Monday, March 13, 2017

UPDATE: (All) besides beit shemesh chaburah- current Machine-Matzos may indeed be problematic for Pesach, serious chometz issues- Gourmet Glatt update

Don't use the machine matzos from ...........etc.

There is only "1" one pesach machine matzo bakery  Beit Shemesh- Chaburah, Israel that  does NOT have the chometz problems, as it is all the same temperature the whole way. It is therefore a shorter oven in length. 

  The Beit Shemesh Machine matzos are available in the USA supermarkets , 
but not in any of the GOURMET GLATT stores.

Is it because kashrus issues is not their forte? Rabbi Eisen says; we'll overcome all kashrus concerns. Are we still on the Mehadrin list? Why can't somone get a kosher machine matzah at GG?


Others have made machine matzos at Beit Shemesh but used certain unacceptable leniencies. Only use the Beit Shemesh Chaburah Matzos under  She'airis yisroel.

Reb משה שטרנבוך in חלק ד' דף צ'also seems very concerned about the use of machine Matzos on Pesach Reb Yonason Steif Z"L was also concerned about these machine matzos.

The Matzos is on a wide mesh and the baking is from the heated air temperature, not from direct contact with the stone or brick oven floor.
The ovens commonly used are known as "cracker-ovens". Ther are not at all like the ones that were used years ago which were relativly short ovens, and the dough was in direct contact with the hot stone or metal floor.

A cracker oven is usually some 100 feet long with a minimum of 3 stages. 1st stage is what is called "spring", because the internal dough temperature at this stage is low enough that the natural yeast or Gluten does not die & the dough can rise or spring.

The 2nd stage is a high temperature of short duration, and it gives color to top & bottom. At this stage the interior is still wet.

The 3rd stage is the longest stage of a lower temperature that "dries" (not bake) the interior of the Matzoh.
NOTE: The actual temperatures are set by the each facility, within the above parameters to obtain the final results.


Anonymous said...

When the yiddin left mitzraim with the matzhos baking on thier backs. Was the temperature the same throughout thier duration of being backed?

A concerned Jew said...

I realize that the current establishment kashrus organizations and bakeries cannot address this issue without bias, because it means that they were giving possible Chometz instaed of Matzo in the past.
Rabbi Shain, would you know anyone that can truly address this very important issue?

To Anonymous,When the yidden left Mitzraim the matzos I believe were already baked.

Anonymous said...

where will the Beit Shemesh Matzos
be sold in USA

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what is the temperature of these cracker ovens or better, you write that it is baked at 3 different temperatures. What is the temperatures of these 3 stages?

Anonymous said...

Please look at the Igros Moshe או"ח ס קנג that a matzoh oven has to be hot enough that קש נשרף עליו so that the matzoh starts baking as soon as it enters the oven. If the temperature is less then that then the matzoh will start turning to חמץ before it starts baking. So before pasuling most matzohs (including בד"ץ),please tell us if those cracker ovens lower temperatures are less then ליבון קל.

Anonymous said...

ליבון קל is in the 500F range. The tunnel oven for the spring stage keeps the matzah at an internal emperature of below 175f, even though the actual oven temperature is somewhat higher. It's contact temperature that's the key, when it's on a mesh there is no actual contact temperature. There is surrounding temperature & what is the actual temperature of the matzah at that point of the oven section that is called "spring".

Anonymous said...

Is this importer the same Charlop in Queens who has a psak against him from Bnei Brak for an esrogim scandal but he didn't like the psak so he went to arkoyos?

Is there also an egg matzoh for erev Pesach made with Kolatin gelatin, another company who throws Torah out the window?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"throws Torah out the window"

The hashgocho must be der mashgiach min hachalonos

Anonymous said...

R'Yudel what about R' Elchanon Perr's matzhos, that he calls Per Vhadar Chubarah matzhos, that he also baked in beit Shemesh, that he claims are good, are you saying not to use them??

Anonymous said...

Is that one of the Perrs from Far Rockaway? If so he has a brother vos halt zich a bar plugta on the gedolim, claiming that you can eat the worms in fish. There is someone else in the tatten's yeshiva who is allowed to go around promoting eating bugs in fruits & vegetables as well with no checking whatsoever even on muchzokim like broccoli.

Anonymous said...

No this is the Perr that started Postiv Produce and built all their greenhouses. He is the biggest expert on bugs. Please get your facts right before you post.

Din Torah said...

A Federal judge in NY told Charlop to jump in the lake, that Charlop put in writing that will accept whatever psak is issued by R' Leizer Stern's beis din in Bnei Brak, so now Charlop cannot weasel out of a psak he does not like.

Anonymous said...

We have 2 new problems
1 - The 'holy' SOLOMONS meats - they were caught using plastic bags that had kitniot (corn starch) in them. The OU paskened that you can just wash off the meat.
2 - Wooden Tooth picks are made and polished with a fine powder. Some companies use talc, some corn starch, some wheat starch.

Haven't seen anyone comment on these problems yet.

Anonymous said...

Funny yudel and Star K agree on something

MiMedinat HaYam said...

The Israeli baker went to court, not the queens importer.

The bakery was using the rav haMachshir as the sole dayan, and refused to disqualify for conflict of interest.