Friday, March 17, 2017

Rav Y. Aizik of Slonim

HARAV YEHOSHUA AIZIK OF Slonim would say that certainly Bnei Yisrael committed a grave and terrible sin with the Golden Calf. Nevertheless, they were still on a higher caliber than our generation. At that time, the Jewish People were willing to throw their gold and silver into the fire, just as long as they would have a god.

Today, on the other hand, there are so many willing to abandon G-d, as long as they remain with their money! 


IsraelReader said...

Rav Yitzchok Aizik of Slonim was the Rav and Av Beis in of Slonim, and an outspoken misnaged.

Strange that you posted a pictue o R' Mordechai Chaim (Mottel) of Slonim, one of the leaders of the Slonimer Chassidim.

Anonymous said...

Rav Eizil Charif was a Misnaged Shebimisnagdim, the photograph you show is Rave Mottele Slonimer. He acted as leader of the Slonimr Chassidim in Ertz Yisroel during WWII though 1954. Where is your honesty> How can we trust your journalism, if you post misleading pictures?

Charifus said...

There was a gaon R' Moishe Charif 500 years ago who knew that a shoichet in a shtot in Russland was a fraud who didn't know even the most basic hilchos shechita. So he exposed him in front of the gantz kehillah & told them it is time they find a new shoichet.

R' Yudel, are you by chance any relation to this gaon of yore?