Thursday, February 08, 2018

I think that you would want to publicize this L'toeles
I purchased the new Gefen Granola French Vanilla in NPGS around three weeks ago - awesome granola. Well, today I'm eating it and notice a bug!

Then I check - and there are two more in just the small ziploc bag that I filled up.

I got home and spilled out the carton on the counter and lo and behold - another few bugs! 

I called NPGS and they were horrified. The kashrus manager ran to the shelves and personally checked FOUR cartons - he said that there were no bugs at all.

However, my carton is infested completely, and I just opened it yesterday.

Bugs are coming from the inside - not from my home.

This should be publicized for everyone who may have purchased from this run.

Whomever purchased this granola when it was on sale in NPGS for 2/$5,

should check their boxes.


Anonymous said...

Looks like ants. This will happen to any grain, sugar, etc. if not stored properly.its also possible that in 3 weeks the infestation came from their own home.

Anonymous said...

The npgs kashrus managers eye glasses needs to be shpritzt with some heavy duty Glass cleaner. Also maybe id extra extra wide brimmed hat maybe hindering his vision.

Anonymous said...

So you mean to confirm that NPGS does not know anything about infestation.

Anonymous said...

The source checks for infestation and the results are negative —
The buyer finds infestation at its place —
But it’s the sources’ fault because HE has the infestation not the buyer - where it was found!!!!
Denial logic at its best.

Yossel Grickmeyer said...

I never knew that the word "awesome" & the word "granola" could go in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that just one box was infested. I once bought a jar of dried vegetable soup seasoning with a good hashgocho, many years ago, and that particular jar was very infested, but the store owner denied that any other jars had infestation.

Anonymous said...

Three weeks in her house ... And she is blaming the store. People are Unbelievable..