Monday, March 06, 2017

ALERT: Some Matzah bakeries; "shocking"

Some Matzah bakeries use SINK TAP WATER for  .מים שלנו

They will put into the chaburah matzos  by the packing (pre-packed non your chabura "shitas ha'Rosh")

Some Chasidishe Matzah bakeries feel justified in overcharging for chaburah matzos to "non-Anash" (yeshivish oilum).

Justifications: Terutzim:
We have a minimum for using the ovens.
The bakery doesn't have enough sticks, so it takes longer, so you pay more, etc.
Etc. ......

Make sure to establish a clear price, or go to another bakery.


Anonymous said...

Yes. We heard that all of the matzo bakeries in Lakewood and Monsey do this.

Anonymous said...

Puppa Tzeilim bakery in Willy does not do this, they use filtered well water.

Anonymous said...

Lakewood only uses maiyim shlonu

Anonymous said...

nother racket;

Some bakeries have chaburah matzos for sale.
They charge the chaburah based on time, they produce more matzos than the chaburah ordered (in that time frame).

The they sell those Matzos unbeknown that they paid for time at the bakery, while producing for the bakery chaburah matzos to sell.

Ma Nishtana Choochim said...

If you complain about paying too much for your special matzohs then just use regular matzos.
If you think your getting ripped off try another place and get ripped off there.
Bottom line: You know exactly what your getting into before you start baking so don't complain. This place is no good. That place is no good. Finally your happy to go one very special bakery and none other then you'll pay. Simple economics: Supply vs demand.

Anonymous said...

It's not supply vs demand . It's called taking advantage of unsuspecting customers and taking advantage of kashrus and hiding behind made up chumroes to line thierr pockets.

Chabura goer said...

If you can't afford being frummer then your neighbor then don't buy Chaurah Matzos.
You have no right to blame the matzoh bakeries. Just buy you matzohs in you local grocery. Lets get something straight.
The Bakeries don't make up chumras, the Chaburahs do and the bakeries graciously let them do as they please. The Chaburas know before they start exactly what it will cost them. That's not being taken advantage of.
If the Chaburahs decide not to take all the matzohs they baked because it too expensive to take the whole run then the bakeries have every right to sell them as chabura matzohs. Thats what they are.
Most bakeries sit down with a sharp pencil to figure out how much extra it cost them to bake one or two matzohs at a time vs. 4 or 5 matzohs. Plus all the rejects,
too wet, too raw, too much time. Plus other chumras which the chaburas invent (correctly) every year.
Some bakeries even give a bit of a discount (off the high price) for Yeshivah people.
Bottom line. The Chaburahs have no right to k'etch about their own decisions.
The bakeries are not taking advantage of anyone.

All the above is true provided the Bakeries are "Ehrlich" and straight forward, which most are.

Anonymous said...

Chabura goer has some of his fact confused. The bakery doesn't have enough sticks so they slow down the process deliberately. They should be able to charge their per hour for something they created and did not notify the chaburah in advance.

Then they have the chaburah stay longer than needed so they'll have chaburah matzos for sale "besides the rejects".

Most bakeries may give a discount, but others are taking advantage and not told in advance about these rip offs.

Pushin in some off the shelf matzos into the chabuah matzos, you haven't experienced or you don't know they did it?

Don't zattack yodel or the other commenters just because your chabura has not expeeienced these issues.

Anonymous said...

You can't go to just any matzah bakery and start baking chabeerah matzohs and then complain you got taken. Do you buy your refilling or your meat that way? Do you buy your house that way?
Sure hope you do your homework before you decide where to bake matzohs.
Otherwise your fooling yourself and your chabeerah.