Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Terras-garden-has a serious issue with infestation-They just can't get it going right.


Kosher salad is defined as 100% clean from infestation.-Terras Garden brand "sorry to say, can not make that claim".

Facts-There are many salad companies that claim all of their products are kosher, 100% infestation free.

Positive and kosher Garden brands are the ones that may rightfully claim their products are 100% insect free.

Update: Why you should use "only" the positive or kosher garden brands


Bodek,  Kihalacha,  Pardes,  Kosher taste,  Andy Boy,  Dole,  Terras Garden, etc 
are all infested product regardless of the sticker or Hashgocha. Some other companies have an issue that they do not check enough samples, therefore sometimes they will be infested. They also have an issue of defining "miut-Hamutzui".

The Positive and Kosher Garden brands are always free of infestation, but their packaging doesn't always keep the product fresh long enough. (perhaps, insect protein maintains freshness?)馃槉

Positive brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .讘讚讬拽转 转讜诇注讬诐  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Kosher Gardens brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .讘讚讬拽转 转讜诇注讬诐  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Friday, February 24, 2017

When business is hurting financially, kashrus is the first to be down graded,

Alert: Monsey vicinity-
Wesley hills kosher supermarket downgraded by changing Hashgochas,
Ever Green Monsey takes in product from Newday that is infested.
Wesley hill Shopping center stores downgrading their Hashgochas.

Lakewood gesheften with kcl can't Downgrade, as they are already at the bottom.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"TREIF "kosherica" tours R"L- Lakewood joins them R"L

Kosherica cruises has been machshil thousands in not providing kosher according to any standards.

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the Miami, Lakewood,  OU affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 

Can someone like Rabbis Weil (OU), Schneier, Riskin, Heir, Herring, Lipskar arrange an "OU" Hashgocha at least?

Why doesn't the "OU" send their own staff on the cruises to witness the kashrus disaster.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Update: Lakewood "DON'T BUY"- Price drop of $50,000.00 - $100,000.00 purchasers of NEW construction duplexes, SF homes-

Anonymous said...

Lakewood rentals are in a glut stage. Don't count on any rental income to support your overpaid new house.

Chevra, just watch BMG get their 1200 residential units at cedar bridge and the price of Lakewood housing will be in a freefall.

Sit and wait it out? or go to Jackson, Howell, Toms River.
Wed Jan 11, 01:26:00 PM 2017
*     *     *     *    *      *     *     *       *    *    *      *     *    *      *
Investors, purchasers-don't buy now W-A-I-T - IT'S MONEY IN YOUR POCKET better than hedge funds

From the Grape-vine: New duplexes and single family homes have been drastically reduced by $50-100,000.00 or more.

The asking price is still up in the sky but ..........

Some of the reasons;

Overpriced due to market demand.

Basement rentals are at a glut.

Over building.

Jackson, Toms River, etc are realistic options as a first choice. Larger homes, larger property, no sardine can feeling, no traffic issues, etc

Some that have deposits may be looking to get out. While others are re-negotiating the price.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pesach matzos- Hand and machine- Oat, etc

Oats have a bitter enzyme that must be neutralized. The method used is by heating the Oats and the internal moisture will steam & neutralize the bitter enzyme. By the Gluten Free Matzos made from Oats, they are heated on trays in a tunnel oven. They are heated to 250 F +- for ten minutes. The process may cause the oats not to be acceptable for pesach matzos-Talk to a knowledgeable Posek.
Note: The Lakewood matzah bakery says their oats are not heated at all. It may be that they are just unaware. Based on our information, it's heated as stated above.

May one use Matzos that went into into the oven approx. 22 minutes after the water was poured into the flour. Some claim that they count the "18 minutes" from when it gets worked into a dough, which is actually 22 minutes.  All for the unsuspecting yeshiva leit.

The only recommended machine matzah is the Beit shemesh chaburah machine with only Bdatz She'airis yisroel.

Others claim that there is a written teshuva on this issue, but they don't want to give it out.
Reb Chaim Shmulevitz, Z"L writes by Mechiras Yosef, a psak that can't be publicized is "botul" and has no halachic validity. So there is no written teshuva per se.

Normal process at an Israeli facility that produces machine matzos is to stop & dismantle & clean the machines every 18 minutes. Normal clean-up & dismantle take 25-35 minutes, an expensive procedure. In order to economize and give Lakewood Yeshiva leit an affordable machine matzo, the matzoh bakery was instructed to dismantle, etc only once an hour, thereby bring down the cost per hour, hence they could sell the matzos for less to the unsuspecting yeshiva leit. Are they still calling it 18 minute, or mehudar?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dolce Hotel Basking Ridge, NJ Pesach program cancelled because of shabbos issues.

CANCELLED: Pesach Program Forced to Terminate After Hotel Refuses to Deactivate Sensors for Shabbos

February 9, 2017: from Matzav.com:
The Dolce Hotel and Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ's refusal to properly disable its motion sensors has forced a popular Pesach program to cancel its plans due to halachic concerns. This hotel recently installed motion and RF sensors in all their sleeping rooms which program organizers were told would be a clear violation of Shabbos and Yom Tov. The Dolce refused to accommodate requests by the Tennenbaums to disengage the system, claiming that none of their other kosher groups were bothered by it.
"Sensors control all amenities in a hotel room, such as lights and heat. When the door closes and no motion is detected, these amenities are shut in order to save money. As soon as the door is opened, before the door is even fully extended, all amenities return to the state in which they were left. Most systems have a VIP override for individual rooms and a full override for the entire hotel that disables the system."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W534

How many Matzos to the pound, i$ your true co$t MATZAH REPORT AVAILABLE@ kashrusy@aol.com

1-Use one flour or mixed from different fields? pros-cons?
2-Whole wheat v white.
2a- Oat matzos- The steaming of oats to remove the bitterness.

3- Mix of whole wheat w/ White? What ratio, what effect does the whole wheat have?
4-Ratio of water to flour? Why?
4a- Ideal outdoor temperature & humidity? Why?

5-Kneader (knetter) and gloves? pro / con.
6-change bowl (& gloves) after every dough? How often should it be changed?
6a- How often should the dough divider blade be changed?
7-Negative pressure ( and vacum) above & to the side area of kneading bowl?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birdsboro Poultry "Li'Mehadrin"- is at the top in their kashrus standards

We were asked by Rabonim and individuals to see if the Birdsboro poultry plant is considered Li’Mehadrin for those that are makpid on kashrus Li’Mehadrin? Following is a concise short report.

     The plant is located in Birdsboro Pennsylvania.  It’s a two and a half hour drive from Brooklyn, Monroe, and Monsey, NY. It’s a medium size plant, processing approximately 30,000 chickens @ day. A smaller plant that processes fewer chickens is not necessarily an advantage. In a larger volume plant they will usually have an extra shoichet, an extra Mashgiach, etc. for the just in case. The larger plants can afford to check for 爪讜诪转 讛讙讬讚讬谉 and other issues.

     We visited the plant “unannounced” on Tuesday  驻专砖转 讘讗 转砖注"讝.  We were at the plant for some 7 hours. They welcomed the visit; no one seemed uncomfortable with an unannounced visit by one that is very familiar with Shechitas, etc. The Chasam Sofer writes that Shechitas should be inspected unannounced. Reb Moshe, Z”L stated to me that Shechitas that require of me or anyone else appointments prior to a visit are suspect. There are Shechitas that require appointments or they do not allow any visitors at all.