Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Chometz alert: Deja Vu- OK did it again LACTIC ACID

[Ask the OK for the Lactic Acid "Nitra"report re: the chometz issues;]   זה $ וזה $ גורם is the OK's Heter!

ALERT: "Lactic-Acid"  OK-P  should not be used. Serious chometz issue.
OU among others  etc. does not allow it in their products.

OK Poiskim agree that it's a chometz issue. They were over by the OK senior staff.
Any Pesach product with a Heimish Hashgocha, if it has OU you are safe.
Don't use if it has an OK.

Any pesach product without an OU, check with the certifier if they are using the OK Lactic-Acid.


Anonymous said...

The OU should also have the report if they aren't allowing it.

Anonymous said...

Is the OK coming clean and tell the kosher consumers what products have the lactic acid.

BTW- Is it the Belgium one?

There a big story about that.

Anonymous said...

There is an OK other scandal re: Calabaut Chocolate.

Anonymous said...

If it has a heimishe and an OU it does not mean that it fits regular OU standards as if there was a plain OU.
For marketing purposes the OU allows their mark on alot of heimishe products even if the Heimish is the only one looking. What this means is that if the heimish accept the OKP in their ingredient....

Anonymous said...

OU allows lactic and citric made of kitniyos..!??

Anonymous said...

What specifically is the issue?

I want to posken for myself - not have some profit making organization tell me what is kosher (the more lousy hashgochot they have-the more $$ they make).

This goes for any private person who gets $$ for any hashgocha.