Monday, March 27, 2017

How tragic? Rabbi yisroel meir haleivy Steinberg rav hamachshil


basmelech said...

I once passed a treif pizza shop that advertised matzoh pizza for Passover!

Anonymous said...

VHQ is doing the same.

Why is it that this Igud haRabbonim houses rabbonim who are maachil trefos such as Steinberg and Spivak?

Anonymous said...

Peretz Steinberg? Not on your life.

Anonymous said...

not peretz.

think BEFORE you post said...

Too late.

You can publish 1000 times that its not Reb Peretz Shlit'a but if even one person went away thinking it IS reb Peretz and for some reason did not see your disclaimer of a week or so later or even if he did see the disclaimer but he accepted that it was Reb peretz for the week or so - Your stuck with real Loshon Horah.

Of course all the loshon horah on this blog is ONLY le'toeles (my foot)
but you messed up on this one big time and your so called 'fixing' the problem is 'too little too late'.

Get ready for the fire - bring silverdene along!?!?!?!?