Friday, February 24, 2017

When business is hurting financially, kashrus is the first to be down graded,

Alert: Monsey vicinity-
Wesley hills kosher supermarket downgraded by changing Hashgochas,
Ever Green Monsey takes in product from Newday that is infested.
Wesley hill Shopping center stores downgrading their Hashgochas.

Lakewood gesheften with kcl can't Downgrade, as they are already at the bottom.


just a yid said...

Wesley Hills is owned by the Mendlowitz family who has never ever comprimised on Kashrus

I categorically and emphatically am not mekabel this

Anonymous said...

Don't be mekabel it. people said the same thing when the moish finkel story happened.even rabbi breslauer at the time didn't want to believe it. But your right , until there is sufficient proof of anything ,u can't believe it. Just be on the lookout.

just a yid said...

Finkel did not have the history and chezkas kashrus that the mendlowitz family has for the past 50 years

Anonymous said...

As Soom as Satmar and Klausenberg get settlwed in Lakewood they will knonk the KCL out of Business. The KCL Kashrus Is run by Moshe Finkels Uncle Rabbi Gavriel Finkel

Ostrich said...

Yid, get your head out of the sand. Just walk in to Wesley & see Shteinmetz's name on EVERYTHING replacing Rav Gruber

Anonymous said...

Klausenberg is coming too? Them I don't mind. They are into learning and their kashrus is top notch with no politics or gangsterei.

Is Brodt / Imperial doubling dipping or is this a real estate competitor providing this welcome balance keneged Satmar?

Anonymous said...

Being Into learning has nothing to do with kashrus in today's society unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

eveh green munsy says that ther kashrus doesn't let them have a real pesach take-out.

they tinkin to change to shtenmitz haashgucha, the hole store.

the others cpuld shop in roclan kosher.