Friday, December 29, 2017

Who is Gershon Spiegel- the Toen Rabani-???

מה טיבו?
If Gershon Spiegel is a borer or "toen"?
only go to the RCA Bais din.
עצה טובה קמ"ל


Gangster Inc said...

He is still a toen? Which beis din still lets him step foot to disrupt dinei Torah with his intensely high pressure antics?

Anonymous said...

Free advertising

Anonymous said...

His clients say he never won a din torah by saying the truth.
He calls it "a distortion of the truth".

Anonymous said...

Usually the one that hires him is really not interested in the truth.

Anonymous said...

He's not even a good polished liar, but the bai$ din$ like him in order to bring them ca$e$.

איך פארשטיי שון איינמאל.

Anonymous said...

Is he from the Spiegel from the East side of Manahatan?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is from the lower east side.
How'd u guess?

Cause he talks like straight from the lower east side Bowery.

Anonymous said...

He makes so many sittings by bais din which accumulates many expensive hours, s the dayonim and toi'anim love him, he's a money cow for them.

Barley Cholent with Cheek Meat said...

I still remember him hocking in the old אוצר downstairs in BMG.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from sholomo zalmen Kaufman another gangster..

סאוואראנער said...

Who is Shlomo Klein?
Who is Shmiel Fried?
Who is Simcha Roth?

An expose on toianim may be overdue, but after the ridiculous post here about A & B fish I don't expect anything intelligent

Anonymous said...

Who's a bigger ......Spiegel or Berger?
Fried at least is a Talmud chuchom.

Anonymous said...

Simch roth, is not in the league of shvindlers, crooks, lkiars, etc

Anonymous said...

What are the dinim of a talmid chochom mamzer?

Bowery Bum said...

Der "Romanisher Ruv"'s a zeen.

There were articles in Manhattan community papers that when the tatte was niftar he sold the "Ershter Romanisher shul" for many millions of dollars without reshus of the mispallelim and while ignoring their shreys.

Anonymous said...

At least the ramonasiher ruv treats everyone the same, Rabonim, gevirim, yeshiva leit, balai batim, etc.
He treats em all like bowery bums.

Bulvan and friends said...

His last resort stunt when losing a din Torah is to claim he still doesn't have to listen to the psak because the dayanim cannot posken on "yashrus" or some other "excuse" that he pulls out of his hat.

Anonymous said...

All of these guys are gangsters. But Mendel Epstein was a lemele compared to the head gangster Shmiel Fried.

It all comes down to gelt. If you have enough gelt you can get your way by hiring one of these lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

As a witness to a Din Torah, where the Toanim were Horav Shmuel Fried & Gershon Spiegel, I can definitely say that Horav Fried is a gentleman & Spiegel gives skunks & snakes a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Stay away from sholomo zalmen Kaufman another gangster..

Thu May 04, 11:09:00 PM 2017

It seems like his crooked deeds finally caught up with him !

The locks were changed and hi boxes were found on the porch
the hundreds of Korbonois finally will get their Yoisher
truth perseveres!!!!
A true YOM TOV!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not true !
Freid is the same crooked Wastebasket

Anonymous said...

Koufman chased out of Flohrs Kollel
Moshiachs times!!1

Anonymous said...

Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN KAUFMAN His one sided approach and his cheating the simple temimousdiker young couples finally did him in,

A day of Celebration for the whole frum world .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a Shonda for Monsey all the lame rabbonim couldn't lift pinky all these years while Yesomem were being produced daily and people were losing money to his tricky arbitration agreements they unknowingly signed.
And his Friends the gangsters speigel and freid
Rabbi Chaim Flohr What took you so long to act??????????
Where is the Yoisher?
Its at least as important as the Kevarim from 2000 years ago No?

Better late then never Rav flohr you still must do teshuvah and penance for being goirim such pain.

Shlomo Zalman Kaufman is kicked out!! a true YoimTov. Mazal Tov!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shloma Zalman Kaufman earned it!!
Yesh Din Viyesh Dayan!!!!

What comes around goes around good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

Ever see a Toein leave a Din Torah because his retainer was used up? I understand that Gershon Speigel does this regularly.

Anonymous said...

The Kol Hatzibur daily paper today announced Today Monday Behar
'Bais Horah' of Reb Chaim Flohr Kollel Shlomo zalman Kaufman is now closed and the number changed all questions to be asked elsewhere meanwhile until further notice.
So I think that the story about Shlomo zalman Kaufman being pushed out is true.

Anonymous said...

Why did you bring up this topic again?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has dealt with Shmiel Fried knows that he's a classless, shouting liar. Great at forging documents too. But, he's good at $hmeering $$ under the table. He also intimidates unqualified dayonim. Shmiel fried is a true lowlife, who learnt his trade from Yiddel Gruber. Shmuel may have been kosher 35 years-ago, but those days are looooong gone!

Anonymous said...

They should follow the money trail that Speigal has accumulated. He is a crook and pays off the other people on any bais din he's in so he should win!!!!!!

Moshe Shmuel said...

Information about Zalman Gross?
יקותיא-ל זלמן גראוס

Avrohom Wrona said...

Knopfler the sly fox has most of the extensions at his Badatz disconnected. Anyone who gives the dude a real job will be mzakah the Rabim. Bathroom attendant may be suited for him as his experience is in sewer

Anonymous said...

Reb Yisroel Arye Knopfler deserves a Yasher Koach from every individual in Lakewood for changing the entire Bais Din or lack of a Bai's Din system in Lakewood especially for Highlighting the Issues that were problematic with R Gavriel Finkel Bais Din Vaad Hadayonim and basically knocking his Bais Din and power off the Map Forever

Anonymous said...

The Parashat Pinchas 5772

Here are all the courts in Israel founded to do justice and justice and to make peace between one person and another man and wife and a cult stems from the holy Torah - to put religion on the wall.

Unfortunately for the past ten years, the Zichron Menachem community opened a law in Monsey called Beit Midrash, headed by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman (Selmyn) Kaufman, and for a long time our ears had heard a shriek from broken houses. So we came to announce at the gates of many people to warn people not to fall in their nets and to prevent people from suffering and great harm greater than distortion of the law.

Every behavior of the Beit Din is in a manner that does not have a wise spirit, and for example we will offer some things that we have heard from several jurists.

1. He traps people with his tongue, to come to his court and promised each side that if they come to him he would win the law.

2. His Letter of Oberitation is three pages in which he preserves himself and gives strange things that are not customary in any of all courts in Israel.

3. Many of the cavalry killed the Gittin Ravio for the money. Advise women how to get rid of their husbands. And we have never heard that he will make lasting peace between spouses.

4. He hears the arguments of the litigants not before the opposing party, whether before their deliberations or in the middle of the hearings.

5. His heart is blasphemous in all matters, and he dares to confront other rabbis and frightens the public.


Even in the body of the ruling things are written radically without any consideration whatsoever against the defeated until it seems that he wants to bury them alive. Even when he is asked by Dinim how he can discuss things that were not at all during their deliberations, his answer is that he has a lot of witnesses testify to these things and of course according to his words the testimony was taken not before the litigants.

And anyone who sees the interpretation and hears his reaction is amazed at how such a perverse judgment came out. And when the litigant complains against him. He threatens him that he is a court-holder of the opposing party if he hears that he is being charged against him.

Even in matters of Gittin, he does what is necessary for him, and he has no fear and fear if at last there will be a mistaken get or a get. As appropriate for every Gitin order.

And, indeed, there should have been a Beit Din on all these things. But it really is known to all that it is a fatal tribunal. And the prohibition of walking in the courts is easy in his humble opinion, and there is a difference of law between the middle of the halakhic ruling and without any Torah law, all of which is forbidden according to halakha. Woe to the ears who hear such rumors and we find our opinion that every act of the court that they do and the court does not have a wise spirit of wisdom and listeners we warn. Protect your souls and do not enter his gates.

Elder Rabbi Moshe Green shelit"a

Rosh Yeshivat

Yeshiva of Monsey

Rabbi Chaim HaCohen Schabes shelit"a Rabbi of Congregation Kenesses Yisroel

Rabbi Pinchos Eliyahu Rabinowitz shelit"a

Rabbi Gavriel Dov Webster shelit"a

Rabbi Yosef Weingarten shelit"a

Stamped by

Rabbinical Court Ezer Mishpot

Monsey, NY

Rabbi Shamuel Eliezer Stern shlit"a

Member of Badatz Daman Hagarash Wazner zt "l

Rosh Yeshivat Chug Chatam Sofer Rav W. Bnei Brak

Rabbi Shreiel Rosenberg shlit"a

Head of Beit Din Bnei Berak

Rabbi of Ramat David neighborhood

Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein shlita Member of Badatz Daman Hagarash Wazner zt "l Rav of the Or HaChaim neighborhood of Bnei Brak

I also join this mitzva Rabbi Chaim Meir HaLevi Wozner shlit "a His substitute and Av Beit Din of Dasman Hagarash Vasner zt" l

I, too, join the above-mentioned words;

Rabbi Yaakov Meir Stern shelit"a of the rabbinical court of the rabbinical court of Dumran, the gaon Rabbi Wazner zt "l and member of the" Badatz "