Friday, March 02, 2018

ALERT: Alfasi wine- Company says "Not-Mevushal"- OK is wrong

On the Alfasi wine Reserva  in English it says "MEVUSHAL"
In Hebrew it states non-mevushal. 
The bottle states that it will improve with age in the bottle-Mevushal doesn't improve with age in the bottle-
So it is in fact a "non-mevushal wine".


Anonymous said...

Ok... so lemaysa, is it Mevushal or not?

Anonymous said...

In all likely it's non-mevishal, you must make a recall.
Only heimish don't make recalls.

limaseh- it makes intermarriage- the ok vill be mesader kidishin.

ab said...

Kashrus Advisory on Alfasi Reserve wines
March 7, 2018 from the OK:

Alfasi Reserve, Royal Wine Corp., Bayonne, NJ 07002
All Alfasi Reserve wines produced before 2017 are not mevushal.
The 2017 Alfasi Reserve wines are mevushal, as stated in English, but bottles may be mislabeled with the words 'Not Mevushal' in Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

No one should ever use non mevushal wines? What planet are you from? Let's say I'm machmir only to use non mevushal...are you paskening that this is definitely allowed?