Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Call Costco Brick to carry Solomons Beef

Costco Brick Township (4.03 mi)
465 Route 70
Brick, NJ 08723-4049
(732) 262-6300


Anonymous said...

BJ's sometimes has Alle pastrami instead of a generic OU non-glatt that they also carry. When they do have Alle it is only a THIRD the price of the heimishe stores.

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Ex A&B Distributor said...

Please also call Costco and tell them to stop carrying A & B fish because the big Kosher Lakewood Rabbi wants no one to carry it.

Anonymous said...

It is a third of the price because Alle puts in more carrageenan in the product. Carrageenan is sea weed. It holds the water in the corned beef. You are really buying water and spices. Meat is only there for sentimental reasons.

Solomon's is NOT premium. Their treiboring is not so good (they have goyim doing the treiboring and a 'yirat shomayim' spot checks them on occasion.

As for their ground beef - costco shipped back a lot of product because of quality control (too much fat over the number stated on the package). Solomon's does not want to sell them the ground beef because they take a loss on it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:24. OU non-glatt? Are you sure? Please elaborate. Name please

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Anonymous said...

why cant all the kosher store in Lakewood sell Solomons? why need shlep to Costco?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the OU I think does not officially allow non-glatt. Whatever it is it does not look like anything heimish. It reminds me of Sinai 48.

The Alle pastrami / corned beef when they put in plastic vacuum pack is always full of water & probably also carrageenan. It doesn't matter if it's from BJ's or heimishe gesheften. And even if you can prove some difference it tastes & looks the same, which is grada not very geshmak sye vee

Some heimishe gesheften are such ganovim that they take this billigeh type of Alle & slice it by the pound for the same price as the non-water saturated homemade briskets sold by their competitors.

Anonymous said...

7:24 am,

As R' Yudel always says, KCL is a political org. It's all gelt, politics & who cares what kind of non-Solomon's flanken that Wiesner gets in his chulent, as long as it's free?

In the 5 Towns, the goyish owned Key Food was the only place you could buy Teva which has better kashrus than all the shechitos in the Jewish supermarkets. But no more. Maybe Gourmet Glatt bought the Key Food because some bnei Torah had been tummeling about it. The pulpit rabbis who threaten R' Yosef Eisen that he had better maintain shvache kashrus in the 5 Towns Vaad, or else, must be very happy that this embarrassment has disappeared by Gourmet Glatt buying a tzveiter store.

Anonymous said...

Don't fardrei a kup.
R' Yosef Eisen is a control freak, power hungry individual.
Is an excellent speaker, Ramchal, Chofetz Chaim, etc sprinkled all over.
Knows how to darshan about insects, but no hands on "yeddah". Absolutely GMG.

His hands are not tied by any of the pulpit Rabbis.

He's afraid that his .....will be exposed.

He enjoys that he generates ultimate fear in his area.

He can fool some of the people all the time, All the people some of the times, etc

Teichman, LA said...

Who is the kcl weisner that I keep reading about?

I asked some Lakewood fellas that have food businesses. They said, just pay your dues on time, and the world is your to serve anything you want. and the funny thing is these yeshiva fellas and kolel guys & families think they are getting anything resembling a kashrus standard of some sort.

5 Towns said...

There are some people who are out to bashmutz R' Yosef Eisen. There were some improvements while he was at the OU, that Belsky was mevatel after he left, and those improvements came through ruffling feathers of some accounts who therefore don't like him. Rav Eisen created even more enemies by telling the Flatbush oylam the truth that Gornish's hashgocho is no good & pointing out what should be obvious that many Gornish accounts have visible kashrus failings.

The 5 Towns pulpit rabbi story is true. The adam gadol R' Elya Romenek shlita saw the threatening contract that they forced Rav Eisen to sign. The contract bothered R' Elya so much that he got on a plane to apprise the gedolei Eretz Yisroel of this horrible situation of so called rabbis, some of them "yeshivish", who are implementing bad kashrus through threats to keep their modern orthodox & faker yeshivish fresser constituents happy.

Yudel Shain said...

Rav Yosef Eisen had Rav Dovid Cohen summon Rabbi Gornish to an emergency meeting re: Rabbi Eisen claimed he has "pages" of complaints against Rav Gornish hashgocha.

Rav Gornish asked Reb Feivel Cohen andR' Yudel Shain to come to the meeting. Rabbi Eisen was shocked when he saw R' Yudel Shain at the meeting.

There were a total of 4-5 fabrications they accused Rabbi Gornish of. (All of the pages of complaints / fabrications vanished when Rabbi Yosef Eisen saw Yudel Shain).

All of the fabrications were just that fabrications.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Eisen is welcome to leave the 5 Towns Hashgocha, The Mehadrin Rabbi might get a wakeup that he's a fraud.

Comey was kicked out also.

Time to do the same to 5 Town Administrator.

The Emes is Emes said...

Bizz deh'veil Rabbi Eisen Shleeteh is King of Long Island and Brooklyn.

He's got a Rabbonus with a Rosh HaKollel in his "Bnay Toiradik" Kollel.

He's got the shtelah in the one and only five towns which includes Frimmeh Lawrence and Modernah Woodmere and Gor Moderneh Hewlitt. Agav it includes Yesheevish Far Rockaway.

He's got Flatbush in his back pocket with the freeless advice he doles out to all of the K'heelahs there.

You could not wish for a better position.

Plus his family got pretty good connections to keep him as king.

Flatbush said...

It is terrible if someone is fabricating stories even if only a miut of the complaints.

But are you saying that your hadras punim made ALL the allegations disappear, that Rav Eisen had nothing left to say?

Dos gloib Ich nisht. There have been many problems with the Rav Gornish hashgocho which is why other rabbonim with no connection to Rav Eisen advise not eating from Rav Gornish.

And surely you R' Yudel are aware that while KIC was trying to fix the multitude of Rav Gornish problems - all shtilla heit, which they do not give that privilege to everyone - it reached an impasse where they forced Rav Gornish (plus Babad 20th) to sign a contract agreeing to stop taking restaurants thrown out by other hashgochos in the aftermath of severe kashrus violations.

And keep in mind that just like you don't like Rav Eisen criticizing others when he is begeder kshoit atzmecha, Rav Gornish has probably criticized even more hashgochos when he speaks to people & adds dramatic tone warning to STAY AWAY.

Anonymous said...

The few episodes of treifas were kehila /Eisen establishments not Gornish.
Gornish is a big competition to Eisens Kehila. It's all money, kesef, gelt, shekalim, dinero, euros, etc.

Esss iz nisht erlichkeit.

Anonymous said...

When kehila / Eisen had one of their establishments caught with the non-glatt chickens, etc.

Eisen / Kehila blamed it on Westside foods. What a chutzpah!

Then he stands his ground that no one should buy from Westside foods, when they are the only shipping company under a hashgocha (OU).

Yes-Corruption to the core.

Anonymous said...

Eisen / Kehila puts up frum sounding signs, red cabbage should not be used till august due to infestation...As if the insects could read not to come after August.

But Rabbi eisen doesn't know bedikas for insects, so he comes with these frum sounding signs.

If you know bedikas, check it.

Red cabbage has less than green cabbage, but they do have.

Chronicles of an OU mashgiach said...

Wow! A raw nerve was touched that Rabbi Eisen criticized the invincible West Side Kosher!

Sound familiar? He is the same miserable kvetch who spent the last 10 years bashing Rabbi Yudel Shain and all because Rabbi Shain found a fault with West Side Kosher.

Now time for a little chilufei girsuos in the OU mashgiach's shprach:

Bizz deh'veil Rabbi Joel Schonfeld halt zich King of Queens & Long Island durch zein shik yingel Chaimel Schwartz who is good friends mit der OU mashgiach.

Chaimel weaseled in by R' Shloime to give a "Bostoner" shiur in the "Bnay Toiradik" beis medrash.

He's got the shtelah in the one and only Queens which includes Frimmeh KG "Yereim" and Modernah KGH and Gor Moderneh Jamaica Estates. Agav it includes Yesheevish Richmond Hill.

He's got Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in his back pocket.

You could not wish for a better position, "living wage" or home improvement loan.

Anonymous said...

When you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Why do you think that Horav Gurnisht has the most bottom barrel mashgichim in the restaurant industry?

They are the Sgt. Schultzes of kashrus. They know nutting. They hear nutting. They see nutting.

One rosh yeshiva said he once made a mistake to take a certain bochur in his yeshiva because he knows nothing in learning or even basic halacha. When he found out that Horav Gurnisht hired this bucher as a mashgiach is when he stopped eating from the hashgocho.

Still dizzy said...


Seems like 2:35, 2:39 & 2:42 is sooooo fruuuuuuum that even Pella Chicken are no good for him.
He only eats GLATT chicken.

He should start a new Yeshivah in Yerusholayim and put all the Brisks out of business.


Anonymous said...

Oh please! Gornish had that treifenna fleish scandal with a shawarma place on Ave M by the train station. Because he doesn't visit accounts unless he is picking up cash payment he didn't catch the treif for who knows how long. When he jumped around saying I caught them, rabbonim were furious at him for trying to act like a hero because where was he the whole time everyone was being fed treif.

Gornish claims he only takes frum baalim but there have been a bunch of characters that no one believes are really frum. Gornish also knows how to talk the talk like with his speeches against the kashrus of Hellman's mayonnaise. But some basic checking up on his bad boy clients first would be in order.

Anonymous said...

chronicles of an OU mashgiach;

Excuse me, but Rabbi Yudel shain did not find any faults at Westside foods per se.

Chumetz Fresser said...

Gurnish might have the monopoly on restaurant mashgichim but Zishe Blech has got the market cornered for the most useless & reckless mashgichim in Pesach hotels!

KG said...

"did not find any faults at Westside foods per se"

Ha! Just one word about West Side Kosher that is not shevach vehoyduah is probably enough that the mashgiach will put you on his bad list for life.

It's a very, very touchy subject!

Heyos R' Yudel once had something negative to say about a West Side Kosher truck, it makes him WORSE THAN HITLER according to the extremist worldview of the mashgiach.

And if any of your other hashkofos unrelated to West Side Kosher do not shtim with the mashgiach's, that makes you a KOIFER.

And if you are an aktiveest against molesters & to protect victims, that is another BIG NO NO by the mashgiach. His opposition starts as making choyzek of you. But try ignoring his warnings to give up your activism (activism might make things difficult for the mechuton who is evading questioning by foreign police). The next thing you know you are usually also labeled a KOIFER & all kinds of shmutz starts appearing against you on blogs.

Missing in Action said...

Rabbi Gornish is definitely turning a blind eye on some clients who are probably not Shomrei Shabbos. It is bad enough that his mashgichim in these places needing extra scrutiny are sub-par, but there have been instances where a mashgiach in such a place did not report to work. Since Rabbi Gornish is stretched very thin with many clients in NY-NJ & even Canada, he has no idea what is going on so there is no one covering AWOL mashgichim. In one instance of a Flatbush Syrian lady caterer who rabbonim are choshesh does not keep Shabbos, the mashgiach was "not feeling well" for THREE WEEKS, with Rabbi Gornish being unaware the entire time that no mashgiach was present.

Mashgiach said...


Your doing good.
Bleib dort in vinkeleh.
Once in a while you can come out and show a bit of your colors.

Anonymous said...

it must be the same guy who gets excited here at any criticism of any OU product. west side kosher is one of the larger distributors of OU products

OU criticism ist verboten! aye mashgiach?

Double Standard said...

A Gornish mashgiach at Bertolini on Coney Island Ave, before it was renamed Burtolucci, complained that the rav had not trained him in checking vegetables for bugs. People who knew about this considered it the last straw & stopped eating in all Gornish restaurants. Various Flatbush rabbonim made this one of the UPMTEEN TIMES that they covered up for Gornish & made tikkunim quietly. A cat only has "9 lives". You can't even count how many times the rabbonim did this for Gornish. They also did it for a Boro Park rav hamachshir who is nebich not very bright to the point that he has no business giving hashgocho. Lemayseh this is hypocrisy because the rabbonim are quick to be mefarsem on moderner & Sfardi certifiers. Covering up for heimisher is just putting a takolah in front of consumers. It took over a month until the Bertolini scandal was fixed. Why allow a month of eating bugs? And who knows how many other problems existed there.

Queens said...

Rabbi Gornish, meet Chaim Schwartz.

Schwartz put a mashgiach with zero training in one of the Chinese restaurants on Main St, Kew Gardens Hills.

An arch-enemy of Schwartz really got mileage out of that fiasco after learning the broccoli he fressed there was unchecked. And he hocked a kop poor Rav Shlomo Teitelbaum who has zero sway over Schwartz's modern orthodox puppet masters. Rav Shlomo eats nothing from the Queens Vaad because he knows they are running a huge kashrus fraud. The modern orthodox tyrants quietly resent Rav Shlomo for this. They even threatened him once many years ago to keep his mouth shut on what he knows.

Hashem Yishme'rainee said...

Vos hut Shloimelah geh'vist.

He only used der heiligeh mealmart the one everyone knew played games until he was forced to sell it.

Not sure if Shloimehleh still is aware of how he got ripped kashrutwise

HAVANA said...

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bless you all

Lisa Neuman said...

There is no such thing as ou non glatt. Ou ONLY certifies GLATT