדם!!! ובעצם, לפי הוראות כל גדולי הדור, ואפילו ע"פ המיקילים של מועצת גדולי אגודת ישראל, אסור לשום אדם או אשה כזה להרצות בסימנרים בשום דרך ואין לזה שום היתר. ידוע מאמר החזו"א, משכיל אפיקורס הרבה הרבה יותר גרוע כו’. והשי"ת יהיה בעזרינו.

Anonymous said...

ממש חזק

Chad said...

Starting up with Rav Oelbaum? Whats ur deal Shain?

Anonymous said...

that agudah hang out hotel in stamford has become a kashrus disaster on pesach. the monsey rav hamachshir was touted from the best when he started 25 years ago has been quickly rolling downhill to where he is much less than OU. he caves on everything to the caterer who cuts every corner because he is super karg. frumkeit takes a back seat especially after the caterer's sons became modern orthodox. besides the kashrus, the caterer is also super karg on all the food unless you are from the large group of his friends & family. everything is locked up to be distributed with an eyedropper to all the other guests. even the matzos. some seudos you cant even get lechem mishne. people are mamash starving which is why the behaymos among them stampede the children's meal to steal all the hotdogs. there are many less hotdogs broiled than there are children to begin with which is geneiveh on the part of the caterer (just like he hides coffee, sugar, milk, etc, for a good part of the day after falsely adveretising it is always available), then the behaymos come running to grab the hotdogs so all the kids starve too

ainickehl said...

If this guy was my sabba or sabbta I also would not invite them to anything.
I would send them straight to 'aarai miklaat' so they can't ever leave.

That's how a baaleh buss speaks against gedolim.

Keep him far away.

Ess mahn kint said...

The bottom line from this whole 'gehshichteh' - blog and comments is:

You can eat ah festeh seedah anywhere in Queens. Even by the GOHR GOHR frimeh.

I would say ahfileh bah Reb Shloimelah in bess medrish. Kol shken by the Roosisheh

afileh the gohr gohr frimeh fin Moirainee Reb Yigal shlit'a etc.

Anonymous said...

3:05 pm thinks he has it all "figured out"

Poke fun at whoever agrees mit R' Yudel, as well as R' Shloimeh & the Bucharees so he can keep covering up for Queens Vaad and OU - bifrat WEST SIDE KOSHER.

He will keep wallowing in his dimyonos like that he is chief kashrus "mayvin" for the handful of gullible nobodies who actually listen to him.

Talk about the blind leading the blind

Stamford said...

No extra charge at the Pesach hotel from "the Misers" & their pathetic hashgocho for these other chesronos:

No siyum for bechorim on erev Pesach because the caterer would have to pay one of their staff rabbis to learn a small masechta. The staff rabbis have enough to do for the caterer like falsely bragging in the droshos that the kashrus is "impeccable" and the essen is "great"

Taaruvos basar with fish & gorem even with milk

Mixed swimming in the "Charedi" Pesach hotel EVEN ON SHABBOS where bummy women guests go back to their rooms while wading through the crowd at Kiddush and only partially covered with a wet towel

Slimy Arab / Pakistani waiter making advances on girls & women being COVERED UP

And if this wasn't enough along with the other waiters assigned to the caterer's friends & family stealing the matzoh boxes for them off the tables of other guests, here is the biggest kicker: the caterer's "Open Orthodox" son in the skin tight jeans who allowed distribution of Avi Weiss shticklach Torah puts up a sign that although you already paid your waiter tip, "if you want to give an extra tip" for them treating you like trash, "please see me to give me cash"

Pesach hotel fresser said...

Stamford with their Chabad BT mashgiach was still a slight leg up on Zusha Blech & his band of bum alter Israeli bochur mashgichim. Stamford puts very little food in the coffee room, they are shamelessly cheap. By Zusha Blech the snacks are b'ravchus but are stolen by the Israeli bums & hidden in their rooms before they open the doors for the guests. Then when the bums are forced to show their faces by minyan they won't even daven shmoyne esrai. Maybe they feel too bloated from all the snacks they stole.

Rabbonishe Boich said...

the kashrus is "impeccable"

I lost all respect for that 5 Towns rabbi who I used to think was a choshuva person. I couldn't believe how he would keep repeating that false line just because he was given free room & meals to the point it was mamash sickening. He would have to be blind to not see all the kashrus violations in that hotel.

The caterer it seems goes right along with any idea of his son to make the place less frum. In recent years they have been bringing speakers from YU or even more Left wing to attract a more modern crowd. Two other characters brought from the 5 Towns is that lady giving droshos in short sleeves & the YU rabbi with the ax to grind who huffs that his degree in Jewish studies is on the madraigeh of Harvard, not Lakewood.

Anonymous said...


Another bunch of losers who were not happy with their 'Pesach Vacation' up in Connecticut.
If you were as frim as you claim you would first find out about the Hashgacha before you spend all that money (yours or the Shver's) on the Lazy Man Peasch Celebration.
Besides, If your as frim as you imply what are you doing away from home for Pesach to begin with?

Oivay. The shmaals is dripping from this one.

Anonymous said...

Of course the repeat critics of R' Yudel are also the first ones to jump the gun lekaf choivah that whoever goes away for Pesach is eating chometz bemayzid or something. What a pleasant bunch you are, who the Eybishter certainly does not appreciate your arrogant tut-tutting.

Many people who go away for Pesach do so for the following reasons:

- The wife cannot handle turning over the house so even gedolim who are shtark against hotels tell the husbands to go away.

- Disabled people who simply cannot clean, etc

- Those with no mishpocho

- Those who don't go away most years but have an emergency one year

- Those who have no money to make Pesach but get a free Pesach if they are staff or give shiurim at a hotel. They put up signs in Stamford to collect for the local yeshiva's rebbeyim who don't have the means for food, etc. But if you don't have a shteller in the yeshiva you are not getting on the recipient list.

Salat said...

Why is R' Gershon Bess being channeled to the Queens Vaad davka? It is true that Queens Vaad is completely inadequate but he was never told about them.

He was instigated by Rabbi Yair Hoffman about Brooklyn hashgochos.

He wrote this article about it

I also have confirmation from other rabbonim involved that Queens was never mentioned

But maybe Rabbi Hoffman should be criticized for covering up on Queens Vaad & 5 Towns Vaad which he could never write about because his boss Larry Gordon would never dare spill the beans on those who give him ad dollars in 5 Towns Jewish Times

Dripping with Irony azoi vee Shmaals said...

Jealous that some get a break on Paysach? Does your dig also extend to the mechuton's shvogger Paysach Krohn who is an in demand "scholar" in residence at moderneh hotels?

Maybe one day WEST SIDE KOSHER will branch out into Paysach hotels!