Thursday, March 08, 2018

Another UPDATE: Don't buy any A & B Fish products !!!! (A&B throws their 35+ year Lakewood distributor under the bus).

Don't buy any of A & B fish products,
till they reinstate their Lakewood distributor of 35+ years.Anonymous A
nonymous said...

A&B stole his business, his customers, etc.
He was not a "salesman" for A&B, it was his route and customers.

Would you trust A&B for kashrus?

Don't digress from the issue at hand by adding tangential slander and Lashon Harah. The A&B issue is symptomatic of deeper social ills in Lakewood that have to be addressed and redressed. The fact is a distributor made A&B a household name in Lakewood and made it the gefilte fish of choice. It was borne of much hard work, sweat and tears. To take it away and start direct distribution now under duress of those who don't feel a need to be loyal or Mokir Tov is scandalous. A&B fish gets an "F" if they carry through with the plan

NPGS is an accomplice to these tactics.
NPGS is guilty  of complicity in going behind the backs of distributors, manufacturers.
NPGS [& their co-conspirators] uses kashrus questions to gain confidential information and manufacturer the item on their own.
Would you trust his kashrus?

Mon May 01, 07:39:00 PM 2017

May one trust their Kashrus?
                                        We think, NO!


Anonymous said...

Buisness is buisness they have a right to change distibutors it's a money-buisness issue nit a kashrus issue so why even say anything about it

Anonymous said...

If one is not straight in business, you can't trust him in his kashrus, that's basics.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone tell the Belzer Rebbe what these people are doing?

Anonymous said...

Until they were being distributed in Lakewood, they were just a local Monsey business. The distributer in Lakewood helped spread their fame and they've grown since. They are always there for their customers and there is no need for any other middlemen besides them. A & B shouldn't have done what they did. If they lose business to competition, they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Because that would be loshon hora

Anonymous said...

and if they take back their lakewood distributor, then you can trust them for kashrus? baffled here.

Anonymous said...

And you trust Gourmet Glatt, Seasons, Evergreen Aisle 9?
How about Haolam which did the same to that distributor? they sell direct to the new stores

Anonymous said...

the strictures of loyalty, decency and menschlichkeit have long been dispensed with. It's sad commentary that Kosher does not necessarily include Choshen Mishpat decency as well as Yoreh Deah requirements.

Chamira Sakanta meIssura said...

A&B is based in Paterson. How many of the local Arabisher are making the gefilte loaves dort?

Person of interest said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. What does one have to do with the other? If the distributor thinks he is owed something, let him go to beis din. Creating Kashrus scandals out of thin air is as bad as actually being machshil yidden. Both show a zilzul in halacha and Torah

Anonymous said...

אדם ניכר בכיסו, כוסו, כעסו they can't be trusted in kashrus due to their dealing with the distributor that built their business from a little 2 bit fish business, into a mulita million international fish distributor.


Simple solution said...

He was paid well for his work - sounds like he was paid VERY well. However he is not a partner and never was.
There is no halacha that one MUST keep his workers or his distributers.

The distributer, on the other hand, of course may start a new relationship with another manufacturer (such as Yudel's Bug Free Gefilteh Fish * (* all names here are fictitious) and start pushing YBFGF and once again get paid VERY well.

He has no obligation to the original Manufacturer.
His customers also have no obligation to the original manufacturer.

The customers belong to the distributer and he should take them along with him onto his new venture (such as Yudel's Bug Free Gefilteh Fish * (* all names here are fictitious).

Anonymous said...

As various outside businesses "tested the waters" in Lakewood by coming in and eroding the basis of commerce in town, they were welcomed and received with open arms instead of the boycott they deserved, both by the leaders and the lay men of this town. So now are you surprised that there is an escalation in the lapses of business ethics and moral decency of others? The road has been paved for them. No one protests loudly. Kol ish hayashar beinav yaase. We are looking good here in Lakewood, bastion of the Torah world....

Anonymous said...

אדם ניכר בכיסו, כוסו, כעסו they can't be trusted in kashrus due to their dealing with the distributor that built their business from a little 2 bit fish business, into a mulita million international fish distributor.


Their parents would not have done this. When there is no הכרת הטוב it's the beginning of an apikoiris.

Would the Belzer Rebbe b e proud of his chasidim enriching themselves on someone elses cheshbon?

If you have a chance, go and ask the Belzer Rebbe.

Chometz Fresser said...

Big scandals at a certain Pesach hotel this year where the rosh mashgichim made a secret upmach with the caterer to allow kashrus violations behind the hashgocho's back. The rosh mashgichim had complete control after he handpicked the whole mashgiach crew. Some of them are known lowlives who were even kicked out by a very weak standard rav hamachshir last year.

Did the rosh mashgichim get bakshish unteren tish or does he just have no backbone to stand up to the caterer?

Anonymous said...

Which hotel?, what issues was he supposed cover up?

Anonymous said...

What do u call an apikoris who does show hakoras hatov? The VAADD. They are the epitome of hakaras hatov.(not)

Anonymous said...

Don't digress from the issue at hand by adding tangential slander and Lashon Harah. The A&B issue is symptomatic of deeper social ills in Lakewood that have to be addressed and redressed. The fact is a distributor made A&B a household name in Lakewood and made it the gefilte fish of choice. It was borne of much hard work, sweat and tears. To take it away and start direct distribution now under duress of those who don't feel a need to be loyal or Mokir Tov is scandalous. A&B fish gets an "F" if they carry through with the plan

OU Crony Watch said...

A lot of mashgichim are scared of caterers lacking yiras Shomayim because if a mashgiach does his job too well the caterer will scream to the hashgocho that the mashgiach is not wanted. And then if the hashgocho is corrupt, they will throw the mashgiach under the bus to keep the $fees$ coming. What do you think happened when OU mashgichim caught treif at Le Marais and at Montefiore?

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in new Jersey

Chometz Fresser said...

Ken zein there were problemmen somewhere in NJ too ober me redt nisht veggen NJ.

The hotel is not in NJ and last year's hotel where the mashgichim were thrown out from was oich nisht in NJ.

One hint is the hashgocho was naive to expect the caterer was going to tell bnei Torah it is not for them being that it was geared for the Conservative oylam. The caterer wanted to fill the rooms so he made a number of questionable claims, like that it will be non-gebrokts, that the Mara d'Asra has semicha from a gadol in the Edah and he further caused confusion by bringing a Chassidishe rov affiliated with the Agudah. Meanwhile the place was crawling with Conservative rabbis who were made shluchei tzibbur. This prompted a couple of Brisker types who were there to start davening beyechidus. It's not clear that the Mara d'Asra ever met the gadol in the Edah and while the "Chassidishe" rov might wear the appropriate levush at Agudah events, he was running around the hotel in shorts & bright colored t-shirts.

All this would only be a halbe tzore if not for the many kashrus violations.

Anonymous said...

it's not only briskers who halacha precludes from participating in a minyan led by koyfer conservative clergy

Anonymous said...

A& B Should reinstate theis distributor today. They have no right dumping him. He made them . they were a nothing company and he put them on the map in a big way. Hakarros hatov is what yiddishkeit is all about. Without Hakaros Hatov, you dont believe in Hashem

Pesach Hotel Fresser said...

The problems at yener hotel were sye beruchniyus sye begashmiyus. It was generally a very wealthy crowd which that Agudah character was busy getting farshmizt with the big money. That's what drives one of the businesses he has. But this caterer was one of the ones who got into a fight with the hotel. You just didn't read about it in the papers like what happened with Prime Grill, at Zisha Blech's hotel in Cancun and on the Greek island of Crete. Around shkieh of Shabbos Chol Hamoed the hotel threw a letter under every door that they are no longer providing staff, the caterer is on his own. The food & service really went downhill from there. And when shortcuts are taken with food, kashrus is usually not very far behind.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Oh come on, we can't take the suspense anymore. Which hotel was it already? But chotsh you should give us more clues.

And what happened with " Prime Grill, Zisha Blech's hotel in Cancun and on the Greek island of Crete"?

Anonymous said...

So we start with a blind a & b story and now the choochim has to push all he read on the treifeneh internet and baa'red the mashgichim, the rav hamachshir, the guest and the caterer.

If you were there shame on you. If you were not there how do you know what really happened?

Outright 'divray issur'. More surprising is that the editor let ossur'dikeh stuff like this get onto his site.

Big fake news said...

Do you believe that any pulpit Rabbi was at any hotel for Peasach? The would get fired in a flash!
How about briskers? They were at a Hotel for Pesach and you say they are Briskers?

The news can't get more fake then this.

OU Crony Watch said...

Prime Grill was finally threatened by the OU they will lose their supervision. This is regarding the other scandal they are embroiled in with Lincoln Square "Synagogue" (no mechitza lehalacha). Prime refused to go to RCA's beis din which he complained was biased in favor of Lincoln. He said he only trusts Rabbi Hershel Schechter. Lincoln agreed to RHS. But now that RHS has poskened Prime must pay Lincoln over $1 million, Prime is still not paying.

Reality Check said...

What planet is 4:22 pm on?

There are so many pulpit rabbis who are brought to hotels that you can't even count them.

Can anyone even name a single Pesach program that does NOT have a pulpit rabbi there either as rov or maggid shiur?

Some of the more haymishe programs even try to outdo everyone else by having a rosh yeshiva who doubles as a pulpit rabbi. That's why Motty Katz brings R' Betzalel Rudinsky, a rosh yeshiva, who doubles as rov of Agudah Wesley Hills shul.

Reality Check said...

And that point about Briskers, like you never saw an American Brisker going with his parents or shver to a hotel? Get a life.

Anonymous said...

These are 2 articles describing the huge fiasco at the Cancun, Mexico hotel where almost 600 yidden were taken hostage after the organizer & his shutef ran away without paying what the hotel claimed was owned.

This Pesach program is jointly owned 2 NCSY employees, one from Far Rockaway whose father is Chabad & gives hashgochos. The other lives in Westgate.

The rav hamachshir was Zusha Blech. Yitzy Feldheim who learned in BMG was scholar in residence.

Anonymous said...

Prime has been in a lawsuit with every landlord he has ever had. He is in a lawsuit with Hilton Hotels over the Pesach disaster this year. He says Hilton are gazlonim. They say he is stealing from his guests by pulling out when he realized he couldn't fill enough rooms & then falsely blamed them with lies to cover up. Prime would not refund the money to this year's Pesach guests. But he is not stupid and knew he couldn't get away with it so he came up with a last minute stunt before Pesach saying he found a new hotel in New Mexico. There was no comparison from the Hilton resort making New Mexico a scam as far as the price they paid so the guests balked. Then Prime says ok you refused to come to the backup location so you are not getting any money back. He deserves to have his hashgocho pulled for many reasons. Let's see if the OU can get over their greed & make good on their threat.

Shadchan said...

There was one funny thing at the hotel in the midst of all the kashrus scandals & the fressers who were being shorted on taanugei oylam hazeh.

One divorced couple who had one of nastiest court battles anyone can remember made sholom for the sake of their last remaining daughter who needs a shidduch. So they showed up pretending to be married and acted the part of one big happy family.

sheesh said...

wasn't there only one hotel last year that the mashgichim were thrown out? that was the place in the poconos where rabbi blech had to send his son with a crew of replacement mashgichim in the middle of yomtov because bnei torah staying there were on the verge of rioting. there were all kinds of horror stories with the aussvarf mashgichim from treif to chometz to them stealing all the better snacks from the tearoom before it opened for guest hours. "good" thing they were there with the doors closed making sure everything was "kosher"

who in their right mind would hire those bums for another hotel?

Anonymous said...

Greek island Crete - all kinds of people flew there only to learn there is no Pesach in the hotel after all. The wives of the couple of Chabadskers on the island worked frantically to prepare food for everyone.

Alternate facts said...

....R' Betzalel Rudinsky, a rosh yeshiva, who doubles as rov of Agudah Wesley Hills shul....

He! He came with his whole kehillah.
Do you know the illuy?

Anyone who goes to a hotel for Pesach under any circumstances can never ever call himself a Brisker. No matter how much his matzos cost or how many 'achtlech' he holds.

Who is he fooling? Who are you fooling?

Anonymous said...

Any hotel you go to you never know whats really going on.
Your lucky if you know what goes on in your house.

5 Towns said...

Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg was the rov of a Pesach hotel when he was rosh yeshiva being that Chofetz Chaim Cedarhurst was both a shul & a yeshiva until not long ago.

And it is a shame that he went under a notoriously bad hashgocho on the hotel.

Anon said...

As an affiliate of Religious Zionists of America, which is not exactly on the same page as Brisk - except - in the case of this hotel in Virginia being 'tummeled' about. On this I think that Brisk & RZA can agree that what transpired this Pesach is inexcusable. Among other failings, the wood tables in the restaurant were not covered from treif & chametz which was blatant even to those with the most elementary grasp of kashrus. There was no supervision. The gentile workers were opening flaunting eating pizza & other leaven goodies including in the midst of handling the kosher food. There was a purposely enabled blur between Orthodox & Conservative which was wrong to begin with & even worse considering some instances of Conservative rabbis being verbally combative against orthodox halachic tradition. The caterer himself is a rabbi albeit hard to identify as he wears a gartel (no hat) & had a group of Obama-associated political consultants from D.C. running the whole show. The Conservative were wanted to improve the bottom line but this was hyperfacilitated by the politicos. Most outrageously was giving the speaker's platform to Obama's former Under-Secretary of the Treasury, Adam Szubin who called the nuclear arms surrender to Iran "amazing" and who signed to release the billions in cash that was secretly flown to Teheran & now being used to finance terrorist attacks by Hamas against fellow Jews. Szubin had the chutzpah to give a speech over Yom Tov on STOPPING terrorist financing as if he is not part of the problem. Szubin whose father was a long time faculty member of JTS founded the Conservative Egalitarian temple in D.C. called the D.C. Minyan and which he has the gall to claim is orthodox.

A Shanda!

Agudah Fresser said...

I'm assuming that the shmorg & carving station in Virginia were just as megushem as by unzerra convention. Why should kashrus be the big focal point? It's not like Michael Schick is catering the convention with the most upgehitteh shechitos. You people need to loosen up & get an injection of oineg

Anonymous said...

The so called chasisishe Agudah rabbi aint no Rav and has nothing to do with aguda. He may wear a shtreimel but underneath hi wears a kipa serugah. The Agudah has nothing to do with him. His only followers are on Twitter.

Barley Chulent said...

Betzalel Rudinsky a brisker?
I guess you don't know him from his younger days. An ilui is er alle mul gevain, but a brisker? Nah, I don't think so.

Tveet Tveet said...

Der Tvitter Rebbe vus shpart a shtreimel is an Agudah employee with a high position. Just like anti-Semitic companies have a "token Jew" so they don't get in trouble, he is the Agudah's token representative in a certain area where the Agudah is heavily criticized so with him they pretend to be on board. He is also menahel of a yeshiva.

Bungalow Yenta said...

It's getting "warmer"! Is this Itche's Meyer's subcontracted hotel in Virginia that is usually a modern orthodox crowd with some Lubavs? Or the other Virginia one that is new & supposedly had Ner Yisroel rabbis in charge?

Tzorchei Tzibbur said...

A lot of hotel rabbonim know how to sniff out & be mechanef the millionaire guests who pay big bucks on top of the fee to fress in a private dining room. These rabbonim practically get down on the ground to tie the gvirishe shoe laces. But try approaching them at home about a Klal issue. If you don't appear to have much money, watch how quickly they become evasive.

Queens said...

"Why should kashrus be the big focal point?"

Sounds like Queens Vaad head honcho Joel Schonfeld when he attacks his kashrus critics. This was in response to when the Queens Vaad first started getting exposed on Yudelstake over all kinds of terrible kashrus violations. Schonfeld wrote a piece in the Queens Vaad propaganda magazine stating that kashrus was never very important in the history of Klal Yisroel. Nothing could be further from the truth! R' Chaim Oizer signed a letter with all the gedolei Lita that kashrus has always been from the top yesodos of Yiddishkeit. It is in the first 20 teshuvos of Achiezer chelek daled.

Meanwhile "the treif goes on" which is how the Queens Vaad modern orthodox rabbis like to implement things under their stooge Chaimel "living wage" Schwartz. You hotel fressers should count your blessings that Chaimel's experimental foray in certifying Pesach hotels did not repeat himself after one year that Greenwald let him come.

Anonymous said...

The Twitter Rebbah takes the media with him when he pays respects while wearing his Agudah hat. I don't think the Agudah lets him accomplish much more than that. These PR stunts not just provide cover for Agudah inaction but impress the wealthy secular & modern orthodox Jews which is great for his side gesheft of giving speeches about the same thing. There is no question in his defense that his speeches help the problems. But a lot more needs to be done in heimishe circles by all involved, him included.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher division, said he brought together the two parties late last year to try to resolve the impasse that resulted after Rabbi Hershel Schachter, a well-known Orthodox authority who served as arbiter, ruled that Allaham pay Lincoln Square $1.4 million in addition to attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred in the proceeding.

Rabbi Genack previously told The Jewish Week it would withdraw its certification of Allaham’s operations if he refused to comply with Rabbi Schachter’s ruling.

Allaham has yet to pay the sum, but he said an agreement was reached during the negotiations that had Rabbi Schachter’s “blessing.” Allaham said that Lincoln Square officials “never got back to us” and that the offer still holds.

Sources say the tentative settlement called for Allaham to pay the synagogue $1 million over a five-year period — $200,000 a year — but that Lincoln Square officials backed away from the arrangement after losing trust in the restaurateur.

A member of Lincoln Square familiar with the discussions told The Jewish Week: “The possible settlement, which the synagogue never agreed to, depended on Prime Grill’s good faith in making multi-year payments and the success of Prime Grill’s Passover programs being able to support the payments. The talks died because the synagogue believes Prime is hiding assets.”

According to a Lincoln Square representative, Allaham’s bank records indicated that he has been moving “hundreds of thousands of dollars” out of his accounts rapidly in recent months.

(Lincoln Square has access to Prime Grill’s financial information because the court order against Allaham entitles the synagogue to an asset search).

In a separate incident, New York State tax officials visited three of Allaham’s restaurants early on the morning of Feb. 16, seeking sales tax information. Benjamin Brafman, an attorney representing Allaham, wrote in a statement to The Jewish Week: “I am confident that this matter will be resolved with a ‘civil’ resolution and the payment of certain sales tax that may have been inadvertently omitted.” He said he did not expect criminal charges to be filed.

Security officials at the SONY building, which houses Allaham’s flagship Prime Grill restaurant, confirmed that the visit took place. Investigators seized all the computers and point of sale (POS) systems from the restaurant, according to a source in contact with employees at the restaurant.

Prime at the Bentley, Allaham’s upscale kosher ‘pop-up’ restaurant on East 62nd, and Prime Butcher and Bakery on the Upper East Side, were visited as part of the investigation, according to sources.

Prime Grill’s move to the Sony building was the restaurant’s third relocation since launching in 2000. Allaham was involved in a lawsuit over Prime Grill leaving the East 49th Street location, resulting in a settlement that alleged he had owed more than $850,000 in unpaid rent. Prime Grill was evicted from the second location, on West 56th Street, in August 2015. Prime KO (which became Prime West), was evicted from its West 85th Street location in April 2016.

Anonymous said...

The so called rosh mashgichim & his merry men do not know halachos according to the investigation I conducted after learning of this episode. The buck should stop at the hashgocho who are getting off too easy here.

Crown Heights said...

This is also in Virginia but it's not shayich it was them!

And Yenta, it was not the hotel with the "Lubavs" which was under the hashgocho of Dayan Barber from Australia. He would never have such a kashrus circus under him.

Anonymous said...

Thw tvitter is no menahel he has no yeshiva no nothing never got his hands dirty he only speaks to the mudernisheh who are so impressed that a chasidish looking guy mit a shtreimel can also be modern and walk around in kurtzeh hoizen. Agudah is stuck with him to talk about yener inyanim

Twit said...

Is the Twitter tofel to Rudinsky or Rudinsky is tofel to him?

Before that he was many years in moderner YSV.

Anonymous said...

Allaham-Prime has big money problems. On top of all this the Moroccan gvir Chetrit who davens in Chabad Upper East Side is selling the Sony building to Saudi Arabs. Both of them are suing Prime to move his 3 restaurants out of the building so they can close. And the building is very close to Trump Tower so the Secret Service is constantly closing it altz the meshugoyim being moyche the President. They are afraid the rioters will overrun the building. Allaham screams at the Federal agents & NYPD that they have no recht to obstruct fressers from coming to the restaurants, they are being mafsid him. They just ignore him & let him scream.

Anonymous said...

And where were you when Positive Produce dropped their distributor Golden Taste who built up Positive Produce from day one??

Anonymous said...

Extra News! Extra News! Extra News!

No A&B fish available now. All the rolls shipped to London & Israel le'koovid the Groiseh Chasineh.

scr said...

Isn't this loshon hora?

Anonymous said...

It's lashoun horaah.
just spell it right.

Anonymous said...

what's the exact source in chofetz chaim?

Anonymous said...

I hear they did it now to another of their distributors.
Are they kosher?
But the right price they have a hashgucha.

Anonymous said...

The distributor never got paid from A&B fish.
He bought from them at a distributor's price.
Built up a territory [Lakewood & vicinity].
Now they decided to "STEAL" his territory.

Upstanding, gesheft leit!
I would of expected that from the mafia.
I guess they learned it there.

Anonymous said...

I think they should get Gershon Spiegel to straighten out the situation. They can give him his retainer in Gefilte Fish!

Anonymous said...

חייבים לדון בכובד ראש ולראות מה קורה פה? הבעיה הגדולה של הגיוס היא, שחברי כנסת כלומר ח"כ חרדים לשעבר ביחד עם [או לרשע ואו לשכינו] ועד-הישיבות המשומדים, בשיטת האקונומיקה של ועד הישיבות, ידועים היום כסוחרי נשמות של בחורי ישיבות!!! ומגייסים בני ישיבה בכח. הם מוכרים אלפי בני ישיבות לצבא השמד והזנות בפועל ממש ר"ל, וזה לא מריח טוב, וממשיכים להתעלל בבחורי ישיבה. תזדעזע ארץ ישראל אלף פרסה על אלף פרסה, עד מתי נשתוק!!! עד מתי עם ישראל ישתוקו וימשיכו לחיות כאילו אין גזירת גיוס? הסכנה היא, שבחורי הישיבות המגיעים ללשכות הגיוס עוברים שכנועים ופיתויים מאנשים שונים, ויש להזהיר את בחורי הישיבות שלא ליפול ברשתם.

והעסקנים מסבירים לכל הנכנסים ללשכת הגיוס שעליהם להיזהר לא לשוחח עם ציידי הנפשות, ולא לחתום על מסמך של חיול. גם ביציאתם של המתייצבים, הם מבררים אצלם שאכן לא חתמו או לא השתכנעו ח"ו להתגייס. כמו כן, כל מי שנתקל בבעיה מול הצבא, הם לוקחים ממנו פרטים ועוזרים לו להסדיר את מעמדו כבן ישיבה.

גם חייבים להזכיר את תקיפתו של איש ירושלים הרה"ג משה איראם שליט"א , על ידי פקיד "הפיל של הועד" אשר קליין פקיד בועד הישיבות, "הלב עוד לא נרגע מהתמונות המזוויעות שפורסמו לפני מספר שבועות, בהן נראה כשאשר קליין ימ"ח שופך אקונומיקה על אברך יקר "איש ירושלם" שעמד במסי"נ מול משרדי ועד הישיבות ומחה נגד הפשעים הנוראים המתחוללים לנגד השמש, ורבים ציינו כי רשעות כזו של הכאה אכזרית במקל ושפיכת אקונומיקה של אשר קליין, לא נראתה על ידי אף אחד מציידי הנפשות שהפגינו כנגדם,או בכלל על ידי אף חילוני באחת מהמחאות ברחבי הארץ. ואפילו הגרמנים ימ"ש לא עשו דברים חמורים כמו שאשר קליין עשה ל"איש ירושלם" זו "חומרא יתירה" שלקח על עצמו בשלחות הועד" .

ואנו קורים למשכילים מחברי הכנסת כמו פרוש גפני וכו' וחבריו מש"ס, אגודת ישראל, ודגל התורה כו', להפסיק לפגוע בעולם התורה. ולזכור שחז"ל אמרו "יש דין ויש דיין" היינו דיין האמת, ואין שום דבר נשכח אצלו, וידוע לכולם החוק של הגיוס שיש יעדים והסתגלות נגד חרדים ח"ו, ואין מי שיכול להכחיש את זה, ואסור ע"פ תורה לסגור את העיניים. המציאות היא שיש גזירה ולא יכולים להתכחש המציאות.

Anonymous said...

כשהייתי עוד חסיד מטומטם שלך ר' אהרון מסטמאר ... ובטיש של פורים בכית בקולי קולות כמה חולים יש בבתי חולים ואני שאלתי את עצמי ראה כמה אנשים יש פה "כולם" נמצאים בטיש "אלפי אלפים... מה אתה בוכה על חולים וכו' אלא מאי? יש ויש... לך נא ראה בבתה"ח ותראה את ה'בראך.

ר' אהרן ! אתה מיתמם "כולם" יושבים ולומדים ? האין אתה יודע את המציאות בישראל פוגעים ביסודות הדמוקרטיה ומגייסים בחורים לצבא בכפייה ואף את מי שתורתו אומנותו, וכמה ציידים יש כמה נמשכים ע"י החוק וכמה ע"י פיתויים וכמה ע"י ועד הישיבות -אשר קליין? ומה החוק אומר לגבי יעדים ומכסות ותקופת הסתגלות? ולמה נזדעק הגאוה"צ ר' יעקב מאיר שכטר? והגאה"צ כ"ק גאב"ד ירושלים? ואיתו עמו כל חברי הבד"ץ הגאונים שלא מפחדים ממך?

זה מאוד מוזר שאדמו"ר שנתגדל על שיטת ויואל משה שבפירוש כותב הרבה פעמים שצריכים למסור נפש בארץ ישראל שלא להתחבר עם הציונים המשומדים, דוקא הוא אומר שלא חייבים להלחם אתם, פתאום הוא שכח את התורות של מסירות נפש? דוחה סטרא אחרא וכו'

האדמו"ר עושה מעצמו צחוק פשוא ליצנות, לא מבין מה הוא רוצה, קודם תוקף את הנציגים בכנסת, אח"כ תוקף את אחיו, תוקף את השליח של הגאב"ד של העדה החרדית, תוקף את הפלג הירושלמי, תוקף את החוק ואומר שהרבה כן מתגייסים בקיצור לא זכיתי להבין על מה הור מבלבל הראש. יישר כח לאדמו"ר הרב אהרון מסאטמר שנותן לכולם מבט נכון ואמיתי לראות השקר בדבריו. אני מתחיל להבין את דתן ואבירם..

הרי כל ילד קטן כבר יודע שהשלטון הישראלי החליט לטפל באוכלוסיה החרדית והטיל מכסות של אלפי בחורים חרדים שנשלחים למחנות הצבא, לגבעתי, לצנחנים, לשחר ולנצח יהודה רחמנא ליצלן, יש כבר 6,000 חרדים בצבא ול-3,200 הוסר מעמד בני ישיבה או ע"י ועד הישיבות - אשר קליין הרוצח שיטת אקונמיקה, חלקם נזרקו לכלא והתגייסו בכפיה ממש, ואחרים נמלטים מפחד המשטרה הצבאית.

Chosid said...

Even of you stop buying AB Fish your only fooling yourself. Most other good tasting fish companies use AB to private label their fish products.

Anonymous said...

The Belzer Wedding came and went.
The bus is still coming.
The Salesman did not get arrested yet.
The people who have stopped eating AB have not made a dent yet.
AB is a very Fishy business.

But NOTHING - absolutely nothing - has been done.

Anonymous said...

NPGS always tried to by pass distributors, etc. NPGS was very successful in that. That's why it's called NGS= Net Profit Grocery Store.

Tom Dick and Harry said...

Reb Yudel, can give the incriminating details of the issue? From the little tole here, I don't understand what A&B are doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

מאת איש 'לב טהור'
כבר זמן של כמה חדשים, שיש לי גישה לאינטרנט בלי שאף אחד פה יודע מזה. במשך כל הזמן פחדתי שהרבי או שאר אנשים ידעו מזה, למעשה היה מה שהיה, ורבינו הגדול איננו. תורתו מגן לנו.

הנה אני רואה שמאורע כזה שמעניין כל העולם החרדי, אבל אף אחד לא יודע בדיוק מה קורה אצלינו דהיינו כל השטיפת מוח, והכדורים... והתעללות ומכות רצח בילדים וכו. זה סימן יפה לקהילתינו, איך שהם מנותקים מהעולם ואין אפילו תמונה אחד או סימן של מה שקורא במחנינו, רק השערות ודיבורים פה ושם. אשרי לנו ואשרי חלקנו, שיש לנו מנהיגים חזקים ולפעמים הם אכזרים שאי אפשר לסבול אותם, אבל אין לנו מה לעשות על זה.

אני לא יכול ליתן לכם כל הפרטים של המאורעות פה. רק קצת, בליל א' - עת היתה מיטתו של רבינו תמ"ל על הדרך לגוטאמאלא, התקיימה אסיפה כללית אצלינו על המשך ההנהגה. האסיפה התחילה בשעה 1:00 בחצות הלילה, ונמשכה עד השעה 6:30 לפנות בוקר. הציבור היה מאוד מבולבל מהמצב, כל זה נחת עלינו בהפתאה ולא היינו מוכנים לכל זה בכלל. היה שם קולות וברקים עד לב השמים, כל אחד אמר דעה משלו. היו שצעקו שבלי הרבי אין כלום ואין ממשיך אחרי הרבי. אחרים שאגו שצריך להיות מנהיג אבל לא רבי. היה שם אחד שדפק בשלחן ושאג בקול רעש גדול - אם לא יהיה פה רבי, יהיה השטן פה הרבי. היה שם קולות וברקים.

היו שדברו שהאכזר ר' מאיר יששכר ראזנער יהיה הרבי, יען והוא היה תלמידו המובהק של רבינו, ויצק מים על ידו ורבינו סמך עליו בב' ידים. אחרים אמרו שהבן ר' נחמן שמעון אליהו יהיה הרבי, כי הוא בנו הגדול של רבינו, והכל עובר על ידו, והיו אחרים שצדדו ליקח רבי לאו דווקא מהיושבים ראשונה, רק עובד השם באמת ובתמים, צדיק וירא שמים מרובים באמת ובמסירת נפש.

סוף דבר היה שם קולות, כולם בכו וכולם צדדו אחרת... לבסוף ראו שהמצב עדיין מבולבל, ואי אפשר לדון בדבר בשפיות, כי הדעת של הציבור אינו צלול מהשפעת הכדורים שרבינו נתן לנו, על כן החליטו לדון בה אחרי השבעה בדעה צלולה, הגם שאמרו בפירוש שיכול להיות מחמת מצב הזמן והמקום, יהיה צורך לאסוף אסיפה באמצע השבעה ולהחליט על רבי או מנהיג.

בשעת הלווייה הלכו נחמן ואחיו ' יואל הצעיר בשלובי יד, ובכו שניהם במיוחד, אבל אחיהם הגאון הצדיק המקובל רבי נתן שליט"א לא הרשו לו לבוא להשתתף בללויה של אביו ואמרו לו שאם יביא יהיה לו בושות, וצרות צרורות, ודם ממש.

כמה סקופים מהלוויה:
כשהמיטה נכנס לבית המדרש, היו שם צעקות רמות וגבוהות, אשה ספרדיה שאג מהעזרת-נשים: "רבונו של עולם, יש לך כבר הרבה צדיקים למעלה, למה היית צריך לקחת מאיתנו את רבינו"?! זה גם בגלל הכדורים של רבינו.

כשהתחילו ההספדים, נהייתה איזה מהומה בשעת שהאחים וויינגארטן התחילו לצעוק - מי אתה להספיד את הרבי, האם אתה מבין בקדושתו? - לדעתם אסור היה שיהיה הספדים אצל הלוויה כי רבינו היה אחד יחיד ומיוחד ר"ל רבינו היה ממש אחרי או ביחד במדריגה אחת עם הקב"ה, כי אף אחד לא גדול מספיק להבין בו.

לפי מהלך הלווייה היה נראה שהחולה כבוד ר' מאיר יששכר יהיה המנהיג אע"פ שכולם כאחת סובלים ממנו גהינים של אש..., הוא רוצה הכבוד להיות הרבי של כל המתותמים שחיים על כדורים וכו', הוא רודף אחר הכבוד כל ימי חיו, ממש חולה נפש וחולה כבוד. אמנם ראו בפירוש שר' נחמן גם רוצה להיות רבי הוא גם חולה כבוד וגם חולה נפש... אחרי הקבורה, הלכו כמה בחורים ללוות את נחמן כרבי כמו פורים שפיל של ממש, ונחמן היה בשמחה גדולה שהוא מקבל הכבוד וההנהגה. אבל בפועל אי אפשר לידע בבירור מה יהיה. כעת מדברים ברצינות שיהיה שני רבי'ס, אחד בגוטאמאלא ואחד במקסיקו, וזה סימן טוב מאוד בגלל כשיש שני רבי'ס יש הרבה מחלוקת וזה יהרוס הקהלה בעזרת השם.

שכחתי לציין עוד דבר:
באמצע ההספידים, שאג הר"ר פנחס פעדער הוא התחיל לשאוג בקול, שאם רוצים - יכולים להחיות את רבינו בכח של אמונה פשיטה. כמו שהיה אצל הבעל-שם-טוב, שבעת פטירתו רצו התלמידים להחיות אותו. ואם כל אחד יאמין באמת ובלב שלם, יכולים להחיות את רבינו. אתם מבינים איזה חולה נפש יש אצלינו? אתם מבינים שזאת אומרת שאין שום הבדל בין הבעל שם טוב לרבינו הלברנץ.

סוף דבר: עכשיו הציבור פה באמת מבולבל, ואינו יודע מה יהיה הסוף פה, ואיך ההנהגה ימשיך.

Anonymous said...

סיפר הגר"ש ברעוודה על מעשה מופלא שאירע לו בצעירותו.

"הייתי צריך להגיע לדירתו של קרוב משפחה באחת מסימטאותיה של ירושלים, וכבחור צעיר עשיתי דרך ארוכה בריצה, ללא הפוגה. באותה שעה היתה הפסקת חשמל באיזור ועלטה כבדה כיסתה את כל הסימטאות".

לפתע נזכרתי, סיפר הגר"ש, שלפני הדירה ההיא יש מורד מסוכן מאד ובו עשרות מדרגות העשויות חידודין-חידודין, וסיכוייו של מי שמחליק במדרון להשאר בחיים, אינם גדולים. עצרתי לפתע את מרוצתי כדי לבדוק היכן אני נמצא והאם עדיין לא הגעתי אל תחילת המדרון, ומה אני מגלה?

- - - שתי רגליי עמדו בסנטימטר האחרון שלפני המדרון, ואם הייתי ממשיך במרוצתי עוד חלקיק שניה, מי יודע מה היה עולה בגורלי.

נס גלוי.

למחרת בבוקר הוצרכתי להגיע אל מרן החזו"א בבני ברק כדי להציג לפניו כמה שאלות. זכיתי להכנס לביתו של אותו גאון וצדיק, שקיבלני במאור פנים, ולאחר שסיימתי להציג את שאלותי וקיבלתי עליהן תשובות ברורות, התכוננתי לצאת ולחזור לירושלים.

ברגע האחרון, רמזתי למרן זצ"ל שיש לי משהו נוסף לשאול. החזו"א נשען על הדלת ואני סיפרתי לו על הנס הגלוי שהתרחש לי אמש. כשסיימתי את תיאור הדברים, אמרתי לרבן של ישראל:

"הייתי בטוח שהבוקר - לאחר שקרה לי נס כה גדול - אקום ממיטתי כאדם אחר לחלוטין, וליבי ירנן בשבח והודיה לה' יתברך על שהצילני ממות לחיים, אך הנה התעוררתי ואני כאחד האדם, ללא שינוי, ללא הרגשים מיוחדים ונעלים. כיצד אפשר להסביר דבר שכזה"?

החזו"א עצם את עיניו, הרהר כמה דקות, ולאחר מכן אחז בידי ואמר יסוד גדול בעבודת השם. "יש יצר הרע מיוחד בשמים הקרוי 'יצר הרע שלאחר נס גלוי'... ותפקידו של יצר זה הוא להחליש אצל האדם את כל ההרגשים הנפשיים העשויים להתעורר בקירבו לאחר שהקב"ה עשה עימו נס כזה".

וכשהחזו"א, שגופו התהלך בארץ וראשו בשמי שמים, אומר שיש יצה"ר שכזה, אין לפקפק באמיתות העניין...

וההסבר הוא, שככל שדרגת הבחירה של האדם עולה ומתעלה, כך גם עולה מדרגת היצה"ר שלו המנסה להפילו בפח, ואם עד אמש היה היצה"ר יכול להפיל את האדם בדרגות קטנות יותר, הרי שבבוקר שלאחר הנס הוא ניצרך למאמצים גדולים יותר על מנת להותירו באותו מצב כמו לפני התרחשות הנס.

ואם לא נעבוד על עצמנו ולא נתאמץ לספוג את הרגשי הנס, לא יבואו הדברים מעצמם. אדרבה: ככל שיגדל הנס, כך נזדקק לעבודה גדולה יותר כדי שנוכל להשתמש בהתעלות הנפשית שבאה בעקבותיו.

יסוד גדול שמענו כאן.

Anonymous said...

Zevi's gefilte fish has taken over as the best on the market!

Anonymous said...

Happens to be that Zevi's is a very good second choice. And a bit cheaper.
But it ain't A & B. And for Shabbos and Yom Tov only the best is to be used.

Anonymous said...

I like him but sorry they have a right to terminate when ever they want. It happens every day in buissness. Hashem should memale es chisrono

Anonymous said...

If Zevi's gets too big he will also have to go and produce at A&B.

Anonymous said...

Ah. This whole 'langeh migillah' is nothing to do with A&B. Its against the Co-Op.
Nu. Thats just fine with Yudel. That is a life mission of his.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shain - Why do you keep posting this about A & B over and over again? Are you being put up to it? I stopped buying A&B fish, now I should stop buying in NPGS too?

Anonymous said...

Slow news day?

Qveens said...

Remember when Joel Schonfeld over at Queens Vaad reacted to being exposed here over kashrus scandals tachas pikucho shel harav hagaon Chaim Schwartz by attacking both R' Yudel AND kashrus itself in the VHQ propaganda magazine?

No one could understand where he got such bizarre and even kefiradik hashkofos to falsely claim that kashrus was never a yesod of Yiddishkeit.

It turns out that the Queens Vaad does have a "source" after all:

Two Reform rabbis of the German Haskallah movement, which rejected all Jewish dietary laws, Leopold Stein of Frankfort and J. Stern of Stuttgart, issued a statement that shechitah was not a religious precept. Anti-Semitic anti-shechitah groups then used this statement as a basis for its battle against shechitah in Switzerland & other countries, claiming that since it was not a religious precept it should not enjoy federal protection by law.

Anonymous said...

Mon Oct 16, 10:01:00 AM 2017

Another Jew lover from the one & only Jew loving Queens outpost.

Anonymous said...