Friday, August 18, 2017

Alert; Bantam bagels star-k dairy


Anonymous said...

They are CREAM CHEESE FILLED tiny bagel holes Star D cholov Stam No scandal

Queens said...

The common denominator, like what drives their "kashrus":

Richard Akerman said...

It is sad that my own brother in law ripped me off for over 100,000 and after trying to get the Vaad ha Rabbonim (read ra banim) of Queens to open a case in Beis Din they ripped my check up and told me they could not handle the case. My brother in law gives a lot of donations.

Anonymous said...

Star-k knows that cholov akum is treif. But there is a lot of money in Dairy. So they took a Shabbos goy (young Israel).

Which Shabbos goy do they use for their Shabbos yom tov appliances?

Anonymous said...

Yo buddy you know r moshe heinaman... no...i do .... he can put you in his back pocket and you better be carefull of bizui talmud chacham. Since you are so learned you know what chazal say about those people. You can disagree with his psokim but watch out i promise you eternal damnation is not pleasant.

B'nee vs ben chah'mee said...

Heiemann vs. Shain


Rov for many years.
Talmid Muvhak of our great BMG.
Talmid Muvhak of the RoshShisheevah ZaTal.
Well known posek.
Quietly gets back up for many of his p'sakim.


Self made shitah quoter.
Student of BMG.
Talmid 'sheh'ainoy muvhak.
Well known rabble rouser.
Loudly gets 'tailor made' second hand quotes of who he chooses p'sakim.


Todays ignorant internet readrs follow Shain.

Yeh. Shain wins.

Anonymous said...

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