Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ALERT:Re: Pardes Asparagus that we wrote on 5/16/2017

We made a big blunder, the information given to us was completely unreliable, there were no insects found on the asparagus. We apologize.


IsraelReader said...

Kol Hakavod for apologizing (not like others who will never admit to having made a blunder).

However apologies aren't enough. As a form of teshuvah, have you put a vetting system in place, for verifying such types of allegations in the future?

On the end its all a waste said...

What have you learned from this??

What precautions are you taking that such 'false' undercover info does not get posted again?

Do you really think that this short little post will replace all the lost business? Or the bad name this company, owners, mashgichim, distributors etc got directly caused by you?

Do you really think that killing a few on the way justifies this whole site?

Did any Godol - Daas Torah EVER approve this site?

Anonymous said...

It's 1 small step for yidel in the right direction.
It's a big step for mankind, to say "I made a mistake".

Anonymous said...

"Did any Godol - Daas Torah EVER approve this site?"

All of the readers approved it.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for admitting this mistake

Anonymous said...

Very nice for taking back your mistake but where are you getting your information every time against PARDES when you are mazik this company, you can fix up by not publishing anything bad about this company only the opposite by promoting this company. Thanks R'yudel

Anonymous said...

Trying to get a Psak.

Who is better (or Worse) ??

The Moderneh Raboonim from Queens & 5T or the Frimacks fin Lakvood eer hakoidesh?

Better to rely on reliable Heterim or to Bashmitz and Baared (as in moitzee sheim roo) those who don't adhere to all chimrahs from all raboonim in the whole world?

On which is it easier to do tsheeveh?

Anonymous said...

The Original info must of come from Queens.