Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Alert: The "OK's" designation of "cholov Yisroel" is NOT reliable- it may even be "cholv-treifah"


Anonymous said...

How can you accuse the OK of this in a million years when
they claim that they kasher at 212 degrees implying that no others do????

Ma Rabbi said...

Can you back this up with some proof?

Rafi G. said...

why is it not reliable? why might it be treif? details please!

ab said...

R' Yudel,

There are many that respect your opinion, but when you drop a bombshell like this with no information at all, people become illusion.

I am not asking for proof, as I like many trust you, what we are looking for are details about the story.

Does this have to do with kashering, shots to the animals, or other issues? Not having anything to go on, makes this post useless and you less believable.

Anonymous said...

To:you Details

Hi, please be aware that recently, Leonardo Jmelnitzky and Enrique Glat left Rabbi Yosef Libersohn and went on to give Kosher....

They represent Dayan Westheim Manchester Kosher at ARCOR in Argentina and are associated to Moshe Weinstein.

Leonardo and Enrique are currently producing for Machester Kosher including cholov isroel and oils.

Leonardo never went to Yeshiva, he is a BT, since about 28 years ago, his wife had geirus, but according Argentina Chief Rabbi Ben Hamu she is a shiksa.

Enrique's never went to Yeshiva and he lives with a Mexican shiksa, eats treif and is a mechalel shabbos.

Furthermore on a recent powder milk production was missing fat due to floods, and non kosher fats were added.

Rabbi Libersohn alerted Manchester Bais Din Rabbi Leitner but the choose $$$ over Kashrus.

For more details you can call Rabbi Libersohn in Argentina or his son in Monsey.


Ana Joan Mizrahi

Anonymous said...

Based on the thorough research that others have done for yehuda Shain, that is the outcome.

He's right for not burning his sources.

He's been right all of these last 40 years, why doubt him now?

That's how he gets info, by not revealing sources, ask any responsible Journalist.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between not revealing sources and publishing rumors with no details

Anonymous said...

The OK office said it may very well b e cholov treifa

ab said...

So some product is allegedly treif. by not revealing that product what had been accomplished? Is the whole ok no good, or was there a specific problem. Again, rumors with any details leads to a lack of credibility.
Not asking for sources, but a detail.