Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shotz Kosher in China
Shotz kosher in China, Vietnam, etc.


Anonymous said...

When the kosher inspector travels Internationally, he is lenient on the following;

Pas Yisroel,

Cholov Yisroel,

Bas Yisroel

Anonymous said...

duh! of course, when your'e not home or on your home turf, EVERYTHING מותר

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why R' Yoelish made a takonah that Satmar shochtim have to go home for Shabbos.

R' Efraim Greenblatt went to check on a shechita in Alabama & found the shochtim in very compromised situations. He got death threats over what he witnessed.

At one big hashgocho there was a rabbi who used to say over maamarim from the Alter fun Kelm. Eventually he divorced his wife & married a modern orthodox lady working in the hashgocho's office.

One rosh yeshiva is known to say "kashrus kills"

Anonymous said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

Nobody should speculate that anything inappropriate went on from that picture. The reality is that he was probably viewed as a novelty and was being polite by being in the photo.

Harry said...

True, but being polite isn't an excuse to coming in such close proximity standing between such women. He would never stand like that with women when he's at home. It looks like they're actually touching, but at the very least it's very close to that. If he has a hard time keeping his own rules in that environment, he should not go there.

The only thing that I'm thinking is that the picture looks very much like it's photoshopped, and that his image was put there and this never really happened. That's probably the truth.

Anonymous said...

He did not violate anything or anybody by being in the picture. You have higher standards, I suppose good for you. They are not touching, its quite clear from the picture. We need to stop ruining people just for giggles. This is not what the Torah asks of us.

Harry said...

Anonymous Thu Jun 29, 09:04:00 PM 2017

You are right.