Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why are so many leaving Lakewood Matzah bakery?? including sfardim &

NO KCL? and  Roshei Yeshiva buying matzos there? es past nisht

                Roshei yeshiva say          "Nuhr far di einekelech"!

Besides the  ones that need their picture in the paper! (with the plastic apron) and of course the price??? 

On the other hand, If kashrus is everything? use Puppa-Tzeilim Bakery in Willy.
Note: Satmar / Broadway redid their entire bakery-check it out

The Lakewood Matzah Bakery is actually "kosher self-certified". "Bake your own Matzah". Their big draw is "chaburah". חבורה היא מכה הכתובה בתורה ר"ל

Lakewood Matzah Bakery Chasidish Hashgocha is only on the wheat that it wasn't חמץ when it was cut

The chasidish Hashgocha does not include;
The finished matzas.
21-22 minute matzos.
The Oat matzos.
The bakery in General.
Non-kashering after Oat Matzos.

  הרה"ג ר' משה שטרנבוך  and the Minchas Yitzchok have negative teshuvas re: using Oat Matzos on Pesach, especially the ones used by Lakewood Matzah bakery.

NOTE: Caveat emptor= Buyer beware!
Lakewood Matzah bakery is for show n tell & photo-op,
Get you picture in the shopper, voice, scoop, etc

Puppa tzeilim is the place for kosher matzos, including their oat matzos.
Their Oats are not steamed or heated at all.


Anonymous said...

Some Rabbonim and roshei Yeshiva, Rushei Chaburah need their picture in the paper.

If you are looking for kosher, mehudar matzos there are others in the Metro NY area.

Anonymous said...

Is that why some chashuvim finally left this bakery for the NY ones?

Anonymous said...

bottem line if ur looking for KOVOD $$$$ ur in the paper

Anonymous said...

I guess that's the only reason to use that bakery.

Anonymous said...

Satmar Dayan must be making a ton of money from the hashgocha on the bakery.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Divrei Chayim in Parshas Vayakhel says: Most of the RA Bonim [in his time] are Arev Rav, they do "LiGarmee" and to keep far away from them. It is Ussur to have todo with the or receive from them!

Anonymous said...

Dress code requires a frock under the plastic apron.

Plastic must be under heimishe hashgocho & frock must have a label from a Kreitman shaatnez lab, NY or NJ.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with "yedah" does not bake there. It's the tumlers that bake there.

Anonymous said...

Satmar Dayan sells himself (bilig) for the couple of free pounds of Matza the bakery gives him.

And the Erev pesach matzos also.

Anonymous said...

If the 'Heilgeh' Satmarer Dayin is allowed to give hashgachas and say the bugs is on the customer why can't anyone else do the same?
i.e. Cookbooks, Stores, Co-ops and ALL others(in spite of the fact that they maybe are not "holy").

Anonymous said...

This letter has nothing to do with Matzos?

Anonymous said...

BMG is paying Rav Shlomo Miller 50K A Year not to come to Lakewood as there was a Dayan/Posek related to Rav Malkiel Kotler who felt that his Bais Din and Authority would become Obsolete once Rav Shlomo Miller comes to Lakewood

Anonymous said...

Ask aron meyer geltt

Vashington Heights said...


Among other things, how is it possible that KAJ approves Kestenbaum's oat matzos and Bodek romaine? Even Belsky told people not to eat Bodek romaine.

Pic n Pay said...

So we know what Reb Shterbooch and Minchas Yitzchak supposedly say.
What do all others say?
Are there any others?

Anonymous said...

Do you know for a fact that the oat matzoh that Pupa bakes is not not from steamed oats? Is it even possible to bake matzoh from un-steamed oats?

askan said...


Anonymous said...

You can easily be sued for slandering the Lkwd bakery. Google's records can be subpoenaed and IP addresses of the commenters as well.
I'm just giving you a heads up. I know no one by the Lkwd matza bakery. For all I care they can burn all the matza.

Anonymous said...

My chaburah went to pupa zeilim bakery from that other one. After the baking we felt very bad that we didn't change years ago. We don't need photo ops.
The shopper & the voice, etc keeps the bakery going with all the pictures.
Need more Lakewood bakery pictures in pinny's yated and modia.

Anonymous said...

Satmar on Broadway just had a fire just wondering what did you mean by check it out?