Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Update: ALERT: Mehadrin dairy recomending FRESH STRAWBERRIES? gevald

 Who's Hashgocha is Mehadrin dairy? THE RECIPE SAYS "F R E S H  STRAWBERRIES".
All fresh strawberries are to be considered muchzik bi........


Anonymous said...

Yudel, shame on you!!! You know very well who the Rav Hamachshir of Mehadrin is, and you also know that he would never of have allowed this to be published. When it comes to advertising, companies do their own thing without consulting the Rav Hamachshir. He has no control over it or any prior knowledge of such pamphlets. Your question should rather read "WHO IS MEHADRIN'S ADVERTISING AGENCY" INSTEAD OF who's the Rav Hamachshir. But you rather suck blood where ever and when ever you can! Yehuda Ben Faiga, REMEMBER! Es kumt ah Yom hadin, you're almost there. Have you no fear??? It's not too late, you can still do tshuvah.
You don't need to post this comment, this is a personal message.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Katz
How is he trusted on postiv if he allowes fresh strawberries!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Rav hamachshir was told about this last year. He said he didn't know, but he makes sure to review all of their ads. He missed it "again"?
See hilchos Eiruv-tavshilin re: relying on someone else when one forgot.

Toot Toot said...

Is there such a thing as bug free berries grown in a controlled environment?

Monsey said...

Tuesday's school board elections showed a lot of incredible hypocrisy.

The heimisher candidates B"H beat the anteh-Semitt candidates by a 2 to one margin.

But increasing funding for allah shtussim mit lukshin bird courses, etc, failed by a much larger 10 to 1 margin!

This means that many of the screaming, frothing at the mouth anti-Semites who accuse Yidden of squeezing every red cent out of public schools are a bunch of GREEDY HYPOCRITICAL LIARS who wholeheartedly joined in on keeping money in their own wallets instead of giving it to the Black & Mexican children.

And the Monsey yeshivos who demanded for their own SELFISH reasons that the heimisher parents should give up more of their money for lukshin public school bird courses should be ashamed of themselves. Because when the budget is voted down, the State can still increase the budget but without raising the local tax levy which they are prohibited by law from doing. So even though it is quite likely that the public schools will still get their lukshin after all, the SELFISH yeshivos were quick to demand that we make sure to pay for it instead of the State, just to make it 100% zicher that the yeshivos don't have to deal with a few extra days of carpool management.

Lakewood said...

Toot, for your information there are 2 kinds of bug free, The real kind & the imaginary kind.

I don't have any information about the real kind but if you want to know about the imaginary kind you can ask Gavriel Finkel if there are any strawberries where his raisins came from.

Anonymous said...

Recipe calls for frozen strawberries, not fresh. Stop with your nonsense and dont be surprised yudel if they sue u for this.

Anonymous said...

Look at the photos in the bottom, they look to be PEELED !

Impeach Mehadrin said...

Fresh Strawberries already checked by so called "mumchim" are available in a lot of stores. Just because you don't approve does not make mehadrin bad advertisers. They are not under your hashgacha and your not their Roov. All they are saying is if you use those kind of strawberries you can make this recipe. But if you follow Reb Yudel Shlit'a then this recipe is not for you.

Breaking News said...

A rav hamachshir was found guilty in Federal Court tonight of terrible maysim menuvolim & is ordered to pay a civil penalty of $20 million to 2 victims. Police are still investigating the criminal end of what he did.

Here's a hint. He was also officially a rosh yeshiva. The hashgocho fell apart when his sons abandoned him. He then restarted the hashgocho under a different name as a "Vaad" with Auerbach from Lakewood as his consultant.

Anonymous said...

That's the California one. Aurebach is also doing the npgs, etc.

I-95 said...

There was only one "rabbi" convicted in Federal Court tonight. He is in Connecticut, not California.

Anonymous said...

And he is also busy talking מיט די פרויען שבת נאך מיט טאג.

Anonymous said...

$20 million is for one victim only. The 2nd victim did not sue. He was a witness during the trial. And since the tzvaiter happens to have been the yeshiva's menahel & he did not call the police as required by law when the first victim was attacked by the "rosh yeshiva", there is a possibility he will also be criminally charged. He is currently rov of a shul in Rhode Island. The "rosh yeshiva's" sons skipped town & are now in rabbonus or gesheft in other cities also knew about it. One of them tried to break down the door when the victim was being attacked but it was double dead bolted.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a shtikehl to add to story.

1 rabbi - 2 rabbis
1 victim - 2 victims
California - Connecticut
Rosh yeshivah - Mashgiach
State court - Federal court
Civil fine - criminal fine
Vaad 1 - Vaad 2
Auerbach - Zeirbach
Npgs - Kcl
Emes - Sheker
Sheker - Kmoi Sheker
Kmoi Emes - Korov to Emes

Sounds like all other chidushim on this blog

Chronicles of an OU mashgiach said...

The one "shtikehl" that appears here like clockwork is the instant anyone mentions rodfim in the sug of molesters vechadoimeh, der mashgiach shpringt, ruboy veroyshoy into the comments, to hurry & downplay it in case anyone is medameh milsa el milsa to the mechuton.

Anonymous said...

There is a way to check strawberries. Please don't relegate strawberries the way of lettuce and cabbage.

KG said...

A long time ago "the mechuten" was the rav hamachshir on Coca Cola bottling in the Winnipeg area before running to KG / RH.

1 rabbi - 1 fake rabbi
1 victim meabed atzmo R"L - many victims
Manitoba - New York
Rabbi - Shyster
Canadian court - American court

Emes - Sheker ... he sued CNN, CBS, NBC, CBC, etc for "slandering" him. The Federal judge who is a Shomer Shabbos Yid threw the case out of court as there is plenty of reason to believe the reports are TRUE

Anonymous said...

btw, those red things in the cups are actually raspberries