Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Reb Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz's vision and foresight of Lakewood's KCL

KCL agrees that (ask them)
"Going off the derech is always caused by a lack of kashrus"

The author of the basic following article was the great gaon and tzaddik Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz OB”M, founder of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas.  Re: KCL
And if I say: ‘I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his name’ then there is in my heart a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I weary myself to hold it in, but cannot. (Jeremiah 20:9)

I use the above prophetic words as a preface to my article concerning kashrus, because this article will not bring honor to me. On the contrary, I will be attacked with ridicule from many sides. But what can I do? A fire is burning within me and hopefully within thousands of Jews like me…A fire, which cannot be extinguished.

The Kashrus question has recently been discussed in the Yiddish press, but only one side of the question, viz. concerning unscrupulous purveyors & butchers who sell treifos or questionable products without a reliable hechsher or with a false one.

The religious press is silent about this problem, perhaps because of the honor of the Rabbis, or, perhaps, because of other …. reasons. The honor of the Rabbis is dear to me too. But, the honor of the Torah which is lying in the garbage, and the honor of the truth, which is trodden under foot, is dearer to me. Where there is Chilul-Hashem we do not impart honor to a Rabbi, I, therefore come forward with an accusation.

I Accuse!

I accuse many Rabbis, Kosher certifiers & their Rabbis, who grant hechsherim, who knowingly or otherwise, or out of neglect, permit insects & non-kosher meat & other allegedly kosher products to be processed & sold under their stamp of approval both wholesale & retail; the seller is an unscrupulous person with a Torah sanction.

I accuse!
Many Rabbis & Roshei Yeshiva, who although they themselves have no part in the hechsherim, nevertheless, know about them & still remain silent, at times may even be indirectly sanctioning them. There is a sort of mutual reciprocal agreement to keep quiet & sanction each other including their false hechsherim. Perhaps it’s because they wish to avoid Chilul-Hashem. They forget that where there is Chilul-hashem we do not impart honor to a Rabbi etc.

I accuse!
The very great Rabbis, Roshei Yeshiva, the leaders of our people, because of internal strife. These disputes are not for the sake of heaven; if one says something is prohibited the other must say it is permissible, if one says something is contaminated the other must say it is pure (vidu’y Erev Yom Kippur). It is impossible to bring order & reliability to the chaotic kashrus situation, especially & including the kashrus standards of infestation checking, meat and poultry.

I accuse!
The Rabbis, Roshei Yeshiva etc. because of whose negligence; the laws of chalav- akum have virtually been forgotten. I know that there were (not any more, due to chalav treifa) various heterim for this, but they apply only when it is i m p o s i b l e to obtain chalav-yisroel. In our situation, however, with a little concerned effort of the individuals, order could be brought to this chaos, and “if one can be good, why should he be bad?”

I accuse!
Our orthodoxy, for sleeping the sleep of Choni Ha’Maagil, who slept seventy years. They are completely unaware of what is happening around then and how our strongest ramparts are being smashed by our internal foes. They are unaware that all our holy traditions & takanos are being trampled underfoot, that our three thousand year old heritage has all but completely disappeared. Yet, Orthodoxy sleeps, but how much longer?

I accuse!
Our orthodoxy, do you know that all of the fortresses of Judaism, which have heretofore protected us from destruction, the only one left is kashrus, that other mitzvos are observed very laxly even in orthodox homes? And now kashrus too is being smashed!? Yet we sleep, but how much longer?

I accuse!
The very great Rabbis, Roshei Yeshiva, Rabei-im & Menhalim etc. don’t you see what has become of your youth? Don’t you know that Jewish children have become tramps, gamblers, gangsters, candidates for the electric chair, and all kinds of “ist’s” only because they have been raised on insects, neveilos & treifos R”L, yet you sleep, but how much longer?

Don’t you know that going to the mikvah every day to purify yourself will be to no avail? Not even all the waters in the world can help, with a sheretz-tamei (a carcass of a creeping thing), not in your hand, but inside of you! And when you daven every morning and evening, or when you learn your daily shiur or seder, don’t you know that the breath that emanates from your mouth is the breath of sin? Because it reeks of insects, neveilos & treifos!

Yet you sleep, but how much longer? When you wash your hands for bread, or when you make Kiddush on Shabbos, and your table is bedecked with all sorts of delicacies, and you say with each bite, “in honor of the Shabbos”, you are angering hashem when you break bread. Yet you sleep, but how much longer?

I know that you will reply, “ Jacob is small & poor”. But look what Jacob’s brother on East Broadway has accomplished, how he erected a fortress through the poor laborers, a fortress against Judaism, because he has united forces. Yet you sleep & do nothing, but how much longer?

Gentleman! Do a little soul searching and see how far you have strayed; remember that our parents have sacrificed their lives for Kiddush hashem; they allowed themselves to be burned in order to uphold our holy Torah, whereas you are not required to make any sacrifices; with but a handful you can save the situation and our youth, Yet you sleep, but how much longer?

Fellow Jews, have you no fear for the great and terrible Day of Judgment? In that day you will no longer be able to come up with excuses (I didn’t know) or with a shrug of the shoulder.
(R’ Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz Z”L)

And I ask you “how much longer?” And I say, “you sleepers, awaken from your slumber!”

   Thanks   KCL! For enlightening us to the world of kashrus through your eyes.
2.      Milchig ice-cream after fleishig meal? "oops" Sh-h-h, it's under  KCL. Thanks  
3.  Milchig Danishes at a fleishig (cholent) Kiddush? "oops!" Sh-h־h. it's under   KCL. Thanks  
4.      Jewish Waiters' michalelei Shabbos driving to & from jobs on Shabbos and no Mashgiach on jobs in houses, shuls & catering halls? Sh-h-h, it's under the   KCL, Thanks
5.  Caterers arange for their own mashgichiml (why not?) Sh-h-h-h, it's under   KCL Thanks
6.      Catering in a private house without a Mashgiach! "oops" Sh-h-h, it's under  KCL. Thanks
7.      Unplugging crock-pot on Shabbos & plugging in elsewhere? Sh-h-h. it's under  KCL, Thanks
8.      KCLG iving a hashgocha to Foremost -A michalel Shabbos that married a shiksa, " nu-nu"! Thanks
9.      Kashrus Administrator of  KCL wanted to borrow crock-pots from one of their  KCL fleishig takeouts for his Bar Mitzvah. "sorry Rabbi, they are all rented out to private people for a Kiddush in their homes".
10.   KCL crock-pots b-e-i-n-g u-s-e-d by p-r-i-v-a־t-e people? "nu־nu", sh-h-h, it's under   KCL, Thanks
11. The acceptability of hangouts & the pritzus of  KCL bar stools etc? (a shiksa volt zich ge-shemt), (Lakewood, unfortunately, experienced the inevitable from relationships that originated there.) Sh-h-h. it ‘s under   KCL, Thanks
12.  Attempted to impose the pritzus   KCL bar-stools in a Restaurant not under   KCL, The manager's wife rightfully threw them out for even suggesting such pritzus, Thanks
13.  Sub-station and other hangouts is ruining our youth! Sh-h-h. it's under the   KCL, Thanks
14.   The RITA'S Freeze bar Piritzous acceptability? Thanks
15.  The Capitol Hotel had undesirable clientele for years. The Capitol hotel was protected as long as they were under the   KCL. Sh-h-h-h, Thanks   KCL
16.  The Capitol Hotel scenario is factually caused by the " hang-out", by drawing the Jewish clients to the hotel & lobby thereby mingling with undesirables. Sh-h-h. "Kol-tuv" is under  KCL. Thanks
17.   KCL’s Administrator can remain on all programs as long as all of the income is properly laundered.
18.  A caterer in a non-kosher facility puts their boiling hot pots on treif grease. & allowing cooking on stove next to treif pots cooking, "nisht azoi ge-ferlich ", Sh-h-h-h, it's under   KCL, Thanks 

19.  After hours allowing goyim access to the kashrus seals & tape. Sh-h-h-. it's  KCL. Thanks
20. After hours allowing goyim access to items that require seals, sh-h-h, it's   KCL, Thanks
21.  Ignoring the facts that the same knife is being used by the bakery to cut the parve & dairy cakes, & that some of the cake decorations aren't kosher , sh-h-h. it's   KCL. Thanks
22.  Chikys & others - Bossur sheh’nisalem, only goi’yim
23.  R' Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz Z"L, writes - I ACCUSE the very great Rabbis. Roshei Yeshiva, Rabei-im
24.  J Accuse etc. don't you see what has become of your youth? Don’t you know that Jewish children have become tramps, gamblers, gangsters, candidates for the electric chair, etc only because they have been raised on neveilos & treifos R"I..." Attributable to  KCL

25.  Fellow Jews, have you no fear for the great and terrible Day of Judgment? In that day you will no longer be able to come up with excuses (e.g. "oh! 1 didn't know") or with a   "s-h-r-u-g of the shoulder".


Curious said...

Who actually owns KCL? Is it BMG? Is it R Gissinger? Someone else?

y'hee zichroy boruch said...

Wow. What a great shtikel with all kindsof inside info.
When more trouble starts in many a city to come we shall list Reb Yudel along side of Reb Shragah Feivel for Yudels namesake, as a 'seer' who predicted all our troubles years before.

Anonymous said...

You mean if all these hang outs were not available all lakewood children would be zaadeekim! Who give the hashgacha for the Lake? KCL under the Yeshivah????

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ Mr. Shain. We are loosing our kids because of guys like you who only care about aveiros shebein adam lamakon (and of those only in public but not in private), but have total disregard to aveiros shebien adam lamakom shein Yom kipur michaper. I myself am notifying you that I will never be mochel you. You couldn't care less, and even if you did, you hurt so many people you would never be able to know who I am...yes one of thousands, huh?

Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of dishonesty and corruption.

just give me money & I will pass your kashrus or inspection or zoning etc...

its a disastrous world we are living in today & I must say I am embarrassed to be in this world. I'm a businessman also but HONESTY IS MY TOP PRIORITY & I have stopped dealing with anyone that has a touch of dishonesty in them. I have fored employees of mine over being dishonest over a tiny $5 but not because of the stealing but bec. of their dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, do you have a list or any hashkachas that you trust? Thanks.

Hashem yerachem! said...

I saw the video that the Lakewood "shababnakim" made on Shabbos when the oylam tried to be mashpia with the Chofetz Chaim type parade.

I am sick to my stomach! That the kids reacted with such obscene azus must mean that there are even worse KCL kashrus scandals that R' Yudel has not yet uncovered.

Anonymous said...

There goes BMG's KCL and their "hanky-panky".

What's going on with the new Bais Eliyahu building aka levin, klein, hertzka empty building?

Bmg's enrollment is falling, the kolel fellows are leaving the confines of the kolel earlier, even though bmg is starting the 'loi-yechratz" checks earlier.

They were going to close carey st bais medrash in order fill the former bais eliyahu building. Ely kleinman is livid.

What else is new?

Anonymous said...

They hope they could keep going and no one will realize that humpty dumpty is falling down.

Anonymous said...

Did Daas Torah say that yeshiva kids should have joined the adults on the Lakewood Shabbos parade? This was not like walking on Kings Highway in Brooklyn to convince alter freya Russians. Dach zich there were things by the lake that kinder should not have seen.

Mit chazzonus said...

And all of the CEO's ferds and all of the CEO's henchmen couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again

Stay home! said...

We have enough shvache hashgochos in Monsey without KCL trying to push $$ into our town now too with a caterer. Maybe Direnfeld is reliable on his own, veiss Ich nisht, but if you have to come on to KCL to make him reliable ...

Carsaljo said...

Until I saw that sickening video - recorded on Shabbos! - I was wondering why heintiggeh yungerleit are moving out of Lakewood & vaguely commenting that there are things in shtot that their children shouldn't be exposed to. The extent of OTD Lakewood kids in my days was they kept under the radar except when they came at 3 am to steal the mail of BMG bochurim. I have never seen such sick behavior by OTD kids like on that video. I have seen the OTD kids in Yerushalayim, Brooklyn, Monsey & 5 Towns but they all pale in comparison to these Lakewood mechutzofim who act like they are on steroids.

Monsey said...

Now that KCL has arrived on the scene, have they figured out the logistics if I want to borrow one of their crockpots for Shabbos? Does Steinfeld still send his packages to Boro Park with the rides from Legion? Maybe KCL can factor out to him wrapping crock pots in brown paper and sending to Monsey the same way!

Anonymous said...

The problem in Lakewood has been brewing for 20+ years. They. Tried real hard sweeping it under the rug and now they no longer can. All of a sudden they are outraged.

Letz said...

You see, KCL are such gomlei chasodim with their crockpots yet all Yudel can do is criticize them.

Anonymous said...

The lake scene is definitely a challenge. In the old days when the yeshiva needed the meshugoyim to be thrown out on their heads from the Irvington, they could sent the giborim & enforcers like Berel Leifer to take care of business. But it's not like you can beat up girls. Even those teenage boys who scream like sissies are nisht poshut.

Yudel are you sure it's just the kashrus and there is also not something in the water?

The Lakewood rachmonus cases shrey louder than Howard Dean

Carpet vendor to Dovid Wax said...

The Mashgiach seems to have made a huge mistake when he announced at an Agudah fresser convention that molester Yudi Kolko should be swept under the carpet. The next thing you know, the chickens come home to roost. Lakewood has it's own Kolko and then everything blows up on North Lake Dr

When this letter was sent to the Mashgiach 9 years ago he refused to read it. He wouldn't even read it when one of his gabboyim brought it to him


In your speech you made a point of declaring your lack of cowardice in dealing with the issue of sexual abuse by rabbeim in yeshiva and insisted that keeping your efforts discreet or as you put it to “sweep under the carpet,” is a choice you make to protect human dignity. Whose dignity are you referring to? The dignity of those few victims courageous enough to step forward and confront these powerful monsters or the dignity of these monsters and their poor families? I respectfully suggest that by concerning yourself with the dignity of the pedophile and sweeping his heinous acts under the carpet, you subject his victims to another round of abuse at the hands of the community while enabling the predator to continue his reign of terror on unsuspecting victims.

Anonymous said...

When Federal agents came down about them stealing the mail at 3 am, Shake-a-Leg-ski told them not to arrest anyone, I am Captain of Lakewood PD and I will take care of it. All that happened is that the BMG bochurim were all inconvenienced. You could no longer receive a credit card at 617 6th St. And chevra like Burstzyn were busy screening mail & returning to sender anything that they thought might be 1% chance is a credit card or something else of value to steal.

Seems like NOTHING was done to deal with the real problem except apply annoying bandaids to others.

The Lake is a poyel yotzei fun dem

SHEKER VECHUZEV mit Hungarian havura said...

BMG wouldn't allow a yeshiva in Sloatsburg to open, hours away from Lakewood in another State.

But BMG accepted with open arms hamushchoss Margulies to open a yeshiva right in Lakewood when he should have been put in cherem. He is Chief cover upper of Kolko, a mesarev by Mechon Lehoyroah, Beis Din of America & even R' Shmuel Kaminetzky's beis din of the Agudah. He told R' Shmuel that he couldn't come until he finished being meyaetz with Rav Elyashev. He of course never spoke to Rav Elyashev.

When 6 year old boys told Margulies that Kolko put his hands where they shouldn't go, he screamed "SHAKRAN!" and left red marks on their faces with powerful frasks. When rabbonim / askonim mentioned Kolko misbehaving he screamed "SHEKER VECHUZEV!"

Margulies henchman Yankel Applegrad who told ABC News with a straight face that no one ever told him Kolko was molesting is now working under the CEO at BMG.

"SHEKER VECHUZEV" is no longer just a slogan but has now also become the tzu gein of Lakewood oychet

wrong place at the wrong time said...

when they were screening the mail in legion in that tkufa, they intercepted a package where some vilda bochur had ordered ammunition. whoever did it not use his real name. vaiss ich nit if he was using one of those funny aliases in use at the time like moishe rebbeinu, moishe puppick, etc, or if he impersonated another bochur. ainer fun der feer roshei yeshiva decided that the culprit had to be a certain europeyishe bochur who happened to be holding ott ott in a shidduch. when the shver called to ask about him he was bashmutzed about the ammunition and that was the end of the shidduch. then it was learned conclusively that he had nothing to do with the ammunition. the other 3 roshei yeshiva were in gantzen mevuyesh and bent over backwards to be extra nice & give him all kinds of accommodations. until this day if he crosses the path of the 4th rosh yeshiva er shtreit koylos uvrokim

Elly Kleinman said...

A Kerestirer vos macht zich an Ammerikanner can say sheker vechozov without Hungarian havoro

Now everyone please fall in line and populate my building or my friend Aaron is coming after you

Ha veHa Garma said...

Kashrus may have been the overwhelming gorem for off the derech kids in previous doros but all the maysim menuvolim against the kids in this dor has more to do with it.

R' Shraga Feivel Zimmerman recently gave a shiur on this sugya in Gateshead. He said Rav Elyashev told him that the halacha for a dor porutz when there are many menuvolim out of control touching kids is you hit them if they lay one finger on a kid where the kid shouldn't be touched. This is because a dor porutz requires extra intervention and zogt Rav Elyashev this right now is a dor porutz.

Achim Pfeffer said...

There were meshugoyim in the Irv back then?

Who spread that rumor by the way that bullets were found when Yankel Pollock supervised the Poilishe emptying out our room? We had nothing to do with that package of ammunition either.

Get REAL said...

Lets see.

Not letting kids into yeshivahs had NOTHING to do with it.

Not letting young teens not interested in learning get a job (or CHA V'SHALOM get a career training) had NOTHING to do with it.

Not letting in good kids into schools because the parents WORKED had NOTHING to do with it.

Only that the KCL didnot keep up to Reb Yeedle IMAGINED standards THATS what caused all these 'krainken'.

Nebach on the town that falls for this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Try to hit anybody in this country you'll do time.

That why RSFZ is in Gateshead. He would never be matzliach in the USA (he tried & failed)

Anonymous said...

What kind of dumb comment is that to mock Rav Zimmerman? Becoming the Gatesheader Rov is much more choshuv than some shul in Monsey.

Who is that commenting? Some tried & failed OU mashgiach who has an axe to grind against rabbonim who are anti-molester because those kinds of rabbonim pose a probem to etliche in his extended mishpooche?

We've got your number because last time someone mentioned Rav Zimmerman's name on this website a few years ago, you charged right in to belittle him then also.

Rav Zimmerman seems to be doing nothing more than repeat what Rav Elyashev told him that in a dor porutz the halacha is you hit someone molesting. Rav Elyashev never meant that in all instances we can just go out & hit when there is a problem from the government.

Certainly there are instances where this halacha is still nogeya even in America. For instance, Yehuda Kolko has been arrested for violently attacking & remolesting some of his child victims when they were adults. One of the adults then beat Kolko up. While in that case Kolko just ran away without calling the police. The police would not arrest him for reacting like that. The Police would also not arrest someone else who intervened to attack Kolko if they witnessed him bishas mayseh. There was a case just like this in the news recently in South Carolina I think. Someone witnessed a teenager being molested so he attacked the molester. Even though the molester was beaten so severely that he was almost unrecognizable, the Police would not press charges because the law allows to attack someone in the middle of molesting.

Satmar d'Lakevood said...

Across the Pond said...

I saw a transcription of the shiur in Gateshead. Rav Elyashev ztl is referring to very low level touching that even for that the predator should receive petch. For any davar chomur there is absolutely no difference between the predator & a full blown roidef, az vaisst men doch vos tut men tzum roidef.

Anonymous said...

"There were meshugoyim in the Irv back then?"

That's like asking if there are "know it alls" in the coffee room.

Itche Meyer the former homeless panhandler was sent back to Grand Central Station from where he originally came after he assaulted R' Yisroel. When he ignored the deadline, he was physically thrown out and all his belongings were dumped on the sidewalk along Route 9.

One modenna alter bochur who was not learning & always making trouble, the makka bapatish for him was when he said he is "not goress" R' Dovid. R' Dovid got very agitated and said "that's it, he's out of here!" The guy became a modern orthodox cantor. Or maybe that's what he really was all along.

OU certified said...

Dor Porutz is right.

Have you noticed big shot OU & YU rabbi scandals fun der alleh zeiten? The most recent ones are that nut with the hidden cameras who was head of OU's beis din. And then this past erev Shabbos the big story in the NY Times about the rabbi who is married to the granddaughter of Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik.

In both of these cases by the way the media provided extensive details on how the OU covered up for the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

There's a lakewood caterer in Orlando now. Is he under KCL there? ?

Anonymous said...

Greenwald is not under KCL when he leaves Lakewood. He's under kehilla.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure if im correct on this-------however- I loudly ask the tzebur on why are stores restaurants eateries even Farmfresh as a grocery store are allowed to stay open till all hours at night ?--THERE IS NO REASON !! AND IT MUST STOP ! A True invitation to hang out like the goyim. Allowing the Children and semi adults to see a restaurant With the KCL Hechsher or any other Hechsher as an acceptable place to chill and yack and smoke and chill with also girls and boys together --in Pritzadica fashions------WHY IS IT ALLOWED ?? Your feeding the Hang outs exactly what they feed off---as the Non jew Hangs out past 10:00 at there bars. This fun houres past 10:00 Must end NOW. ALL stores And restaurants MUST be closed by no later than 10:00PM AND I would recommend Curfews---- Children under 18 shall not hang out past 10:00 And a fine to impose for those that do.

Anonymous said...

Tue Aug 18, 10:53:00 AM 2015

If these stores are 100% kosher no damage can result from using these establishments.

shvartza said...

I agree the fressing should stop by an early hour. Just make sure that when you close off the food with a "mechitza" there should still be enough access to stick an arm underneath to grab a shtikel salami.

Anonymous said...

Yudel if its so bad in Lakewood. MOVE.
You wont beat BMG or KCL. JUST LEAVE !!!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't say that Rabbi Shain is not worried about bain odom l'makom - there are countless people that consider Rabbi Shain their personal advisor when they need any kind of advice, and Rabbi Shain spends innumerable hours giving free help to many people that have complicated problems. Yes, he is vigilant about Kashrus but don't we all benefit when there is someone policing the standards? Kashrus is a high priority and his vigilance certainly keeps food suppliers/caterers to a certain level of responsibility for fear that they will be exposed if they don't keep to the acceptable standards. Perhaps his methods are not always so genteel, but somehow gentle rhetoric is not as effective in our world, as fear of vehement exposure and subsequent loss of credibility and income.

Anonymous said...

Yudel if its so bad in Lakewood. MOVE.
You wont beat BMG or KCL. JUST LEAVE !!!!

Anonymous said...

Move to a place like new square. You will be much happier their. Its very much your shnit

Anonymous said...

According to Yudel ("Going off the derech is "always" caused by a lack of kashrus"), Rabbainu Gershom must of been nichshal.... (Chas v'sholom).
As is well known Rabbainu Gershom sat shivah for his son (14 days !!!!).
There were many many other Gedolim and known frum people (much much FRUMMER then yudel) who had (and have) otd children.
So don't take things (Reb Shraga Faivel) out of context as you usually do.

MiMedinat HaYam said...

Rabbenu gershon's son was captured by bchristians, didn't go OTD. He might have sat shiva, but not a 'timtum haLev' matter.

Anonymous said...

Rabbeinu Gershons son did go off the derech Roshai taivos OTD OTD OTD.
Captured or not the ONLY way one goes off the derech OTD OTD is via lack of kashrus - Rebbeinu Yudel said so and that Gds word.

B'H Seems like you got the message - Yudel loves to take things out of contex.t

Trinkeh een zopfeh said...

Missed the lchayim & tikkin you sponsored today lchovod your hero Reb Shraageh Fahvil ZY'A.
Where was it?

Anonymous said...

Major Kabolas Panim In Meah Shearim For Released Prisoner on Thursday evening 2 Elul, as Avreich Reb. Binyamin Friedman returned home after being released from prison after eight months... This event was one of the biggest events of Kiddush Hashem in many years in the heart of Yerushalayim in Kikar HaShabbos. Along with the blessings of all leading Gedolai Yisroel !!! who are the true leaders of Klall Yisroel. Dancing around a real Tzadik was fabulous uplifting and feeling closer to Hashem Yisboruch.

Hopefully this will send a clear message to the Israeli government of שמד that the Orthodox Charadi Yidden who live in Eretz Yisroel are united and strong, at all times they are ready to fight to the very end, making sure that they are going to be allowed to keep all the Mitzvos of the Torah even if they get thrown into jail. WE MUST KEEP ON ASKING HASHEM FOR HELP and let our voices be heard LOUD AND CLEAR. This is what Yiddishkit is about, to be strong ready to fight for Heshems honor at all times.
לא יתבייש מפני בני אדם המלעיגים עליו בעבודת השי”ת

It was packed. Stand room only!!!
Estimated about 40 Thousand people attended the gathering of Kiddush Shaim Shoyamim.
There would have been tens of thousands more if it was not held on Thursday evening.

Lets remember that Zionism is idol worship!!! This kabbolas Ponim is a beautiful expression of Achdus and Mesirus Nefesh for Avodas Hashem!

Qveens said...

The Queens Vaad is not goress R' Shraga Feivel ztl.

Why let an adam gadol get in the way of their kashrus "standards" and protecting the molester who is in charge of their Kew Gardens mikva?

Anonymous said...

Aye. Kranke. You lost your job again???!!!
It was nice and quiet until now.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shain, can you entertain the possibility that OTD children r'l are pushed away by their witnessing inconsistency in their parents home? Possibly they are makpid on yoshen and all of Zeev Rotscheild chumros however speak loshen horah, sheker, and motzei shem ra unfettered?!

Anonymous said...

Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot.
Will there be a part 2?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shain entertained that possibility, it's nice in theory, but in fact it doesn't stand up to the truth in fact, nice try.

Anonymous said...

Aye. Your Pauly (not Paulzy) already memorialized Reb Shragah Faivel's Shitous (at least according to his reform views).
There is no need for you to 'Fake' the shitous that the einikle claims to be correct.

Yanky not Yankzy said...

Aye, Friday the 13th 12:12 pm gets really tzetummeled over the RSFM shita because he has to protect zein molester mechuton in Kew Gardens at all cost.

Too bad Friday the 13th can't get away with smearing the aynekel as Reform because the aynekel publicized a copy of the Zhurnal Licht from 1923 that contains the teshuva spelling all this out that was written by R' Shraga Feivel himself.