Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sabath "not-friendly" appliances.

Before one should rely on this feature a major issue has to clarified. When the refrigerator is in Sabbath Mode does any digital activity take place. I will give 2 examples of this issue but please remember there could be more depending on the complexity of the model purchased.
         1> The digital thermostat. Even in an instance that the thermostat is not triggering the compressor to go on or off and the compressor is triggered by a timer while in Sabbath Mode The issue is  the thermostat may still be recording the temperature i.e. the temperature inside is at 33 when you open the door the temperature will move to 34 this will not turn on the compressor but the digital thermostat will record the current temperature to be 34. This act of recording that the temperature is now 34 can involve chilul Shabbos .                                
            2> The door open/close sensors even though the automatic defrost will not activate regardless of how many times the door opens or closes when in Sabbath Mode. The sensors may be recording the number of times this is being done. This also may involve Chillul Shabbos. Unfortunately I could not find any specs to clarify these points. I would be grateful to anyone that emails or posts their knowledge to clarify this issue.

We must remember that the organization involved with the creation and implementation of this feature is headed by a person who has issued many dubious psakim over the years. Recently he wrote an article which concludes that one cannot run an on line business on Shabbos. He was forced to retract since it was obvious to everyone that he knew nothing of how the on line industry operates and the psak was completely based on assumptions that he imagined. He has other psakim using a light bulb for pas akum, which is a direct cause of intermarriage [heard from Reb Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, OB"M].

He uses a psak issued in the 1950’s for Bedikas Toloyim when everything was sprayed with DTD and says that we can do today what was done then. In relation to the Sabbath Mode he is Matir to adjust a digital thermostat of an electric range on Yom Tov when the range is in Sabaath Mode. Therefore  if the thermostat is active or the sensors are active I would not rely on his word that there is no Chillul Shabbos unless I heard the same from more reliable sources.

The good news is that Intermatic makes a timer which has a seven day span and allows for 28 settings. This would give you 14 off settings. For a 3 day Shabbos and Yom Tov you would have to divide these settings amongst 3 days. The model number is DT620 it costs about $15.00 on Amazon. The setting up is not that intuitive but after following the instructions carefully several times everything starts to make sense.

Toshav Monsey

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Anonymous said...

The Amazon price is actually $27 + tax. Bear in mind Amazon's owner is militantly pro-toyava and the Washington Post has become more anti-Israel since he bought it. As the gedolim have pointed out, a goy being anti-Israel is just a facade that he really hates Yidden period.

eBay has it for $26 with no tax.