Monday, March 13, 2017

Lakewood Towship didn't bother responding [twice} WHY?

Mr. Raymond Coles, Lakewood Township Mayor
Lakewood Township Committee
Lakewood Municipal Building
231 Third Street
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

February 12, 2017

Dear Mayor Coles, et al

In the Towing Ordinance; please insert the following;
4-6.6 #d – Administrative fee [is not applicable when towed to other facility or residence] 

4-6.8 # g- ….If the owner [, driver or their representative] requests a private towing….

4-6.8  #K  Second paragraph should please add in the following;

 It may be requested by the [owner, driver or their representative] of the vehicle, to have the vehicle towed to another place of business or residence within [3 miles of] the Township of Lakewood, by the on-duty towing service.

4-6.8 # r- 6- The log shall be made available to the chief of police, or  his designated representative or a member of the public upon reasonable notice.] note; (see section “o” above “or member of the public….)

4-6.13 Should be inserted the following; … not immediately available [(fifteen(15 minutes of notification)].

Thank you,

Yehuda Shain


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Insead of talking in riddles, why dont u address the core issues so that we lnow what yourtalking about?

Anonymous said...

There are genaivas going on in the licensed towing operators in Lakewood.

Anonymous said...

So then why dont address each gensivs so we as yhe klall should know what we should do if find ourselves in this situation?

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of official township towing companies?

Anonymous said...

Lsakewood is busy spending $200,000.00 on plowing the non-existent snow blizzard. The VAAD says,We saved 100,000.00 for Lakewood tax payers, it could have been 18 inch blizzard.

As a reward give them cedarbridge's Lakewood mall, shame on Lakewood's gullible residents.