Sunday, March 19, 2017

nuts for pesach


ASHDON FARMS Brazil Nuts BARNEY BASICS Almond Flour CAL-BEST Walnuts CAL-PURE Almonds, Pistachios
CALIFORNIA ROYALE Almonds CVS ABOUND Walnuts DIAMOND Almonds, Mixed Nuts, Walnuts ELIZABETH'S NATURALS Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Pistachios GOLDEN KERNEL Brazil Nuts
GOLDEN ORCHARDS Almonds, Pistachios HILLCREST Walnuts ITAC Brazil Nuts KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Almonds, Walnuts MEMBER'S MARK Walnuts NATURE'S JOY Almonds

NICHOLS FARMS Pistachios PARAMOUNT FARMS Almonds, Pistachios PRIMEX Almonds, Pistachios SSC Cashews STAR SNACKS Cashews STOP & SNACK Walnuts SUNSET ORCHARDS Walnuts

SUNTREE Brazil Nuts, Pistachios T LINE Cashews TRADER JOE'S Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts VICTORIA ISLAND Almonds, Pistachios WONDERFUL Almonds WONDERFUL ALMONDS Almonds


Anonymous said...

You mention Diamond, but be careful with Bluediamond shelled they once told me they process,, coated almonds(which use flour) on the same machinery as raw, (BTW in the US all almonds are blanched, not raw).
You also don't mention weather in the shelled or shelled.
I have found that nuts in the shells at Pesach time could be very infested even almonds. So the minhag of not mishen which is a chumra more than minhag, should not outweigh the lavim of bugs, so either you cut out the nuts or you buy shelled, unless you find a non-infested lot. Brazil nuts were usually good though.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that blanched almonds (they all are ) from Costco with all year OU hechsher are Kosher for Pesach, & as good or better than the Heimishe brands, or just walnuts which may be raw, & not blanched.
Blanching i s really passing through steam or hot water & is required for almonds, because of the cyanide content.
I guess you have verified how they are blanched & that the machinery pose no problems for Passover.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Yudel are you so sure no kitniyos are produced in those vats, or wheat kernals?

Anonymous said...

How about filberts (hazels)pecans?