Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Donate to the fund of Sharaby for Township committee

ü  Earmark funds to repair township roads for the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

ü  Facilitate new appointees for zoning and planning board officials.

ü  Roll back changes to high density in areas that are not walkable to shopping and schools.

ü  Focus on open space and recreation for our families. 

ü  End spot zoning and zoning variances that change the character of neighborhoods and result in traffic nightmares and safety issues. 
ü  Enforce inspection to remove illegal substandard mufti-family housing in single family dwellings - which are often dangerous and put a strain on township resources.

Lower Taxes
 ü  Stabilize taxes through careful management of Town resources.

ü Maintain property values by preserving neighborhoods and controlling development.

ü No tax giveaways to developers or other businesses.

Power back to the people
 ü  LIC and LDC should be disbanded; all decisions should be given over to the Township committee.

ü  A full revamp of public works.

ü  Outside oversight and auditing of all purchasing decisions.

ü  No tax abatement's more than 5 years. 

ü  Full transparency on all Township activities. Redesign township website to allow all meetings to be broadcast live and archived on video for future reference.

ü  Advocate for moral values in Township, County, State and Federal issues.

ü  Advocate for true school vouchers, an issue that is functioning in Jewish areas in Ohio and other states.

Educating residents on serious issues such as current suicide bills how it may affect them.


Anonymous said...

Yudel why? Hirsch why not?

Anonymous said...

Are they getting ready to bulldoze him like they did to Hershel H?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hershkowitz has influenced this site as well. Nice Reb Yudel, blocking the only qualified candidate in this race. Disappointing.