Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Update: Vaad of Queens intimidates Rabbonim.

Sound Familiar ???

Actually not, because the gadol hador Rav Elyashev actually gave the psak against the Queens Vaad regardless.

What IS familiar is that Yanky Ribowsky, Chaim Schwartz & the rest of the Queens Vaad babies & their defenders always strive to get in the last word, no matter what kind of sheker & being mevazeh Daas Torah they use to achieve that goal.

They are much worse than just Korach. They are also like Paroh who huffed "Mi Hashem asher eshma bekolo?"

(Meanwhile Yanky & Chaim scream about those catching them misbehaving as "koifrim". Will the real koifrim please stand up
After many meetings together with rabbi Olebaum an
d the community rabbis of queens, and discussions of all the VHQ kashrus violations and corruption.

The Shnorer / Shvoger Weinberger got involved?

In addition, Many Mashgiachim and owners came forward to offer complaints about Rabbi Schwartz and Ziskind how they need to be replaced due to all the negligence of bad kashrus supervision.

Rabbi Olebaum at first was ready to fight this battle but then was threatened by the VHQ authorities. Due to fear and manipulation. Rabbi Olebaum has decided to resign from this corrupt political queens Vaad battle. 

Unfortunately, the VHQ has won the battle with rabbi Olebaum as he threw in the towel and is afraid to go against the Vaad of queens.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Rabbi Oelbaum who wanted to impose some stupid chumra on the community. Said chumra had no basis in halacha, but Oelbaum wanted to look more frum than the others.

Leave politics out of kashrus, lest you want to demean a lot of rabbonim who get in over their heads.

Maria said...

Is this a meeting which actually happened? When? Or us it a discussion after the late minyan? Is there an official resignation letter?

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that VHQ has no kashrus standard that any religious Jew should rely on. Rabbi Oelbaum tried to get them to at least be acceptable "bi'dieved". Rabbi Chaim Schwartz threatened him and abused him, so he backed down.

Now the Queens people are eating "crow".

Say Li'Chaim

Anonymous said...

So Yudels is claiming that Rabbi O is a Whimp ?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

All the Shuls in queens are saying that rabbi olebaum had a private meeting with several VHQ rabbis together with several community rabbi about all the corruption and kashrus cover ups in VHQ establishments. All thanks to chamiel. They even had owners and mashgiachim come to testify on all the issues and negligent kashrus. Chamiels good friends rabbis you know who were there and trying to figure out who has the authority to fire chamiel. Chiamiels best friends Rabbis shonfeld and sivitisky said he should be fired for all the corruption. But they were afraid to fire him. Chameils own friends from the neighborhood want him out but have no backbone to make it happen. One thing is for sure the rabbis have no excuses anymore just fears of chameil blacking mailing them.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite chumros rabbi olebaum was imposing is that rabbi schwartz allows goyim to kasher all restaurant kelim with no rabbinical supervision. Chumra is to require rabbinical supervision. Another chumra is that goyim aren't allowed to tovel all the kelim for the establishments without rabbinical supervision. No yid onsite at all. And many other chumros but can't be revealed because it will implicate others who came forward to complain to rabbi olebaum. Obviously, keeping respectable standards is considered a chumra in queens.

Anonymous said...

Just because the guy toveling and or kashering wears a long jacket or has peious does not mean hes is a goy? Even in Queens.
So please.
Come up with a better chumrah request.
We all know Rabbi O.
He's a lot smarter then that.

Anonymous said...

If no one can fire Rabbi Schwartz that means that he is the boss.
He does need black mail. He is just the boss.

Also if there is something to black mail anyone then he is not a rabbi.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, Ribowski wants apologize for everything he said and wrote against emmes and you.

He realized that Chaiml "used" him, and is telling everyone that Ribowski has a "history", yet from eretz yisroel days. He could use professional help, but he's a good bull'van.

Soif Duvuhr, Ribowski will go for professional help as it's affecting his sholom bayis as well.

He promised to.....

He's ready to spill the beans on Chaiml, he accumulated a lot of episodes and even some recordings.

get a life guys said...

Can't wait for the goodies on Chayimel. Woowie.

The whole world is waiting........
For the goodies on Chayimal.....
The whole world is waiting... For the goodies on Chayimel......

Pass the Negelvasser Shussel said...

All of these slimy frauds in Queens are using each other.

Schonfeld uses Schwartz to do his dirty work but when Brooklyn rabbonim not realizing that Schwartz is Schonfeld's puppet, have asked Schonfeld about Schwartz, thinking that Schwartz is in charge, Schonfeld does not have nice things to say about Schwartz.

Schwartz might even know this ober fort he loves the salary more than at KVH plus the other freebies he gets that are meduyek in the Queens Vaad tax return.

Schwartz doesn't just use Schonfeld in return but he also uses Rav Teitelbaum, buttering him up so he can mach zich chushev as a maggid shiur there. And Schwartz uses Weinberger, Ribowsky & previously Weinberger's mechuten in Brookline, Mass. Weinberger doesn't extend himself for nothing. He is also getting some shady things out of the upmach.

Ribowsky voint in chaloymos. Er halt zich chushev that Schwartz makes him a baal davar in the conspiracies and that someone in Weinberger's basement is listening to Ribowsky tummel the gantza tzeit about his grosya dayos in kashrus + alla anderra lukshin. Ah! Mamash a kollel for "metzuyonim" that is azoy "hard to get in to" that Ribowsky is the only yungerman.

Anonymous said...

nothing in queens will ever change unless the heimishe rabbonim get together with shaar hatorah and even then there are some heimishe rabbonim who are spies & saboteurs for queens vaad

many rabbis of the queens modern shuls are not yirei shomayim themselves & are big amei haaretz. the rest of them are afraid to do anything frum because their members are not very frum and in many cases anti-frum. their members just want to fress kol ma sh'ha'ayin royeh & to send their kids to co-ed day schools including solomon schechter. some young israels even have members who send their kids to public school

chofetz chaim yeshiva is out to lunch & a big part of the problem with queens kashrus. their rabbonim will eat pretty much anything that any shvantz claims is kosher. it's a long story what is behind chofetz chaim yeshiva

as far as the young israel rabbis in queens, anyone who is from a Torahdik background will be astounded at the behavior of some of these "rabbis"

young israel hollis hills-windsor park the rabbi is pro-gay & sends his own kids to co-ed school

one shul in forest hills has a conservative rabbi giving the halacha shiur

one shul in jamaica estates has the rabbi of the hashkama beis medrash after the OU beis din poskened he should not allowed to be a rabbi in the OU. the other rabbi there thinks he is a bar plugta on rav moshe feinstein, that he can be cholek on rav moshe because he has a kashya on rav moshe when he did not even go through the sugya. this shul has events with food in the homes of members who are mechalel shabbos & not kosher. one of these frey members made a shul kiddush on sukkos with a beautiful sukkah built under a huge tree

one shul in kew gardens hills the droshos have their mareh mekomos from goyishe philosophers

there is a non-vaad rabbi in queens who knows more than most how corrupt the vaad are because he deals with all the chiloni israelis that open restaurants, catering, etc. he is sickened how the queens vaad will take hashgocho fee from anyone's wallet including israelis who don't even go to shul on yom kippur

chaim schwartz, schonfeld & the rest of the young israel pulpit bums are going to have to answer one day for feeding treif to the whole boro of queens. this includes the scandal where the chiloni restaurant owner beat up on the queens vaad mashgiach & they still tried to keep it covered up until schwartz's deputy was physically attacked when he went down there

Amol gelerrrnt in Brrrisk said...

You chevra have no clue how Savitsky fits in. He Hates the Queens Vaad & all of it's Rabbiner mit a Kapital H. He kochs all the time about how everything from them is durch chilul Shabbos & otherwise no good (except for one gesheft where he also has personal negios to cover up for them). But he is careful to whom he is koching. If anything gets back he immediately denies it. The last I heard, Savitsky had a job in Faskowitz's yeshiva, a real corrupt Vaad crony who would throw Savitsky out in a second if he dared criticize the Vaad. Faskowitz is a busybody who pretends to be rosh yeshiva. He is mechuton of the molester Bryks who the Queens Vaad has protected all the years even after the OU expelled Bryks. Faskowitz is also 1st cousin of Mordechai Tendler & resigned from the OU in protest when the OU expelled Tendler.

Refa'einu ... said...

Thu Jun 22, 01:23:00 PM 2017 + Thu Jun 22, 02:17:00 PM 2017 must of drank the used Negelvasser and eaten too much Queens Vaad food.
Not to have a single good word about a single person in a whole boro where one resides is pathetic. Some 'shroifen' need tightening if its not already too late.
If you can just give us your full hebrew name and your mother's full hebrew name we will add it to our mi sheh'beirach list. We'll recite it quietly so no one will know who it is.

If the shoe fits said...

R' Shmuel Avigdor Feivelson ztl once called a whole city an ir hanidachas. There wasn't a single rabbi there who stood with bnei Torah. This is the same city where Krauss was before he joined the Queens Vaad & started IBD the beis din factory for mamzerim.

So what is so shver by Refa'einu that there are so many sick fakers in Queens?

Oh, silly me! Shoyn fargessen that Refa'einu is one of the sick fakers himself who is glued to this website to defend Schwartz & everything else corrupt.

My apologies for briefly overlooking you, Yanky!

Anonymous said...

Chaim Schwartz's father is a lawyer who moved from Monsey to Lakewood. There is a Monsey blog that says he is involved in corrupt deals with S.B. Tress who keeps getting arrested for different crimes.

Employee of the year award said...

What more could Shoinfeld want than an obedient little Chaimel who follows orders to cover up kashrus scandals & everything else? Even when it meant running down to shake the hand of menuvol Anthony Weiner because maybe the Queens Vaad could get some more money out of his local fund before he resigned from Congress, Chaimel was right there absorbing enough tumah through his hands that he probably ran straight to the mikva that the Queens Vaad put molester Bryks in charge of.

I'm just curious though if Chaimel Schwartz had one more opportunity to chapp arein with Weiner before Weiner was taken into FBI custody less than a month ago.

Chaimel must have been very angry when a Yid from Queens no less told off Weiner in a Boro Park bakery that he is a lowlife & married to a Yishmoelis. Certainly this Yid had no go ahead from gedolim like Chaimel & Joel and could have put the Queens Vaad in danger of not being able to shnorr from Weiner.

When radio host Michael Fragin tried to get out of Chaimel in a 2013 interview if the Queens Vaad has a problem that Weiner is a menuvol, Chaimel beat around the bush & ended off saying he has to be practical & see which way the wind is blowing just like any other community would do.

Wow! That's sounds like right out of the Reform & Conservative playbook. It's a good thing that the KVH was affiliated with Boston Reform & Conservative rabbis that Chaimel could learn from their wisdom too besides all the breathtaking kashrus yedios that he learned from YU rabbi in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Ribowski, Weinberger, Chaiml, etc. Queens got em all, hook, line n sinker.

Where does Ribowski work?
How about Weinberger? Is he a rebbeleh, raising funds?

It's time to drain the swamp.

Mi vuh'mi la'shem?

Anonymous said...

A few no nonsense balai batim should team up with some no nonsense Rabbonim and start a recommended food service list.

The 5 Towns Rabbi Forst is doing it,it's far from ideal, but it's a start.

One should not rely on the fox to guard the hen house.

Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim min admas Queens said...

Queens is a different kind of animal from the 5 Towns because Queens not only has more rabbis who are corrupt but they will stoop to any kind of lowlife mafia tactics. This goes back to the 1960s when they threatened Brach's supermarket in Kew Gardens Hills and some heimishe rabbonim not eating from Queens Vaad supervision. They will stop at nothing to make money by acting dirty in kashrus and in many other areas where they can make money. Their chevra kadisha division is even more dirty than their kashrus. They dug up 1000s of kivrei yesomim from the 1800s, threw the bones in the trash & resold the graves for millions to frey Russians. The Queens Vaad is lying about Rav Elyashevs' psak against them & have made threats, even death threats, against those fighting them. You be the judge of this: Peretz Steinberg of the Queens Vaad beis din threatened a Mirrer kollel yungerman that he will have Italian mafia knock him for bringing the kevorim scandal to the attention of Rav Elyashev & the NY State Attorney General. A historian working with the Mirrer who was an expert witness on the graves was then found murdered execution-style just 3 days before he was going to testify in front of the Attorney General's tribunal. The NYPD never solved the murder. Did the Queens Vaad directly hire the rotzchim? Maybe not, but it was lechol hapochos some goyim working with the Vaad who were also profiting. The Queens Vaad still has blood on their hands kelapei Shmaya for being megalgel this whole disgusting episode.

Rav Forst would be relentlessly bullied & would probably give up if he lived about 10 miles north of Far Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

11:35 is them. The losers will try to figure out from the answers who is talking about them.

But who cares. Ribowsky is obviously the subject of well deserved ridicule in the series "Chronicles of an OU mashgiach"

Anonymous said...

Despite this showdown mit der "Humner Ruv" R' Noach Isaac, you can be sure Chaim Schwartz will continue blaming & scapegoating Richmond for all the kashrus scandals in the far out areas. Never mind that the same scandals are also on Main St with Schwartz's blessing if you just look a little harder.

Prodfather said...

What else is new with Peretz the Sheretz who together with another upstanding VHQ member Bryks was involved with Mendel Epstein in the shakedowns.

Help! said...

Trying to figure out why is all the old "tzoi'ah" being regurgitated once again.

Is it the thousand (or is it Million) 'orphan' bones that came to the Krankeh's dream ??
Is it that he got hungry and once again had to pay for Queens Vaad food ?? At a Queens Vaad establishment ??
Did he miss the BBQ again this passed Erev Shabbos ?
Did the old man Brach come to his dream ??
Was it Reb ElyYashev ?? That couldn't be, he wouldn't know him or respect him.
Was it the Mafia guy who worked with Queens Vaad?
Was it the Mafia guy who didn't work with Queens?
Was it at Rav O's request ? Maybe at Rav T-tree's urging ?
Or was it "Horav Shoolim Shechter's" idea ?
Were the Toi'evah people involved ?
Or the Coffee Rabbi ?
'Efsher' the new bucharee on the block ?
Or 'efsher' the local 'homemade bug rechecker Lab' guy?
Did he forget to light up while at the Local shul's shaboos lunch ?


Then we remembered:

It was Shabbos Parshas KORAH. The first rebellion against the Torah and Rabbonim.
Now it all fits in.
All Questions answered.

Kew Gardens said...

The hungrik guy as you at 1:23 pm call him, that you attacked here for years, mocking him as an evyon who takes from Tomchei Shabbos, etc, er nebich lebt shoin nisht. Insulting the dead now? You really have no bounds.

Now as far as Korach, einer fun der gedolei Ponivitch zogt that when there is a machlokes you look to see who is on what side. Amol is geven Korach mit der asafsuf vs Moishe Rabbeinu with the Zekeinim. Today's machlokessen you also look to see who is on what side. And fun dem zet men aless.

Queens Vaad
Joel Schonfeld
Chaimel "mehadrin" Schwartz
Barry "Gay Rights" Kornblau
Embezzler Ribowsky
Ribowsky Jr the hafgononik, have rocks, will travel
Ribowsky the Conservative Cantor in Hillcrest
Molester Bryks
Paysach "Gomco" Krohn
Peretz Steinberg (Mendel Epstein's shutef)
David "grave robber" Jacobson
Elchonon "tzveiter grave robber" Zo(y)hn(a)
Rabbi "we"ll call you" Sadowsky


Horav Elyashev ztl
R' Shloime Teitelbaum shlita
Etlicher Queens yechidim vos zeinen medakdekim bekashrus
Rav Bess who says al pi a gadol that those like Queens Vaad should be exposed
The murdered cemetery historian Hyd

Enough said

Anonymous said...

Koirach Der shaineh yeed.
Koirach Der groise nadvan.
Koirach Der Groishe Yachsin.
Koirach der heiligeh Zaideh (From Shmuel)
Dooson in Avirom Nuch fin der Alteh heim
Dooson in Avirom the poor zadikim with no money or support.
250 Rebbishe Sanhedrin Yidden all came with the special stokehs to makriv Ktoires mitt alle kavoones.
R T-Boim who only uses the groiseh mehadrin caterer faar alle seedahs.
R LA who know nothing about the east coast other then what ehr hehrt in gaas.
Why would you even mention HR Elyashev when you would spit him in the face if he said something you wouldn't like? The proof is how you treat all Rabbonim who don't agree with you right here in your back yard?

All went against:

Moishe who did it all by himself (according to Koirach and Der Kranke fin Qveens.)
AAhaaron who got the job because of Protektzia - Just Like the Holy Medakdekin fin Qveens (according to Koirach and Der Kranke fin Qveens).

The old askanim who set everything up in Queens according to precise halacha with the guideance of today's gedolim Zatzal. (Just as great and big as Rav Elyashev Zatzal).

But only the local anonymous internet bloggers in conjunction with some masis oomadiachim fin ah poor heiligeh toiradikeh shteit are the ones who think they can and will call the shots.

Bottom line:

Koirach made lots of noise like you guys.
Koirach is shoin laang nisht do. (you guys still can repent - Elul is less the two months away).

Queens by now is on self drive as set up so firmly and unbreakable by the rabboonim mit ah mesoireh and with the direct guidance of gedolim who knew and know the exact situation locally vs some 'koirachniks' flying around the world to 'pick n pay', choose and opt for far away poskim who know nothing about the local 'metzeeis' in Queens. Only what these koirachniks decide to set them up so that they can say they heard what suits them (if even that is true - remember, you dealing with today's current koirachnicks).

The Oilom knows all this and they chazzer it again and again every year so that they can figure out and know that they are the right path instead of meeting and joining the old rebels down there (after they get interned out of Queens).

Gabbai sheni of Shiu said...

Were does Aschkenazy stand as far as the Queens Vaad?

Or at least where did he stand before he started hiding out in Eretz Yisruel from both Federal prosecutors & the Lower East Side rabbonim who had to take their grievances from beis din to court now. Was he duch hingrik or did he not eat from the Queens Vaad? Or was he like the guy he took over the KG shul from, me esst nisht ober if there's something in it for ME I will still help Schwartz & his sidekick "with the history" to carry out their dirty work to terrorize anyone else vus vilt essen nur kusher, laafeekei Queens Vaad

Garbage from the source said...

Amazing how these Queens Vaad liars along with their Intifada'nik, rock throwing collaborator will lie & be matzdik absolutely anything.

There is no heter to rip out of the ground toizent fun yesomim, or even one yasom, throw the bones in the garbage and resell the plots to Russians, many of whom are goyim.

You don't even need the gadol hador Rav Elyashev ztvkl to tell you.

And certainly there is no one in his right, non-lowlife mind, gadol, or rabbi, or am haaretz, who would ever say this is ok.

But the Queens Vaad will keep lying while making up fairy tales & imaginary poskim to cover up for their stealing & fraud. The Intifada'nik is arm in arm with them, partially getting his twisted jollies out of it and partially altz a crazed campaign where he thinks covering up for the Queens Vaad also deflects fun alla shmutz in zein gantze mishpooche.

Anonymous said...

"You don't even need the gadol hador Rav Elyashev ztvkl to tell you."

Sound Familiar ???

Yes. Koirach with his Talis, Mezuza etc. "Shaalehs".

We don't need Moishe Rabbeinu (or any one else) to tell us........

Nahapuch Queens said...

Sound Familiar ???

Actually not, because the gadol hador Rav Elyashev actually gave the psak against the Queens Vaad regardless.

What IS familiar is that Yanky Ribowsky, Chaim Schwartz & the rest of the Queens Vaad babies & their defenders always strive to get in the last word, no matter what kind of sheker & being mevazeh Daas Torah they use to achieve that goal.

They are much worse than just Korach. They are also like Paroh who huffed "Mi Hashem asher eshma bekolo?"

(Meanwhile Yanky & Chaim scream about those catching them misbehaving as "koifrim". Will the real koifrim please stand up)

Classic Koirach said...

Gave a psak but Koirachnick extended it to be "Against the Queens Rabbis".

Koirach goes to Israel with a fictitious sob story shopping for his preconcluded result. Goes to many Rabbis, Chachams and Rebbes finally one says "that if what you saying is true then its bad" and writes the Halachcha assuming that the fictitious story is true.

Oh. you see. This Rabbi, Rebbe or Chacham said it so. The Queens Raabis S.....K.

This is today'sversion of the same old Koirach.

Like there are no local Rabbis in America - All questions only go to another continent and another country.

But the Koirachniks still reside in Queens Because The Money is there (like Koirach) the Food is there ( like a classic 'grabyaan') and the action is there (like a good fully grazed American - got to hope his offspring stay in the fold R'L)

Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim min admas Queens said...

When Rav Elyashev ztl was presented with all the EVIDENCE from pictures & records of how the Queens Vaad destroyed kivrei yesomim to resell the plots for millions of dollars, it was a no brainer that he poskened against the greedy, corrupt Queens Vaad.

The Queens Vaad & their accomplice David Jacobson even bulldozed over the chelek where the yesomim were sent from orphanages, proven by before & after aerial pictures.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

...all the EVIDENCE from pictures & records of how the Queens Vaad ....

ALL the Evidence.
By Whom?

Like they had a drone there filming the whole event.
With a BIG sign stating: WE ARE THE QUEENS VAAD.
Then they put up a sign stating: PLOTS FOR SALE.
Call the Queens Vaad for prices, details and prices.
And the records.... the ones registered with the city of NY? or maybe the borogh of Queens?

It is a no brainer (not it was a no..)

Somehow the got a posek to issue a psak against somebody without finding out what the other (TRUE) side is ???? Just based on a "Shvantz" from America walking in and saying: here are pictures......
Lets not even write about how they got the Gabboim to.....
Let alone to address a blank 'quoting of Halacha' and say "look RAV ELYASHEV paskened agaisnt you !!!! Let alone against a group of upstanding Rabbonim...

Comon. Who are you fooling??? Not even youself????

This whole topic is a no brainer INDEED.

And that they got yudel to post it is a bigger shaala.
Then again maybe not. Knowing the relationship Yudel got with others....

Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim min admas Queens said...

You know exactly who gathered the evidence. When links to it were posted here a few years ago you screamed different nonsense to drown it out.

And you of course bashmutzed the eidim, like the Mirrer yungerman, who went to Rav Elyashev ztl & NY Attorney General.

Now there is a wall so that Queens Vaad Elchonon Zo(y)hn(a) & Jacobson stop everyone from coming in but you chayos were too late for the gathered evidence.

Rubashkin Truck Driver said...

Not only is this Queens Vaad defender my kind of guy because he is rude and has no class.

But he sounds like the lawyer Ben Brafman when he defended Sholom Rubashkin's shvogger Balkany in his criminal extortion trial:

Brafman got up to give his reply. At five feet six inches, his barrel chest puffed out, he seemed to fill the room. He began. “Just so we’re clear, lying on those tapes, everybody lied,” he said. “There should be no question in your mind that everybody lied. Klotz lied to Balkany. Balkany lied to Klotz.” Brafman backed into the middle of the courtroom, away from his notes, speaking in increasingly outraged tones. “Are we nuts? We’re not nuts. None of us are nuts. I don’t think we’re nuts. But we’re listening to conversations that are nuts,” Brafman argued. “You can’t just convict Rabbi Balkany because he had some stupid conversations that the government has suggested to you show that he’s guilty of a crime,” he went on. “He did not act with the requisite criminal knowledge or intent that these crimes will require you to find beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Brafman paused, reaching into a repertoire that stretches back to his early days working for Robert Morgenthau in the Manhattan D.A.’s office. “Now, you have an argument with somebody, even somebody you love, whoever gets the last word, man, that’s a powerful moment, and that’s the advantage the government gets, because they have the disadvantage of having to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” Brafman said. “But here is my thought on that, and I think I’m right, and I hope you agree. They don’t have the last word. You do.” Let’s fight the man, was what he meant—you, me, and the rabbi against Steve Cohen and the government.

When he finished, after an astonishing hour and a half of high-volume exposition, Brafman collapsed into his leather seat, exhausted. Balkany turned to his family, his pale cheeks suddenly ruddy, a smile stretching beneath his beard

The next morning, Jesse Furman got up to give the government’s response. Furman, too, could make a credible common-man plea to the jury: “The Red Cross doesn’t use these kinds of lines to raise money,” Furman said, citing Balkany’s repeated reassurances to SAC’s representatives that if they handed over the cash he wanted, they wouldn’t have to sweat a government investigation. “This isn’t how the March of Dimes gets the money it uses for charity,” he added. “This is corruption, pure and simple.”

By 3:45, the jury had returned its verdict. It was a simple and definitive guilty, on all four counts.

Anonymous said...

Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim min admas from tabletmagazine.
posting like a truck driver.

Tablet Magazine. Another Site for a nice yeshivish blogger to read all day.
And then tell others how to behave.
Takah a Truckdriver. In its whole sense.

Anonymous said...

Mirrer Yungermaan (Is he edead yet? C'V) plus Tablet Magazine sounds like good pair.
Like Koirach And Oin ben Peles (who was saved by his Vaab), &/or Dasan and Aviram.

What happened at the NY Attorney General?

Also nothing. Because nothing actually occurred.

Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim min admas Queens said...

The NY Attorney General came after the grave robberies twice. The first time there was hard evidence against the VHQ-Jacobson shutef from the Flatbush Vaad, Sidney Applebaum. Applebaum fled to Israel. While in Israel he illegally sold the shul in the Flatlands & pocketed the money without permission from the membership. Applebaum had made himself into a big "guru" on Chevra Kadisha just like Elchonon Zoh(y)n(a) does now at the Queens Vaad.

The second time around, the expert witness who knew everything about the kevorim could not show up to the tribunal because he was murdered in cold blood 3 days earlier. The NYPD said professional killers were hired for the murder but they could not prove who did it. The murdered historian was an old man with no known enemies.

We don't know if the gentile funeral home for the frey Russians who split the profits with the Queens Vaad contracted this murder hit or if it was Queens Vaad's Peretz Steinberg who made good through his Mendel Epstein resources on his Italian mafia death threat that he shouted like a ferd to threaten Mirrer Yeshiva's R' Moishe Handler.

It is not so veit that Mendel Epstein & his friends would facilitate something like this. They were always matzdik makkos retzach for gelt while hiding behind phony claims of being mezakkeh the rabim. And before Mendel Epstein was arrested there was a Mr. Frank in Flatbush who was walking around pale white from pachad. He told his friends & various others by Rav Landau's shul that he knows a lot of shmutz on Mendel Epstein who is trying to have him killed. Mr. Frank was drowned by rotzchim a few days later in the Gowanus Canal.

Smile, Your on candid camera said...

Thu Jul 06, 01:31:00 PM 2017

In other words:

No one could find anything solid, legal (never mind halacha'licly) or emes except the blogger hiding behind anonymous and fictitious 'handles' who by him, anything and everything is true.

Mention Epstein.
Mention Zohn.
Mention Steinberg.
Mention Applebaum.
Mention Russia (Current events).
Mention witness (doesn't even know his name).
Ran out of names so he goes to Brooklyn.
Mention Frank.
Mention Landau (as in the Shul ???)

Now it all sound legitimate.

Also where was "He"?!?! "Murdered" ???
How cold was the Blood ?
How expert was he?
Is Elchonon the Zoh(y)n(a) a guy or a girl?

How would you or NYPD know that someone was hired when they could not find ANY proof??

And the Handler Ganev - needed $$$ (koovid is just as good but it get you on the subway) so he tried to squeeze......they didn't fall for it so off to the DA and R. Elyashev......

Now the 'Chozer al kee'yo' hasn't stopped barking or chewing his old Tzoi...

Nu. Nu. Nu.

Can't expect better from that neighborhood....

YU - Torah Madua said...

It should be noted that Rabbi Hershel Schlechter, who supported Mendel Epstein in the Philly potential mamzerus scandal, said in a YU-RIETS shiur that he supports killing people who do not cooperate with his favored feminist-inclined beis dins (despite that every Charedi posek is against these beis dins perverting halacha). When he was publicly exposed, YU quickly disabled the shiur on their website.

Authorities are also aware of a clandestine meeting that took place in the Yeshiva Torah Vodaas office of Rabbi Izzy Belsky where the Mendel Epstein hit that almost killed Rubin was planned. Gimpel Wolmark made comments during the meeting demonstrating that it was premeditated and that they would be doing the world a favor if the "a zelcha makkos" crossed over into being so severe that Rubin never walked the Earth again. Months after Mendel Epstein was apprehended, Federal agents actually spent a day emptying the contents of Rabbi Belsky's residence to look for evidence, in full view of his neighbors in the Kensington section of Brooklyn. It is well known to visitors by Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashev of blessed memory that he vocally disqualified any gittin arranged by the gangsters congregating in that YTV office. Even not so Charedi Rabbi Yair Hoffman wrote in one of his columns that he was standing there when one of these many inquiries came in front of RYSE.

OU Crony Watch said...

The FBI raid on his house was overcome by events as he was niftar shortly afterward.

At that point RM Genack could go back to pretending that he loved his shining star posek of manufactured kashrus heterim. With all those tears during the hespid he should be working on Broadway instead of at the OU. It was at the same time of the FBI raid that the modern orthodox movers & shakers were pressing Genack, who in principal agreed, to get rid of the TV rosh yeshiva because of the embarrassment he caused the OU with his fierce public defenses of the indefensible Yosef Kolko. Those defenses attracted threats of criminal charges from the Ocean County Prosecutor when they crossed over into witness intimidation & tampering in cooperation with Luban from another illustrious OU family. Things were stalling though because the OU's lawyers knew the OU would be dragged through years of litigation should they fire or retire the feisty TV rosh yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

don't pay attention to candid ca-moron

i remember this discussion about the queens kevorim coming up twice before over the years

this same queens vaad defender guy using that name, other names, or no name, always comes on here. he lies that the queens vaad is innocent & challenges all the incriminating information. when someone finally bothers to post links to all the evidence, candid ca-moron has one more outburst about some imaginary of course unnamed posek backing the queens vaad and then he crawls back into his hole without making another peep

lord get me HIGH...HIGHER.. said...

42 comments so far.

Corresponding to the 42 stops the Israelite made in the dessert over 40 years.

(Also corresponding to the 42 different "styles" C'Y of HaShem's Name).

Along with a lot of "stuff" that occurred during those 42 stops.

We at the Queens Vaad still have another 39.5 years to go and plenty of time for stuff to play out.

It feels pretty "Heimish".

Trying to get 42 different commentators instead of 2 or 3 who bark out 42 versions of the same comment.

Anonymous said...

Who is impersonating the Queens Vaad Now?