Wednesday, June 06, 2018

UPDATE: Camps (Bnos) is not safe for girls- watch the new video הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

Another confirmed horific episode at the camp?
הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?
Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,
We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.
Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a "rumor".
The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

From An Insider: Meanwhile, a simple observation.  We are both familiar with defense mechanisms.  I make observations all the time of new mechanisms that are just that, but masquerade as something else.  The Agudah position, which we know to be fundamentally flawed, is not really a policy at all.  It is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups.  They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real?

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a little more of a source? Sometimes you are the one to break the important stories but Unfortunately you are not always the most reliable and you tend to exaggerate. I'm sure everyone would appreciate more information on such a serious and delicate issue. Thank you.

Maria said...

So many unanswered questions. What were boys doing in camp bnos? Why shouldn't we leave it to the police to handle? Why is this being released now, is it linked to ither developments.

Anonymous said...

after reading all these years all of Yudels wild accusations that he obviously fantasizes and then posts, my question is: Why hasnt anyone put him in a situation where he is so scared that he would stop all these lies?

Anonymous said...

How in the world did two boys get into camp Bnos? When my sister was ther and she asked me to bring her food on Fridays, there was no way to even hand her the package. I had to leave it with the guard.

Anonymous said...

The boys worked in the camp, is it that hard to figure out.
Yudel doesn't make up stories, but he knows everyone's skeletons (in the closet).
Don't get him started.
Even even knows about mamzeirim (bastards) that will be born. (Tamar Epstein)

Anonymous said...

If u knew this as of last summer who have you been protecting all these months and why????

woodbourne jail said...

Color-war breakout

woodbourne jail said...

Why didn't they just go to Lucky Dip?

Camp Kol Rena basketball team said...

We were nowhere near Camp Bnos

Ruach Country Was Great in the day . . . said...

Woodbourne & Kol Rena you're dating yourselves.

Kolko Club said...

At least the sort tayva here is a normala one, ma sheain kain the old days at Camp Agudah, Stoliner Camp, Camp Manavu & Camp Silver Lake.

Where's Camp Agudah's mara dasra Belsky when you need him to scream at little child victims so they are terrified to ever dare complain again that someone violated them?

woodbourne jail said...

You as well. All I can say is that Grease is the word.

The Truth at Camp Bnos said...

Anonymous said...

Happens to be 100% true, including that the camp mother originally apologized to the family, as the girl was officially under her watch. She changed her tune to the police. The biggest and best thing that little town going for them is camp Agudah. Sounds like Frishman got the police to cover for them, may have cost them a few dollars as they are all a corrupt bunch, the camp refuses to meet with the girls family and makes up a bunch of excuses. Bottom line is no one in the camp knew about it. It was kept a hush hush. So one girls life is ruined and her families, but Frishman gets to continue on with his camp as if nothing happeneed. He is a freakin liar who told me straight to my face it I is a rumor. it is not? Agudas Yisrael is covering up to protect themselves. Sick sic and sicker

Anonymous said...

Rabbi and Rebbitzen Yechiel Perr who have been at Camp Bnos for over 30 years know it is true, call them 718-536-4670. They have a hard time admitting it when they were warned by Frishman not to disclose, but as honorable people, they have been known to admitting the truth.

Anonymous said...

Perr has been in the camp for 50 years not 30. And Frishman doesn't trust him because Perr is too honest. And Yes, a girl was raped at the camp and Aguda is making a big cover up. It a terrible thing to lie about. Meir Frishman should resign along with his evil camp mother

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Perr was one of the Rabbis who signed on that kol korei? Didn't he? So he should call the police? Did he?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Perr did go to the police and he is working with the family as well to resolve this. He knows who the boys are and is turning them in. Yasher kOach Rabbi Perr. Now he is a man to be praised. Finally someone stands up for the emes.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Perr is doing this on Rabbi Frishman's request min hastam.
This is ongoing since the summer when this was suppose to of happened.
Sh.Sh.Sh. Please.

Anonymous said...

The camp needs to be shut down, period. A camper was RAPED. This is no joking matter. It's a true statement that no girl is safe at camp Bnos and Meir Frishman is a straight out liar and a fraud. A girls life was destroyed and la la la la?????? NO WAY. bUry the camp

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are many stories of rabbi coverups as well as stories being exaggerated to large degrees. If someone has real information that can be shared please do so. The fact that many of the other blogs could not verify the story does make a person wonder but doesn't mean it's not true. So instead of keeping on writing that it's true please share real info.

Anonymous said...

If it was your family, you may be hesitant to "share" the story. FRishman is the one responsible to share it with the police. He doesn't want to turn in his friends son. And furthermore, he doesn't want the liability. Here he can keep lying to himself that it didn't happen and play the pretend game. Rabbi Perr has come forward to several individuals. Betcha those boys won't be in camp this summer. Maybe Frishman will even hire security, but to admit the truth, it is beyond his capabilities. He knows darn well what happened, and so does his camp mama who was responsible for this girl. Talk about corruption. Assumption is that the holy Belsky is playing hide and seek. He wouldn't take the calls in the summer. easy way out, well neither one of you give a darn about a camper being raped, it means you are incompetent to be calling the shots for campers and must find other professions. This will not be forgotten. Day one camp BNOS. Warnings to all PARENTS. Leave your daughter there and drive away, your little one may be the next victim of a lying irresponsible Camp administration.. Rabbi Perr and his wife already told people they will not go back, ever.

Yudel needs help said...

Why do some people think they are better than everyone else. If you actually believe in yourself go out and fix the problem. Don't go complain to the public. If you cant do any, why in the world do you think telling everyone will help. You overflow lashon harah into the world and pretend you know better.

Anonymous said...

A very ANGRY Yudel critic 12:06 am needs to get back on his meds

Anonymous said...

Any update with this. If it was anything real there should be more hock about it by now

Anonymous said...

there is a possibility that someone from CAMP BNOS will hear about this and turn the creep in. The suspected young men are being followed very carefully. Meir Frishman is doing a good job scaring his staff into remaining silent and is ABUSING DAAS TORAH.

A RAPE is not a joke, and that is why Frishman is not thinking clearly. He is petrified that his camp will be ruined. Instead of owning up to it he is hiding and forcing his staff to hide it as well.

The HOCK will be when the P.I. is done with his job and the jail cell is full.

Anonymous said...

This loser blog is just that. Has never made a difference nor changed anything. The puppet (Yudel) thinks he's the puppeteer yet can't rub two minyanim together. Old washed up waist of gehakte hoshanos

gay aveck said...

For that nudnik who claimed that no one ever sees Hazon advertised anywhere, they are on the website lists for Pesach getaways under Hartford Vaad and claiming to follow OU standard

When you click on the "rates" link the billigste price is the accomodation with "shared bathroom"

Maybe the nudnik should go for Pesach to see for himself if he still doesn't believe anyone knows about this place.

Just be warned that Hazon is very toyava-friendly in case you are too karg to upgrade from "shared bathroom"

Anonymous said...

For years years ALL hotel had shared bathrooms as premium rooms.
But all of a sudden shared bathrooms are toyava.
Another blogger in the gedolims logic (Gedolim assered blogs for this reason. So that hazon and others like them (blooger included) should keep to themselves and not advertise these places by using reverse psychology)
by the way, how much is hazon paying you to publicize their hotel?

Anonymous said...

This guy is really slow.

Most normal people would not want to share facilities with mishkav zachurniks. They happen to be carriers in many cases of all kinds of machalos including those that spread from indirect contact like hepatitis.

Hazon is where YU nut Steve Greenberg & his toyava chevra hang out to have their conferences as well as for stam rest & relaxation.

Hazon pays me for being mefarsem these 'attractive' details to bnei Torah? You are beyond slow.

(This same guy thinks it's ok when he is constantly belittling R' Yudel's Pesach hotel for no legitimate reason but the second someone says Boo about an OU affiliation he goes bananas)

Anonymous said...

If one goes to the site and see the pictures, there is no way ANYBODY would sign up there for Pesach. No body frum and nobody not so frum.

Anonymous said...

What i don't understand is why doesnt law enforcement sopena the heads of the camp.

Anonymous said...

Agudah is very powerful in the catskills just like Skver is in their area.
It's a big cover-up.

Do you want to protect your child?
Do the right thing, not those camps.

Anonymous said...

I think Agudah and Bnos are bankrupt.
No one can collect any money thus no one really cares what goes on there.
Especially if it questionable in the first place.

Anonymous said...

What does shenky have to say about this story? Hes been spending many dacades of summers in aguda

Anonymous said...

Why look at Camp Bnos when you have Issues that are going on at Oros Bais Yaskov led by Ephraim Birnbaum! It is scary if someone sends their kids to that school!

A bee me fresst bei der Convention said...

People in establishment positions generally do not open their mouths to complain about Agudah misbehavior for fear they will lose their well paying jobs.

A prime example is the guy who is paid $400,000 a year to run Ohel.


Hot off the press.
Agudah and especially Bnos are letting go at least half of the already hired staff
due directly to this post.
Refunds coming soon.
For any refund issues please file complaint with the NEW and IMPROVED Bais Yosef Bai Din in Flatbush with its executive secretary in Lakewood.

as of today - Alumni Bnos'er said...

Extra! Extra! Extra!

Camp Bnos closed down due to lack of campers.

This is a direct result of Reb Yudel's Campaign to publicize the real going ons within Camp Bnos. .

In order to get a total refund for all camp fees please email or call 'rest-of-the-story' site. They are very well connected to fre and legit Batay Dinim.

Extra! Extra! Extra!

Anonymous said...

As of yesterday, my boss & my brother in law who both claim to be sending their daughters to Camp Bnos, & have already sent in the money, are clueless to the fact that they're not opening this year.
So, is it true? Can somebody, a parent, or efsher a staff member confirm/deny?

Anonymous said...

The oilom is having big big problems. No other camp will accept former Bnos campers especially if your from Lakewood or Monsey. They say we need a vaad to advise us which girls can go to which camp (If there is still any room).
Maybe Yudel can arrange for such a vaad.
Maybe through this internet site.

Anonymous said...

When you call and ask them it's as if they have no idea what you are talking about and I don't see anyone else picking up this story so I am beginning to wonder if it's true.

just as in all years said...

Unfortunately Bnos is over filled and there no room for boys this year. So you can be assured that your daughter will be SAFE this year.

Anonymous said...

Its not too late.
You can still start your own camp.
Just get your money back - I'm sure Reb Yudel will help with that through his new and improved Bais Din (less the Bais din fees).
With your new camp you will really really put Camp Bnos (and Camp Agudah) out of business for good, and the world will be safe.
My kids are available to be counselors (for the right price).
Don't forget to check with Reb Yudel about the Kashrut of the Camp - or better, get Reb Yudels hashgacha on the camp.
(Save 2 or 3 bungalows for him and his family.)

Bai Kayta said...

The Eybishter instilled in the velt opposing forces of ra & toiv. Part of the ra are the miserable souls who can never let R' Yudel make a valid point without coming on to the site to deface it with nasty / cynical comments beoyfan letzonus echod doyche meah tochachos

Anonymous said...

"The Agudah position is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups. They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination"

As the Chaim Berliner Mashgiach Rav Carlebach ztl wrote in a letter to the Agudah, the chilul Hashem of covering up cover ups is even worse than stam chilul Hashem.

When lawyers told the Agudah to continue the cover up of Kolko molesting to protect being sued for having covered it up for so many years already, the baal habatim who really control the Agudah, along with one rosh yeshiva decided to follow the corrupt advice. Rav Pam ztl was moyche very shtark that the cover up is against the Torah even if a hefsid is inevitable from doing the right thing. They ignored him.

The following gedolei haposkim who are mechayev reporting molesters to the police with no exception for monetary loss, are all ignored by the Agudah who still claim with a straight face that they follow gedolim:

Tzitz Eliezer
Shaarim Metzuyonim Bahalacha
R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach
Rav Elyashev
Rav Wosner
lhbclc Rav Sternbuch

The alter Tenker Rov & R' Avigdor Miller went so far as to appoint askonim to fight the Agudah about Kolko

Bai realistic said...

Efsher the Ra part is the side that 'Bar bai Chad - Opinion' thinks is toiv.

Anonymous said...

Like all loshon horah, moitzee shem rah and/or Recheelis, they already went off to other 'alteh' topics which have absolutely nothing to do with this alleged billbul (true or not).

They also use their favorite technique of throwing around names of deceased people who cannot be questioned if what they allegedly are quoted as saying is true or not and even if it was said did it or does it apply in this specific case.

So here we go again... the frustrated anti agudah'nicks along with other self appointed heiligah askoonim telling all others what to do.

Lots of luck on your holy mission of 'tikun olam'. At least you can vent and let your bottled up anxieties out upon others and not on your spouses and family members.

Like to guy alluded to before: this must be the toiv hue of this mayseleh.

Go Yudel Go

Anonymous said...

1:50 pm is full of baloney

This is an Agudah camp & the Agudah is covering up just like they did for years at their other camp where Kolko was molesting. And it was the same mara d'asra of both camps who never met a molester he didn't fight to protect at the expense of the victims. So it has everything to do with it.

"Deceased people"??? Rav Sternbuch shlita is still alive and not only are you koifer in tzaddim bemisasan nikroin chaim but several of those gedolei haposkim have written teshuvos published in seforim to this effect. The letter from Rav Carlebach is on the internet and his son shows it to people every time the Agudah starts lying again to cover up that story that is very embarrassing for them.

There are also several rabbonim & askonim around who spoke to these gedolim and butted heads in a valiant attempt to stop the Agudah cover up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cynical liar "Go Yudel Go" guy is wishing bad things chas vesholom on Rav Wosner's beis din who poskened in a teshuva bichsav to report molesters to the police. The chavrei beis din are BH alive & well and should continue ad mean ve esrim shana.

As far as the Chaim Berlin faction who basically control both Agudah & Torah Umesorah these days, they can't even bring a din Torah anymore after the chuchem Fried figured out he can bring the tzetlach from Rav Carlebach to laugh them right out of beis din.

Anonymous said...

Obviously not all agree to your "self-made-attach-to-what-SOME-godol-MAY-have-said-under-specific-circumstances" narishe view and opinion. Those other Gedolim are of course 'shkotzim' in YOUR mind.
Keep up the venom so that all can see how you think. You sound like that mashgiach that just got uncovered in Israel. Gives holy moly shmoosen but G... knows what he really does. Same here. You already know what has to be done but shop for your custom made p'sakim from your (Chabad-like) LIVE gedolim.
Did you ask Rav Shternbuch Shlit'a what he thinks about this bilbul? No. Because if you did and he does not agree to your fantasy - your 'oisgeshpilt.
We all know that others asked their gedolim what to do (they themselves do not decide) and then they follow the ir psokim.

Anonymous said...

"Keep up the venom so that all can see how you think."

That was from the horse's mouth aka the OU mashgiach who is "chronicled" on this blog. As in the same OU mashgiach who not only tries to knock every single Yudel's take headline but also specializes in defending the Queens Vaad, as well as blogging propaganda in the form of protecting molesters and undermining anti-molester askonus.

And the reason why he is obsessed with covering up for molesters is because of the mishpooche's mechutan who is one of the most infamous & dangerous molesters out there. After running away from a city outside the United States where police want to question him, the OU made sure he was kicked out of chinuch even while the Queens Vaad protected him. The mechutan's father was also a molester. The mechutan's shver is convicted of child rape.

What a "lovely" mishpooche!

Chaim Berlin = My Way Or The Highway said...

Parts 1 and 2 of Rav Carlebach's letter to the Agudah

Personal hazmono ledin of R' Moishe Feinstein ztvkl which was ignored thus placing Schechter of the "Moetzes" and Abe Fruchthandler in siruv, a form of cherem for being mayrim yad against the Torah. Chaim Berlin spread a false rumor about 10 years ago that R' Moishe later removed the siruv, which led Rav Carlebach's son & R' Dovid Feinstein to protest lahada"m.

Public letter from Rav Carlebach that the Agudah-CB leader is also in siruv from two other batei din led by Rav Schwab & Rav Bick.

Anonymous said...

Very sharply worded letter to Frucht in 3 parts by Rav Shamshon Refoel Weiss who was rosh yeshiva by the Yekkes in Wurzburg in the alter heim.

Anonymous said...

In 3 parts how the "leaders" of Agudah / Torah Umesorah - who think they are above the law - have an ikkul signed against them by R' Moshe Feinstein and how they also blew off R' Yaakov Kaminetzky, Rav Ruderman & Rav Gifter.

Not so lshaim shamayim said...

Like 5/24/16 1:50PM claims that some our dear "schvitzers" just love Loshon Horah, Etc. and the proof to see if its "l'toeles" is to see how much other "loshon horahs" get "kneaded" into the mix.
Well, we are already well down the "not l'toe'eles" road up to "s'peeray mashehs" from our holy gedolim of yesteryear and the ziknay hador who's family and chasidim are still looking to get even (L'toe'eles, of course).
All this has very very much to do with bilbullim that some just post here to feel out the crowd if see if they can reach a "toe'eles" factor to justify their guilty conscious.
Oh. Well. Just another day in l'shaim shamayim yiddishkeit brought to you by anonymous selfie askoonim and schvitzers.


p.s. The former Bnos campers are still desperately looking for other camps or at least some yeshivish alternative to hock away the summer. Lets see what our anonymous, "l'shaim shamayim askoonim" can do about that!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Rav Carlebach still alive?

Kew Gardens said...

How convenient of the OU mashgiach to preach his holier than thou musser about lashon hora when it was he who was blogging for years until he was outed against dozens of rabbonim & askonim who he didn't agree with altz his hypocrite crazy kanoyi mindset.

Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin, MA - RaP Commentary, Recipients and Publicity said...

Please realize that all we can do is blame Chaim Berlin on all our problems. OK?

Anonymous said...

10:35 pm, not very nice.

You don't like the message that Agudah "leadership" is transgressing Shulchan Aruch so you try to shoot the messenger by accusing Rabbi Rudomin of being the anti-Chaim Berlin blogger RaP.

Anonymous said...

Chaim Berlin & Agudah were mamash desperate to prove who RaP is because RaP is a sharfe Yid who has a way with words to put them in their place. They used that modenna BT from the kidnapping scandal as a proxy to sue Google to learn RaP's identity. And while they were at it they also demanded to know the identities of 1000s of other bloggers & commmenters.

The only problem for Chaim Berlin & Agudah is that there is free speech in America so they were laughed right out of court.

Tishbi yetaaretz our kooshyos said...

Im soooo confused.
Is it dangerous to send your kid to Chaim Berlin or to the Agudah dinner?
Can we still go to din torahs or not?
Where are all those bnos campers going this year?
Where are all the chaim berliners going this year?
Why is this on Yudels Blog?
Is Rav Carlebach alive like the Lubavitcher or is really alive (Lebedik)?
If boys work at girls camps, do girls work at boys camp?
Which ones?
Do we have to close those camps down too?
Who bought camp bnos (now that its closed)?
What do Tzitz Elieze, Shaarim Metzuyonim Bahalacha, R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach'
Rav Elyashev, Rav Wosner and lhbclc Rav Sternbuch say about this blog site?
Are the askonim from the "alteh Tenka And (not alteh) Rav Avigdor miller still on the payroll to fight "very Shtark"?
Are the OU and the Queens Vaad still fighting who should get the hashgachas on all camps? Or are they leaving it for Yudel?
Is the hashgacha on the food or on the molesters?
Did R' Moshe Feinstein, R' Yaakov Kaminetzky, Rav Ruderman & Rav Gifter only stay at Agudah or did they also stay at bnos?.
Is torah umesorah inerested in holding their convention at bnos?
Anyway, its really confusing to keep up with this blog and all of yudels "rare" steaks.

Anonymous said...

It was after R' Moshe & R' Yaakov that the Agudah started going down the slippery slope by ignoring the gedolei Eretz Yisroel, R' Zelig and even their own member Rav Pam.

R' Chaim Brisker predicted that "sekretaren" as he called them would take over from real gedolim in a few doros which is why he refused to join the Agudah at it's inception.

Chochom royeh es hanoylad

Lower East Side said...

One of the few times R' Moishe ztl was angry. He said R' Aron Kotler came to him immediately when there was a hazmono but those young shnooks (at that time), or frishe yungerleit as he called them, Schechter & Fruchthandler fife on daso shel Torah.

Anonymous said...

So according to 8:06AM Reb Elya zicheesoy yoogain oolainee ve'al kol yisrooel oomain was "chopped liver". He must of been the " Brisker sekreraren"!!!
Sometimes it pays to " haalt zich Ahn " and just be quiet.

Alter Mirrer said...

As a matter of fact, it was well known to anyone in the Mir that R' Elya's shvogger alein, R' Shmuel Berenbaum, called the present Moetzes the "college boys".

R' Elya was not accepted to learn by the Brisker Rov because he had been enrolled in college for most of one year.

Don't even get anyone started what Beis Hatalmud holds.

According to askonim who quit the Agudah after this incident, R' Elya infamously sided with the corrupt lawyers who told the Agudah to cover up for Kolko. Rav Pam was ignored when he pleaded durch tremendous agmus nefesh that the cover up has no basis in Torah.

Now the Philly fanatics can make chopped liver out of themselves just like they do when all the gedolim have a problem with Kaminetzky created mamzerus.

Alter Eastern Parkvayer said...

When R' Chaim Epstein & R' Elya were asked by BMG about pushing yungerleit out of kollel, it was R' Chaim Epstein who was mechaven to daas Torah, like they would later hear from Maran Rav Schach ztl, az avadda nisht. Because of the chilukei dayos, R' Dovid Schustal went to Bnei Brak to ask. Maran ztl couldn't even believe that anyone would say such a thing and that BMG would take it seriously when hearing to push yungerleit out of kollel so he gave it to R' Dovid over the head mit a langa musser shmooz in chashivus limud Hatayreh.

Anonymous said...

7:44 pm last night is the vintage tactic of yener OU mashgiach

When he has nothing of value to farentfer the solid taynos on his favorite moisdos, dehaynu the OU, Queens Vaad & Agudah, he makes a mishmash & bilbul of the taynos, thinking he can confuse the readers into not taking the taynos seriously.

Loshon horo! Looshin horo! (as in SHABBIS) said...

In the last 25 comment nothing has been said about the original issue.
All the comments are about all gedolim and others. All the dirty laundry about them.
Reb Yudel can and should be proud of this
Opportunity he's enabling the snobs to be oiver the many many isurim. Toeles is not excusable on this site because no toeles comes out of this site unless it involves direct kashrut updates.
Don't fool yourselves.

Anonymous said...

2:34 pm - vos far an idyot!

It is befeirush a din in Shulchan Aruch that someone mesarev on drei hazmonos (bifrat if R' Moishe personally issued them) is a mecharef umegadef who raises his hand against Toiras Moishe and there is a CHIYUV LEFARSEM on him.

So it doesn't matter if Schechter is seated at the Moetzes after his azus ponim or how big Fruchthandler's homburg is.

Also, Kolko and Margulies are mesarvim by Mechon Lehoyroa and another beis din, and together with Belsky they were mesarev by a dritter beis din. Yet, despite all this the "heiliger" Agudah covers up for them and gives them koved.

For shame!

Don't fool yourselves takke because whatever 2:34 pm follows is not anything resembling halocho.

Anonymous said...

Halt zich aahn takka, depending where you are.

A Beis Hatalmud yungerman was once visiting Machane Moishe (Camp Shmorris) and said the truth out loud in the beis medrash about Chaim Berlin & Agudah. The heisseh Chaim Berliner chassidim physically picked him up & varfed him arrois. (If he would have been in Philly nor obber, the chassidim there would mistam have reacted much worse, maybe shreying like meidelach while they clawed him to shreds)

Anonymous said...

Chazon Ish on Shulchan Aruch poskens the oylam has a right to know if manhigim are acting properly so it is not assur to discuss it.

R' Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz in a 1923 edition of Der Djurnal Licht writes it is actually a chiyuv to be mefarsem against them about any of their bad behavior.

Bemokom shyesh chilul Hashem ain cholkin kovod lerav.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yudel for that last undisputable halachic psak din.

Anonymous said...

The Gemara Yuma with Rashi: Machnofim are to be exposed. No problem of lashon horah.

A rov who is a big boki in sifrei Chofetz Chaim told me all this is really meduyek there that the Chofetz Chaim holds like the Chazon Ish etc even though it seems not that way due to other things the Chofetz Chaim writes. Maybe the Chofetz Chaim didn't want people to dwell on it

Most Rishonim & Achronim also hold there is also no issur to repeat something already publicized. The Chofetz Chaim very puzzlingly says most asser despite that it is clearly not true. Someone in Eretz Yisroel wrote a teshuva to this effect giving the tally of those who asser clearly & overwhelmingly in the miut against those who are mattir. Again, it seems the Chofetz Chaim just prefers people not dwell on it even when mutter. But there is zicher who to be somech on.

just saying it like it is said...

Boruch habah and welcome to our new and better 'post what you want site'.

So this site is now officially the MUTAR loshon hora site which includes just about everything according to yeneh boki, sorry, yeneh BIG boki.

The sefer Chofetz Chayim maybe can help you avoid some loshon hora only if you don't want to dwell in gehinom but if you really need to verbalize it we'll find Achronim and/or some Rishonim to help you along.
For sure todays yentah or loshon horah experts will pat you on the back and encourage you to just get it out of your system.
Its all mutar in this day and age.
Welcome. Boruch Haboim.

Anonymous said...

3:27 pm will insult the dozens of Rishonim & Achronim who are mattir lashon horah in certain instances because they don't fit with HIS agenda. And that agenda is to protect - at all cost - the OU, Queens Vaad, Agudah & the molester mechutan. And once he is defending one molester he defends them all, and attacks all anti-molester poskim & askonim.

Vehamayvin yovin.

Anonymous said...

Boruch Hashem 10:00 was cautious enough to say certain instances.....

Act on that instead of letting your pi ha.... go loose at will.

Anonymous said...

Of all the hypocrites who attack R' Yudel, this guy is the biggest:

"instead of letting your pi ha.... go loose at will"

What about you? It's not like you hold back loshon hoorah & being motzi laaz on anyone you disagree with, especially when there is no heter.

And hust gehert az tze kumt a mazal tov tzum der gantzeh mishpooche? A company that sells sample criminal proceedings for law students to study as term paper examples is now including "The People vs L.R.".

Shoin gekoift? Billigeh prizen.

Can't believe this said...

Those poor 'maidalach' that nebach 'loy olainu' have to suffer by going to Bnos.
No one offered them alternatives even though it was brought up a few times right here. Are the writers of these 'alerts' really serious? Or is it only 'page six' yenthrai?
How come nothing is done or written about them on this frimmer and kooshe internet site?? How come no camps have taken them in? How come there are no din torahs (or court cases Chas V'shoolim) about this?

Anonymous said...

"How come there are no din torahs (or court cases Chas V'shoolim) about this?"

Devious Shakran. You of course know that most people are afraid of being publicly labeled as victims and/or suffering a backlash from corrupt associates of the molester-rapist and those protecting him. That's the same reason why your mishpooche's molester-rapist mechuton got away with it in gantzen from most of his victims.

choochim fin ma nishtaneh said...

12:00 6-2-16

If molesters are the norm (because they are afraid of the mishpoocheh as in Mafia) why should one not send their girls to Bnos?

Anonymous said...

Golberg from Flatbush will help the Mothers

Anonymous said...

Is this Bnos story the reason that Simcha Kaufman left Agudah?
If not, why did he leave, takeh?

Anonymous said...

No. That's the reason Frischman retired.

Anonymous said...

I missed the "achoisainee" part on the video this past Sunday night.
How was it?

Anonymous said...

Simcha Kaufman was an integral component of the Kolko cover up at Camp Agudah for 40 years. Why should this be any different?

See here

And here

He has been creating drama for years though about not coming back due to old age but kept coming back

Anonymous said...

Camp Bnos is up for sale.

Text Reb Yudels for details.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Goldberg wants to be the camp Director

Anonymous said...

Let him buy the place. Then he can do what his heart desires.

Anonymous said...

How much do they want for the camp?
Is Agudah also included?

Anonymous said...

reb yudel, posting links to videos with noshim prutzos is a michshol to the tzibur, please take down the link to the video

Anonymous said...

No one accused Bnos campers of being 'prutzos'.
Only the B..s at bnos.

Anonymous said...

Who bought the camp?

Anonymous said...

Just heard that there is no visiting day at Bnos (2nd half).
I guess that means that the camp is closed.
Wow. Yudel does another great job.

Anonymous said...

why cant everyone just shut up and go to bnos if you want or go somewhere else there are plenty other camps

According to Yudel said...

You mean one has a choice if his daughter should become a zoi.... Chas Veshalom or go somewhere else??????

Anonymous said...

This is sadly NOT a lie

Anonymous said...

Girls were raped at the camp last summer. The parents are too ashamed to go public which is a big Avla to everyone else whose daughters go there. An ongoing investigation is still going on. The camp and Frishman in particular will be held accountable. He told the few camp employees who know about it to keep quiet according to R' Yechiel Perr who believes the rapes took place. It's a very serious matter.

Anonymous said...

Mishpacha magazine had an article about Frishman and Camp Aguda only a few weeks ago. In the long-winded article was stated in other words that the CAMP OWNS THE LOCAL POLICE. That is why this investigation is taking so long. One word. CORRUPTION. Mr. FRischman knows exactly who the rapist(s) are. Last summer immediately following, he said the boy(s) are being watched 24/7, then he changed his tune. Anyone who even has a half of a percent of doubt should remove their daughter from his care. It could happen again CVS. There is a Facebook page Called WE KNOW #CAMP BNOS see for more information

Anonymous said...

Just heard that all the buses that were to take the girls to Bnos ended up in different camps since, due to security concerns, there is no more Bnos.

Anonymous said...

Camp is open for three days. Any unreported rapes yet?

Anonymous said...

Camp is now operating for 8 days.

ANY unreported RAPES YET????

At least are there any boys on camp grounds???


Can't be.

Anonymous said...

Anthoer day, Another blank.
Sorry Shvitzers.

yankel said...

Rav carlebach is very much alive

Anonymous said...

Is Camp Bnos really open this season?

Anonymous said...

Did anything occur during visiting day?

Anonymous said...

Another day and more cover-up it seems.

GEVALT!?!?!?!? said...

Why does no one stopping the abuse and sodomy in that place?
The place is packed and no reaction from any one.
Not the Campers, not the staff, not the activists, not the visitors, not the Dee Aye, not the police, not the gedolim, not the moetzets, not the Aida, Not Rav Shteinmen, Not Reb Chayim, not Mr Trump, not Mrs Hillery. No One.

Anonymous said...

Was the First trip clean?
Did the abusers go elsewhere?
Is it now safe for the second trip?

bnos is still the best said...

Here goes another trip with no one stopping the abuse and sodomy going on.

Woe to us that we live in such a dor and to top it off we even send our kids there.

Oh do we have to say kinos this tishah bav with more kavanah.

Anonymous said...

Just study the Amudim card and it'll all be OK.

Anonymous said...


Just study the Amudim card and it'll all be OK.

Anonymous said...

העיתון של יתד נאמן אחרי המהפך ולפני תיקון חוק הגיוס (במרכעות) כתבו בשם מרן הרב שטינמן ש-חוק יעדים ומכסות זה גזירת שמד וזימה בפועל, ונלחם בכל הכח עד שלא יהיה מצב כזה שאפילו בחור אחד מישיבה לא יוכל לשבת וללמוד וכל שכן יותר מאחד.

היום כבר מציגים עשרות קלסרים של אלפי בחורים!!!!! חרדים לשעבר שהתגיסו, אז אפי' אם יתרצו על 500 בחורים תירוצים מתירוצים שונים אבל מה אם שאר "אלפי" בחורים בנחל החרדי של זימה. אין מה לעשות כהיום זה היתד שלנו, לקיים מה שנאמר: וְיָתֵד תִּהְיֶה לְךָ וכו' וְכִסִּיתָ אֶת צֵאָתֶךָ.

Anonymous said...

Can figure it out ???

The Camp is NOT safe but there is a long long waiting line to get it.

Sounds like the Pardes Asparagus.

Anonymous said...

I was a camper at Agudah in the summers of (best recollection) ’67, ’68 and ’69. I remember Rabbi Borchart bellowing on the dining room PA system unconvincingly, “There will be no Color War this year,” and I remember the teams from one summer as being Ahavah vs. Yirah, and another as Zekainim vs. Naarim. At the end of that Color War we learned a song composed specially for the occasion, “Zekainim Im Naarim Yihallilu Es Shem Hashem.”

During one of those summers my bunk was located in the multi-story building, and the picnic tables where our daily learning sessions took place were not far away. One morning I left my group to use the bathroom near my bunk, and an older guy (a camper, I think from another bunk) appeared out of nowhere and pulled me into his room. He pinned me down on a bottom-level bed and started forcibly kissing me. He touched me through my clothes, which was both painful and ticklish. I was obviously too young to understand the nature of what was happening. I remember feeling that the kissing was disgusting, having no idea as to why a man would kiss another man. I was physically incapable of freeing myself and was terrified. And then he just stopped and got up. He told me leave and not to tell anyone about this or he would kill me. I couldn’t believe what had happened, and just returned to my group, shell-shocked. I quickly put the matter out of my mind, somehow reassuring myself that it was a strange, inexplicable occurrence. A few days or weeks later it happened again, the exact same way, only this time rougher and more violent. And again, I was cautioned to talk to no one. After that second time I do recall telling someone, I don’t remember who. I think he was from that guy’s bunk. I remember him laughing knowingly and saying I was lucky he stopped. He told me the guy did this all the time. From that point forward I was mindful to never go back to my building when it was unoccupied. I told nobody else about any of this, certainly not my counselor. I don’t think I knew how or that I would be believed. And I was scared. And amid all the camp activities it was soon forgotten.

I am not from New York and am not hooked into local news. It was only about two years ago when I was reading for the first time about the charges against Yiddi Kolko, that I recognized his name from my summers at Agudah. I don’t remember his position, but I remember he was a “macher.” I remember a song about him and a guy named Zorch, the lyrics being “Zorch and Yiddi, what a pity...”

And then, like a bolt of lightning, all the memories described above came flooding back. Those events were completely out of my consciousness all these years as though they never happened. And now the recollections were crystal clear. I was stunned; this whole concept of suppressed memories was actually real – because it indeed happened to me. I was raped.

Is any of this responsible for F’ing up my life? I don’t really know, but I can tell you that I just turned 60, and my encounters that summer were the first and last time I was ever intimate with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Now what? Why don't you state names & places?

Anonymous said...

You need to post this EARLIER in the year. All camp decisions are usually made in Feb. or March.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Meir Frischman is MIA! One wonders. If anyone can share contact information it would be helpful

Anonymous said...