Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How many Matzos to the pound, i$ your true co$t MATZAH REPORT AVAILABLE@ kashrusy@aol.com

1-Use one flour or mixed from different fields? pros-cons?
2-Whole wheat v white.
2a- Oat matzos- The steaming of oats to remove the bitterness.

3- Mix of whole wheat w/ White? What ratio, what effect does the whole wheat have?
4-Ratio of water to flour? Why?
4a- Ideal outdoor temperature & humidity? Why?

5-Kneader (knetter) and gloves? pro / con.
6-change bowl (& gloves) after every dough? How often should it be changed?
6a- How often should the dough divider blade be changed?
7-Negative pressure ( and vacum) above & to the side area of kneading bowl?
8-Finning-pro / con.

9- Finning by metal bar V by hand?

9a- Difference in dough temperature?

10- Metal table, stone, or wood covered w / paper?

11- Metal rolling pins V wooden ones?

12- Maschil / Gomer V one doing beginning to end?

13- Reddlers- wide ones V narrow ones.

14- Reddler table, metal, stone, wood?

15- Thick paper V thin paper?

16- Reddlin on same spot on paper or should paper be moved constantly?

17- Reddlers should be burned out? How often? How often should they be changed?

18- How many matzos to the oven Re: Shi'hias?

19- The sticks- covered w / paper V not covered? pros / cons?

20- Oven temperature? Max? (at what stone, first, second, etc?)

21- Definifining "nikrimu", chutin, ?

21- How much time after removal from oven, is it checked?

22- Should all paper be checked for starch


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Anonymous said...

Still no guidance on your 22 issues!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for guidance on Matzoh baking.
Hope to get it BEFORE we bake for THIS year.

Anonymous said...

Matzah baking where?
Lakewood matzah bakery is afraid for shain to see their bakery.

Satmar Broadway rebuilt their entire bakery-check it out if you know what you are looking for and understand the mechanics of matzah baking especially chaburah matzas..

Or just go to pupa tzeilim and do your baking there.
Also on Broadway in Willy.

Anonymous said...

Guidance on the 22 + issues?
Learn it from the experts.
In the meantime do your baking at pupa tzeilim, they have a very good system re: the listed issues.

Anonymous said...

We thought you were the expert.

Anonymous said...

Does the expert not know something?
Still waiting for the expert's answers to the 22 issues.