Monday, October 23, 2017

דער עולם זאל נישט טרינקן "טרופיקאנה" דשוס The masses are requested to refrain from drinking Tropicana orange juice due to infestation

Harav Ulman, reversed himself and notified the "OK" in a letter that Tropicana Orange Juice is Ossur & must be filtered.
[Ask the OK for a "in-redacted" copy of the letter]

There was a meeting of Rabbonim re: the serious issue of Scale-insects in orange Juice.

They concluded the meeting,
"At this time people should refrain from drinking Tropicana Orange juice".

Re: the other brands?
Scale insects were found but considerably less that Tropicana brand.
Therefore there was no consensus at the meeting. בעל נפש ירחיק מכולם

There was recommendations to use the 70 mesh flour sifter to strain the juice.

Some of the Rabonim present were;
Reb Usher Ekstein- Belz Dayan,
Reb Shia Katz- Magrover Rav,
Reb Reuvein Steinberg, Satmar Moisdois, Wilmsbrg,
Reb Shmuel Teitelbaum, Tartikuv Bais-Din,
Puppa Dayan,
Reb Yosef Eisen 5 Towns Vaad,
Rav Tauber-Bobov,
Rav Stein- Fultichaner, etc.


Anonymous said...

The Eden brand of orange juice is NOT Tropicana.

chama said...

Lakewoods KCL tells their restaurants, caterers, If you want to use Tropicana Juice put it into glass carafes, so the customer doesn't know it's tropicana.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What was the point of Rabbi Eisen attending when the modern orthodox shul rabbis in the 5 Towns (plus some of the faker "yeshivish" rabbis too) hold a gun to his head & do not allow the 5 Towns fressers to be deprived of any bug-infested taanugei oylam hazeh?

sekretery said...

The ruv from Nitra-Monsey kenireh had a scheduling conflict. That would be Rav Veissmandl who is halachic consultant & poisek for Tropicana's certifier, OK.

from Boston to KG said...

"What was the point of Rabbi Eisen attending when the modern orthodox shul rabbis ..."

Fort better than at the neighboring hashgocho where Rabbi Eisen's counterpart is a willing participant in the fraud. Rabbi Eisen will admit there are problems while the anderra denies it to the hilt in any area of kashrus. It doesn't matter which fraudulent hashgocho the anderra works at as long as it pays a "living wage".

Anonymous said...

When will Rabbi Eisen learn and get trained in the area of insects. Enough with all of the encyclopedia talk about insects, some li'maaseh is the only thing that is important.

The 5 Town Rabbonim don't hold him back from anything (he could quit).

Anonymous said...

When will Rabbi Eisen learn and get trained in the area of insects. Enough with all of the encyclopedia talk about insects, some li'maaseh is the only thing that is important.

The 5 Town Rabbonim don't hold him back from anything (he could quit).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Rabbi Eisen could change with the roiteh / jinjy fun Qveens?

They r both competing on who be the lowest in kashrus.

leidigeyer from outside queens said...

Boy did 'you know who' ever luck out that the Queens crowd either doesn't give a darn about kashrus or are completely clueless as to the huge farce being carried out right under their noses.

Anonymous said...

Do scales feed on esrogim?

Aib azai, do scales make holes in the peel that would render the psul of chosser?

Do scales separate when marinated in alcohol that would be an issue with the esrog liquer with the whole fruit in the bottle?

Do scales disintegrate during cooking or would there be a problem with esrog jam & candied cooked esrog which is even sold commercially for the minhag Chanukah?

Anonymous said...

In which part of Lakewood is Queens located? Why do we have to hear whinging about Queens on every post?

Anonymous said...

This site is not exclusive to Lakewood.

Besides that there are BMG chassunos where the food is under Queens Vaad.

At one chassuna where goyish wine was served at the bar, Chaim Shvartz's bosses were running around for the next week like headless chickens making sure the scandal was covered up.

The VHQ bosses even sent their puppet one year to the AKO conference with a proposal that other hashgochos conspire with the Queens Vaad to cover up all scandals to make sure the public never finds out about them.

Anonymous said...

also nogaya for BMG shidduchim eating in Qveens restaurants

you never know what kind of surprises are in store at Qveens Vaad restaurants like broccoli with no checking, not even according to useless OU standard

C.S. showing up as a koifetz beroish for the BMG-Qveens shabbos was a farce. if you help your modern orthodox masters have no semblance of a kashrus standard then how dare you pretend you are 'with the oylam' by being mechanef in front of the roshei yeshiva

Anonymous said...

as long as it pays a "living wage"

not everyone is cut out to be a rosh yeshiva or even an alef beis melamed

the problem is when yeshivaleit who are too mevuyesh to go to arbet (veil tziz nisht yeshivish!) start trying to force themselves into positions in girl's schools & kashrus where they THINK they are saving face but only make a churban of what they go into

criticize what you want about satmar but at least in satmar there is no shame to be a truck or bus driver to make an honest living

Shqueeze said...

Even without the bugs, the chemical process that Tropicana goes through is not very appetizing to put it mildly.

Yudi K said...

in satmar there is no shame to be a truck or bus driver

Der Rosh HAyeshiva Horav Lipa Margulies started off takke as the bus driver for Torah Vodaas

Anonymous said...

"alef beis melamed"

A rosh yeshiva once summed up very sharf on someone who held of himself as a groyseh deyah:

"dem vos vaisst nisht afilu tzuras oysios alef bais"

put them out of business said...

A house without shaalas is not a kosher house. A caterer who is always perfect is not a caterer.
A rabbi without opposition is not a rabbi. finally, a hashgacha without incidents is not a hashgacha.
So lets figure this out:
Yudels never had a shaalah in his kashrus. All vaadim (5 towns, Lakewood, Queens, Bergan County, Monsey, Square, Cleveland, Detroit and others) do have incidents which they solve. There is no mitzvah to circulate all incidents to a bunch of nut jobs with a computer and a treifa internet connection who think they everything better then the Rabbonim.
And this site is the prime example of this stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Talk about stupid.

Everyone except the last commenter knows there is a huge difference between being mefarsem everything & covering everything up.

Chossid of you know who said...

Rabbeinu should grab a sandwich at Odradeks & hop on the LIRR to the City to join these mechuos.

There should be a voice there on behalf of shverreh arbetter kashrus mashgichim too, not just shleppers from Wal-Mart & burger flippers from McDonalds.

But he should leave the OU mashgiach behind, because besides that Odradeks will not have enough sandwiches lemalei kreiso, he will no doubt import some of his Yerushalmi rock throwing expertise, quickly sending these protests into a violent downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

"treifa internet connection"

What are you doing here then, hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Not all people claim to be frummer then thou. But those that do should not be on any internet. kal vochomer on loshon hora sites.

Anonymous said...

המכתב על כביכול ביזוי רוזן מחזק אותי אישית בכל ההתבדלות הזאת מאנשי הטרור מבני ברק, אנשי האינטרסים שרוממות דרכיה דרכי נועם בגרונם, וחרב פיפיות בידם, להכות, ולהשתיק, ולרדוף את כל גדול וצדיק אמיתי שלא חושב כמוהם. וכשנערי דגל פצעו ראשי ישיבות אז לא ראינו מכתבים וחתימות. למה? למה? למה?

גם כשראש ישיבת פנוביז' הגרא"ד שליט"א שכב בבית החולים אחרי פציעה וניתוח ביד [למרות שאיש כולל תלמידי אור ישראל לא חולק על כך שהרב רוזן לא מתקרב אליו בהתמדה בגאונות בשקיעות ובגדלות].
גם כשזרקו אבנים על הגר"ד מינצר שליט"א איש לא הגיב. וכשהשליכו אבנים ושברו את חלון ביתו של ר"י מאור התלמוד הגרד"א זלזניק שליט"א כולם שתקו.

כשאחד מבכירי דגל דחף את מרן שר התורה הגר"ש שליט"א אפילו אז שתקו, וכך עם עשרות מקרי רדיפה של רציחה של רמי"ם, רבני שכונות, ומרביצי תורה בכל חלקי הארץ, למרות שברוב המקרים הדברים נעשו ע"י אנשים ידועים מהמיניסטר של דגל-השמד.

אבל פתאום עכשיו במעשה שבכירי עץ מסתייגים ומגנים זה הפך כאילוי לביזוי כבוד התורה, ויוצא מכתב טיפשי ע"י ילדים קטנים וכו' אנא אל תעלילו על ראשי הישיבות החתומים בנ"ל אין זה אלא הצביעות של מארגני המכתב השקר השולט שגורם לנו שכך עלתה בדורינו. (מבזים עצמם במכתב כ"כ טפשי)

אל תבלבלו את המוח! כבר מכירים את השיטות של העסקנים הלחצים על הרבנים וראשי הישיבות לחתום נגד הפלג, ומונעים מהם דריסת רגל בחצר של ר' שמואל שליט"א ואחד שמנסה רק לומר משהו או להתנער מלהתערב במחלוקת הוא מיד מקבל איומים שמחרימים אותו.

בס"ד אנו נמשיך בגאון ובעוז להיות מתלמידיו של מרנן ורבנן, שר התורה, קודש הקדשים, מנהיג הדור, הגאון, הצדיק, הלוחם מלחמת השם לשם שמים, ר' שמואל שליט"א עד ביאת גואל צדק ב"ב אמן.

Anonymous said...

Breng nisht kayn rayis foon a farfoltih shanes. Why isnt a single reputable litvishe rav on the list?

Anonymous said...

שר התורה?
Rav kanievsky had some very choice words describing him.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

whats next? grape juice? wine? challah? ooh i got a good one, Tefillin.

stop trying to make yiddishkeit into judaism, or some g-d forsaken cult. it's supposed to beautiful, but not this... with all these man made chumras and garbage no wonder there are so many OTD

Anonymous said...

AnonymousThu Oct 26, 10:41:00 AM 2017

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who there only pleasure in life is... when you make it harder for someone else

Geoff Thorpe said...


They have nothing to do wit orange juice or Kashrus. Do you actually read them or because they are in Hebrew - they must be inportant.

As for Tropicana - none of the signatories would even drink the stuff because they look at the OK less (in terms of Kashrus) than the Kof K. Does pesach vinegar ring a bell for anyone? How about the parve veggie burgers that were milchig?