Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Lakewoods "La La La" political control being exposed?

No exceptions to this rule-When business is hurting financially, kashrus is down graded,

Alert: Monsey vicinity-
Wesley hills kosher supermarket downgraded by changing Hashgochas,
Ever Green Monsey takes in product from Newday that is infested.
Wesley hill Shopping center stores downgrading their Hashgochas.

Lakewood doesn't have to Downgrade, they are already at the ......

Heimish- Ungers beans infested "Deja vu" . Buy the GOYA brand, they are the cleanest.

Welchs "heimish" Grape Juice can ONLY sell for "cheap, Cheap" sale prices

We wouldn't use it!

There are issues in the kashrus for pesach.

If Price is "everything" ?
                  this site is not meant for you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why are so many leaving Lakewood Matzah bakery?? including sfardim &

NO KCL? and  Roshei Yeshiva buying matzos there? es past nisht

                Roshei yeshiva say          "Nuhr far di einekelech"!

Besides the  ones that need their picture in the paper! (with the plastic apron) and of course the price??? 

On the other hand, If kashrus is everything? use Puppa-Tzeilim Bakery in Willy.
Note: Satmar / Broadway redid their entire bakery-check it out

The Lakewood Matzah Bakery is actually "kosher self-certified". "Bake your own Matzah". Their big draw is "chaburah". חבורה היא מכה הכתובה בתורה ר"ל

Lakewood Matzah Bakery Chasidish Hashgocha is only on the wheat that it wasn't חמץ when it was cut

The chasidish Hashgocha does not include;
The finished matzas.
21-22 minute matzos.
The Oat matzos.
The bakery in General.
Non-kashering after Oat Matzos.

  הרה"ג ר' משה שטרנבוך  and the Minchas Yitzchok have negative teshuvas re: using Oat Matzos on Pesach, especially the ones used by Lakewood Matzah bakery.

NOTE: Caveat emptor= Buyer beware!
Lakewood Matzah bakery is for show n tell & photo-op,
Get you picture in the shopper, voice, scoop, etc

Puppa tzeilim is the place for kosher matzos, including their oat matzos.
Their Oats are not steamed or heated at all.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A shechita / bedika, etc video from one of my teachers - Hebrew

The abridged report

 "Why Solomon's / Fishel's Beef shechita  in Minnesota is preferred by the מדקדקים בכשרות ?"

Write to                     Subject line- Solomons  report

Included is a report  re: Kosher, Glatt, Bais Yosef, etc.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is Terras-garden-is-only-company-in-the-world-with-full-selection-of-kosher-products? NO WAY! JOSE- READ THE COLD FACTS

Kosher salad is defined as 100% clean from infestation.-Terras Garden brand "sorry to say, can not make that claim".

Facts-There are many salad companies that claim all of their products are kosher, 100% infestation free.

Positive and kosher Garden brands are the ones that may rightfully claim their products are 100% insect free.

Pesach matzos- Hand and machine- Oat, etc

Oats have a bitter enzyme that must be neutralized. The method used is by heating the Oats and the internal moisture will steam & neutralize the bitter enzyme. By the Gluten Free Matzos made from Oats, they are heated on trays in a tunnel oven. They are heated to 250 F +- for ten minutes. The process may cause the oats not to be acceptable for pesach matzos-Talk to a knowledgeable Posek.
Note: The Lakewood matzah bakery says their oats are not heated at all. It may be that they are just unaware. Based on our information, it's heated as stated above.

May one use Matzos that went into into the oven approx. 22 minutes after the water was poured into the flour. Some claim that they count the "18 minutes" from when it gets worked into a dough, which is actually 22 minutes.  All for the unsuspecting yeshiva leit.

The only recommended machine matzah is the Beit shemesh chaburah machine with only Bdatz She'airis yisroel.

Others claim that there is a written teshuva on this issue, but they don't want to give it out.
Reb Chaim Shmulevitz, Z"L writes by Mechiras Yosef, a psak that can't be publicized is "botul" and has no halachic validity. So there is no written teshuva per se.

Normal process at an Israeli facility that produces machine matzos is to stop & dismantle & clean the machines every 18 minutes. Normal clean-up & dismantle take 25-35 minutes, an expensive procedure. In order to economize and give Lakewood Yeshiva leit an affordable machine matzo, the matzoh bakery was instructed to dismantle, etc only once an hour, thereby bring down the cost per hour, hence they could sell the matzos for less to the unsuspecting yeshiva leit. Are they still calling it 18 minute, or mehudar?

UPDATE: (All) besides beit shemesh chaburah- current Machine-Matzos may indeed be problematic for Pesach, serious chometz issues

Don't use the machine matzos from ...........etc.

There is only "1" one pesach machine matzo bakery  Beit Shemesh- Chaburah, Israel that  does NOT have the chometz problems, as it is all the same temperature the whole way. It is therefore a shorter oven in length.  The USA Importer is YankelCharlop, from Queens-917-453-6421


Others have made machine matzos at Beit Shemesh but used certain unacceptable leniencies. Only use the Beit Shemesh Chaburah Matzos under Rav Gross Chanechei Hayeshivas and She'airis yisroel.
 Reb משה שטרנבוך in חלק ד' דף צ'also seems very concerned about the use of machine Matzos on Pesach Reb Yonason Steif Z"L was also concerned about these machine matzos.

The Matzos is on a wide mesh and the baking is from the heated air temperature, not from direct contact with the stone or brick oven floor.
The ovens commonly used are known as "cracker-ovens". Ther are not at all like the ones that were used years ago which were relativly short ovens, and the dough was in direct contact with the hot stone or metal floor.

A cracker oven is usually some 100 feet long with a minimum of 3 stages. 1st stage is what is called "spring", because the internal dough temperature at this stage is low enough that the natural yeast or Gluten does not die & the dough can rise or spring.

The 2nd stage is a high temperature of short duration, and it gives color to top & bottom. At this stage the interior is still wet.

The 3rd stage is the longest stage of a lower temperature that "dries" (not bake) the interior of the Matzoh.
NOTE: The actual temperatures are set by the each facility, within the above parameters to obtain the final results.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dolce Hotel Basking Ridge, NJ Pesach program cancelled because of shabbos issues.

CANCELLED: Pesach Program Forced to Terminate After Hotel Refuses to Deactivate Sensors for Shabbos

February 9, 2017: from
The Dolce Hotel and Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ's refusal to properly disable its motion sensors has forced a popular Pesach program to cancel its plans due to halachic concerns. This hotel recently installed motion and RF sensors in all their sleeping rooms which program organizers were told would be a clear violation of Shabbos and Yom Tov. The Dolce refused to accommodate requests by the Tennenbaums to disengage the system, claiming that none of their other kosher groups were bothered by it.
"Sensors control all amenities in a hotel room, such as lights and heat. When the door closes and no motion is detected, these amenities are shut in order to save money. As soon as the door is opened, before the door is even fully extended, all amenities return to the state in which they were left. Most systems have a VIP override for individual rooms and a full override for the entire hotel that disables the system."

The previous item can be cited with the URL:

How many Matzos to the pound, i$ your true co$t

1-Use one flour or mixed from different fields? pros-cons?
2-Whole wheat v white.
2a- Oat matzos- The steaming of oats to remove the bitterness.

3- Mix of whole wheat w/ White? What ratio, what effect does the whole wheat have?
4-Ratio of water to flour? Why?
4a- Ideal outdoor temperature & humidity? Why?

5-Kneader (knetter) and gloves? pro / con.
6-change bowl (& gloves) after every dough? How often should it be changed?
6a- How often should the dough divider blade be changed?
7-Negative pressure ( and vacum) above & to the side area of kneading bowl?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birdsboro Poultry "Li'Mehadrin"- is at the top in their kashrus standards

We were asked by Rabonim and individuals to see if the Birdsboro poultry plant is considered Li’Mehadrin for those that are makpid on kashrus Li’Mehadrin? Following is a concise short report.

     The plant is located in Birdsboro Pennsylvania.  It’s a two and a half hour drive from Brooklyn, Monroe, and Monsey, NY. It’s a medium size plant, processing approximately 30,000 chickens @ day. A smaller plant that processes fewer chickens is not necessarily an advantage. In a larger volume plant they will usually have an extra shoichet, an extra Mashgiach, etc. for the just in case. The larger plants can afford to check for צומת הגידין and other issues.

     We visited the plant “unannounced” on Tuesday  פרשת בא תשע"ז.  We were at the plant for some 7 hours. They welcomed the visit; no one seemed uncomfortable with an unannounced visit by one that is very familiar with Shechitas, etc. The Chasam Sofer writes that Shechitas should be inspected unannounced. Reb Moshe, Z”L stated to me that Shechitas that require of me or anyone else appointments prior to a visit are suspect. There are Shechitas that require appointments or they do not allow any visitors at all.

Friday, February 10, 2017

UPDATE: "1" stop matzos-Only in Lakewood- some of the ATTRIBUTES

They run a very secretive business-holier than thou!

All of Their matzos are put into the oven within 22 minutes from when the water comes in contact with the flour. Sorry if you thought that it must be within 18 minutes- This is Lakewood.

The oats for the Oat Matzos are "steamed / heated to 250F for 10 minutes.
NOTE: They claim that it's not heated, yet they decided to make the machine Oat matzos without timely cleaning because the "oats" can't become chometz anyways-"because they were heated / steamed already."

The 2 Hahgochas on the boxes are most probably that the box & the string don't contain starch.

Don't think anything is wrong, it's just you haven't smelled the coffee yet.
With all of their attributes, you don't have to feel pressured to use their matzos even with a cheap price, You could always try one of the other bakeries that go  !על פי מסורה

 The KCL used to be the hashgocha on the Lakewood matzah Bakery, the bakery saw through their politics (not kashrus) and threw them out.

Alert!- The Star-k's list of checking for infestation

Is actually a purim joke for April fools day.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Update: Evergreen supermarket Lakewood- surprised they don't cary Birdsboro Li'Mehadrin poultry?

Evergreen's own brand of eggs are from Amish country. The Amish in general have roosters, so the bloodspots in the eggs are serious issue.
Alert: Beyond Meat brand products have no hashgocha from anyone. only "vegan".

Don't buy any "NEWDAY" brand pre-checked fruits and vegetables-they have a reputation of being infested [w/ the hashgocha]

Their butcher department carries a variety of poultry and meats including Agri, etc.

As far as kashrus is concerned;
All the raw meat and poultry is kept completely separated, not the same bins, knives, tables, etc.

So one may buy to his liking in kashrus.

The other new supermarkets in Lakewood have everything a mish-mash so if they carry "any-brand" that you don't use...

Alert: But Evergreens take-out, deli, marinated, ready to cook is all the same mish mash. 

THEREFORE; Buy raw only!!


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Zika in Florida Affects Pesach hotel reservations

Dr. Shanik: Zika travel ban still in effect
Feeling bad you didn't go to Miami for midwinter?  Dr. Shanik Lakewood's pediatrician says at this point adults of child bearing age should not go to Miami, due to the threat of contracting the Zika Virus. He will reevaluate the ban in next few weeks but as of now other areas in Florida are ok. He released this statement 6 weeks ago. 
 "While there have been no new cases of Zika Virus in the last 45 days there is still a partial ban on travel to Miami Dade county for at least the next month. This still means that no women of child bearing age and/or their husband should travel to Miami Dade county, Florida due to the possibility of contracting the Zika virus, also anyone  that
travels to that area can bring the virus back and cause further spreading locally....