Friday, March 02, 2018

UODATE::SHOCK: Passaic ‘Glatt Kosher Restaurant’ - Has Been Selling Non-Kosher, and infested vegies- need expert Rabbis to ID treif

KCL can't spot treif

According to PCK and their Mashgichim, the restaurant used Bodek pre-checked vegies. (as the mashgichim were only qualified to check scallions, celery, some herbs, etc.) Hopefully it wasn't Rabbi Eisen's methods.

Yudel Shain's research indicates that the restaurant also served "unchecked" broccoli and other vegies that require Bedikas. The Chinese managers / workers or rather "owners" bought at cosco and other outlets, Brocolli, Chinese leafy vegetables etc.

There is  very good reasons that the OU refuses to certify Chinese restaurants owned by non-Jews. This restaurant was owned and managed by non-Jews.

All indications from an experts point of view indicates that unchecked vegieies and Treifas was indeed served at this restaurant. Keilim should be koshered.

Yudel Shain studied chinese cooking and Bedikas Toloyim  prior to certifying a number of non-Jewish owned Chinese restaurants.
It seems that the Hashgocha system was at fault.

THE KASHRUS ADMINISTRATOR SAID "HE CAN'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED AS YOU MUST UNDERSTAND CERTAIN ISSUES ARE CONFIDENTIAL". I'm sorry but that is unacceptable in such an instance. I have more on hand experience in this are than most others in kashrus. Therefore, I investigated and concluded that "this must be dealt with as a restaurant that was serving "TREYF".... 
Rumors have been swirling on social media the past few days regarding the sudden closure of the “Jin Glatt Kosher Chinese & Sushi Restaurant” in Passaic, NJ. Many people were claiming that non-Kosher food was used by the establishment, while others claimed the store was closed just due to a health violation.  Sadly, it appears that this is more than a “health violation”.
The following is an official statement from “PCK = Passaic Clifton Kashrus”, which was giving the Kosher certification to the store:

“The mashgichim at Jin restaurant, located at 227 Main Avenue in Passaic, recently raised questions regarding certain procedures at the restaurant. PCK has determined that these matters merit investigation and, effective January 8, 2018, suspended its supervision of the restaurant pending completion of the investigation, which is being undertaken in consultation with leading kashrus and other experts. At this time, PCK has not concluded that any non-kosher food entered the establishment.

PCK is committed to maintaining the highest standards of kashrus in the Passaic-Clifton community. Following completion of its investigation, PCK intends to report on the results of the investigation as well as any policy changes that may be put in place to prevent similar situations from arising in the future.” 

Jin has been in business for at least 15 years. The store has had more than one owner over that time. YWN will continue to bring our readers any additional updates on the outcome of this investigation. (YWN World Headquarters- NYC
Since mashgichim concerns, some recent changes were made by the hashgocha at the restaurant re: meat & poultry to match the invoices, the volume that the restaurant from the kosher purveyors suddenly went up even though business did not increase.  One may conclude that the restaurant was using a large quantity of non-kosher meat & poultry.  Therefore keilim should be kashered.

A customer that eats in Chinese restaurants was very surprised when he ordered “Spare-Ribs”, that were large, meaty, etc. not like in all of the other Chinese restaurants. He wondered to himself, how could they serve such beautiful spare-ribs so cheap?
He never went back there.

  1. the statement seems like a stement the OU would make a non-statement sounding all politically correct, TREIF is being served in a “kosher” restaurant.!!!!
  2. Takes2-2tango
  3. You guys are talking in circles. Either they were selling/serving non kosher or they weren’t.?

  4. No wecant,
    Did you verify the Treif offerings?
    Even the tabloid headline didn’t go that far.
  5. 1. Nothing to do with PC at all. Probably a lot more to do with hilchos loshon hora and r’chilus. Taking them at face value, if they don’t know IF there was tarfus, why should they say it was? Just to satisfy you and the yenta blabbermouths here? It doesn’t work that way.
  6. The big question is are the owners Jewish or not?
    If not, this raises the issue of expanding the issur given by most of the American Rabonim from 60+ years ago against giving a hechsher to Non-Jewish owned meat slaughterhouses to meat restaurants as well.
  7. My friends in northern NJ say they had a very solid reputation and those who were very yeshivish and machmir eat there and take out. This includes yidden who are makpid on cholov yisroel, yoshon, pas yisrael etc. They catered events in NYC as well. Would be a shame if they were deceived by the ownership but stuff like this happens. Its a big inconvenience for those who have purchased take out foods and may have to kasher stuff at home….time for you local rav/posek to provide some guidance.
  8. If this is found to be untrue and just a rumor they should sue big time. If its true, fire the mashgichim forever and thier names should be published. Is the owner jewish?
  9. Maybe the owners or managers of the Establishment were harassing the Mashgiach physically or verbally every time he told them to do something they didn’t like. Let them complete the investigation & we will find out. I am myself a mashgiach for one the local vaadim & I see what goes on.
  10. I knew this day would come. Whenever people who have no idea how to run a kashrut agency decide to open one “litoeles” (money) this is what happens.
    According to a mashgiach that quit 2 MONTHS AGO because his higher ups wouldn’t listen to problems that he said were happening, the food there is 100% treif
  11. Why is everyone getting all bent out of shape about the headline/article?
    TREIF is being served in a “kosher” restaurant.!!!!
    Why would they say that if they don’t know?
    Either they were selling/serving non kosher or they weren’t.
    That is 100% correct
  12. Agreed with #4. The headlines make it sound malicious, which would destroy the reputation of the restaurant and its employees. If they had to bring in kashrus experts then that means the situation isn’t so simple. It is very unethical and likely assur to smear the establishment the way this headline does. The desire by YWN to be the first to report shouldn’t override the chiyuv to get all the facts lined up and report this situation in a muttar way. Very disappointing.
  13. To everyone questioning whether or not the owners are Jewish or not, let me remind you that there have been numerous cases involving similar situations where the owners were alleged ehrlich yidden with nice long beards and peyes.
  14. On the manager is listed as Vicky Tang. Doesn’t sound Jewish to me. The practice of giving a hechsher to a Non-Jewish owned meat establishment must end!!!
  15. here we go again…we lived thru the Finkel from Monsey episode….
    I had to kasher/buy NEW pots, dishes, and dinnerware for me and all my married children…..
    If this story is true, I have a lot of rachmonos on the people living there.
  16. “The practice of giving a hechsher to a Non-Jewish owned meat establishment must end!!!”
    Yet, another “enlightened” knee jerk reaction.
  17. apdsvys ” I had to kasher/buy NEW pots, dishes, and dinnerware for me and all my married children…..”
    And your unmarried children who purchased take out from Finkel’s did not have to kasher their kitchens?? What does their marital status have to do with the treifus??
  18. Its a big inconvenience for those who have purchased take out foods and may have to kasher stuff at home….time for you local rav/posek to provide some guidance.”
    Is the “inconvenience ” the only issue here? How about you were r”l eating nevelos mamash for years. Who knows what spiritual effect it could have had on your soul!
  19. I live in Passaic and I’ve eaten their food a number of times. Their food is decent and well priced, and I look forward to the restaurant re-opening so I can buy there again. The owners are not jewish and very nice and I dont believe they did anything wrong. I know the mashgichim as well, and they were essentially workers at the restaurant who doubled as mashgichim. If there were any issues, they were probably minor, maybe the camera was not always working or possibly a worker bringing in outside food. No big deal!.
  20. On Yelp there is a comment left 01/04/18 as the following:
    Moshe F.
    Teaneck, NJ
    “I’m a good friend with the head mashgiach at jin Glatt Kosher. He was there for over a year and recently left with the other mashgiach. He told me they left because the Chinese where caught sneaking in non kosher chicken without invoices and because of many other kashrus violations. They brought this to the attention of the head rabbi and the other rabbi that checks the premises daily representing PCK (Passaic Clifton Kashrus) over a month ago and nothing was done. I don’t know why the hashgacha is covering this up. Don’t eat there. It is completely treif.:
  21. Finkel / Shevach, Doheny, Flatbush & Borogh park treif violations were by Jewish owners.
    I would like to hear from the mashgichim first hand the issues they claim happened that were not addressed properly.
    I gave hashgochas to 4 Chinese Restaurants over the years. With proper planning B”H there were no incidents of any violations.
  22. There are certain big hashgachas that won’t give non Jewish owned Chinese restaurants hashgacha, as they have brought in non kosher. The same thing happened around 10 year ago in Florida. The hashgacha set up the restaurant and owners fell for it and the hashgacha was taken away. The Rabbi that I talked to said that locks on freezers are for honest people, but unfortunately for these people it’s part of business for them. You can’t give a hashgacha to people that are looking to deceive.
    I heard from a Bobov chossid, Reb Shloima once said that one can only trust the kashrus of a store if he trusts the man standing behind the counter.
  23. apdsvys: My shulchan aruch says treifus i treifus whether raw meat from a butcher selling chazerfieish or treif hindll witha phony plumba or in take out food made from that treif meat. Not sure if they had “take-out” Chinese food at the time of thw shulchan aruch but if they did, I suspect you would have been required to kasher your MARRIED kids’ kitchens (and probably the single kids’ kitchens as well since their is no heter to use treife dishes until after kiddushi).
  24. Feter Ben, the owner was jewish.
    thecommissioner, i have to say you’re a real male donkey because you have no idea what you’re talking about. The people running the agency have will over 100 years of kashrus experience between them. I’ll bet you don’t even compare to a pimple on an ant’s posterior!
  25. The real “SHOCK!” is that a website presenting itself as Torah-based would publish a rumor which they know nothing about, in a city they don’t live in. There is no toeles for anyone since the store is closed in the meantime and no one is going there to eat. Where is common decency and Loshon Hora?!
  26. “The real “SHOCK!” is that a website presenting itself as Torah-based would publish a rumor which they know nothing about,”
    Is this your 1st time on this website?
  27. Yehuda Shain of Lakewood,(a kashrus consultant over 40 years) would like to hear first hand from the former mashgichim what are their allegations.
  28. This story broke on a Thursday… gives us all weekend to talk talk and talk some more. Because who knows how many days it will take to investigate…. Please refrain from Loshon Hara over the course of Shabbos. I think I read somewhere that a great sage (maybe the VG) says this halacha is very important especially on Shabbos. Possibly beacuase of all the time we have sitting around at home and at Kiddush in Shul. Perhaps beacuse of the Kedusha of Shabbos. I don’t recall the reason exactly. Remember we may think we know everything but actually we know nothing. We may think we may understand everything but actually we don’t understand anything. Klall Yisroel ,hold your tounge and ears and eyes as reading is also Loshon Hora. Have a great Shabbos!
  29. According to what GAON found on Yelp dated 1/4/18 the Mashgichim did their job and brought it to the attention of the hashgacha over a month ago when they found this questionable chicken. These 2 Mashgichim should be praised and thanked for doing their jobs. The post says they left when nothing was done. They are taking a financial loss for the Jewish community. The hashgacha is at fault for not closing the Chinese restaurant down immediately when there was a safek (doubt) as to the kashrut. They could have done their investigation with the restaurant closed. They apparently don’t care if non-kosher meat is being sold. I question their motives and won’t eat in any restaurant that gets their kosher certification from PCK – Passaic Clifton Kashrus.
    I looked up the owner. I am told she has other restaurants in New York. I won’t eat there either. The owner can’t be trusted. There is no way she couldn’t have known what was going on.
    Thank you The Yeshiva World for posting this article and keeping the Jewish world informed.
  30. I shudder to think what hell awaits these evil people at Yeshivaworld for posting slander and moitzee shem rah and allowing bashmutzing of a Kashrus organization without anyone knowing all the facts.
  31. If the mashgichim found tarfus a month ago and Left because of it , then why did it take over a month for this to hit the fan. Meaning why didnt the mashgichim come out publicly and say what they saw. They cant possibly think anyone would find out about what they saw unless they told the public. Why did the mashgichim wait over a th? After arent they concerned about the jewish community? I think there is more to This story thsy is not being publicised. Besides if they did find tarfus then this article would not be beating around the bush!
  32. People, the place is closed while PCK is investigating. So, while they’re giving the usual double-talk while accusations are being verified, they are NOT risking anyone eating treif over this. They did indeed close as soon as accusations were made. Perhaps it’s “only” because they had no mashgichim, but there is no way to prove PCK wouldn’t have done so anyway.
    (josh1, you’re running away with unverified assumptions. But looking at the comment chain, you are far from alone.)
    The bigger question to me, as a Passaic resident, is that PCK is a comparatively young hechsher. Is this an issue anyone would have taken as long to detect, or should I rethink relying on PCK?
  33. “I looked up the owner. I am told she has other restaurants in New York. I won’t eat there either. The owner can’t be trusted. There is no way she couldn’t have known what was going on..”
    According to El Rushbo, the Chinses woman owner is a shomer torah umitzvos so one of you is wrong. Perhaps she was megayer but kept her ethnic name. Too many rumors and innuendos here with very few facts. The only winners are those stores who sell cheap pots and dishes for yidden of modest means…business should be booming if this article is true (unless some creative posek comes up with a shitah on why just toiveling in mikvah might be sufficient). Meantime, back at the Ranch (or beis medrash) question for hundreds or thousands of ehrliche yidden this eruv Shabbos is do we eat from our dishes we might have previously used for take-out from the Jin restaurant while we await the next new flash here on YWN motzi Shabbos.
  34. Uncle Ben,
    The article is on the jinglatt . com website. Click the Press tab located up top. There is a Herald News article titled “A kosher take on Chinese” in the third column at the top it state “…owner Tova Ackerman, 33.” The article was probably printed over 10 years ago. I tried to post her name before but it was edited out. Perhaps, for legal reasons. But, this time I am stating the source and where to find the article. It is in the public domain. There should be no reason to not post her name since all have access to it.
    There is another person that keeps attacking the credibility of the 2 Mashgichim. They did us a service and it is obvious they were telling people about what they found. The proof is the yelp post dated 1/4/18 and the google reviews post.
  35. The so called “silent” owner I hear was a no show (was never there). I don’t know, but that’s what one of my sources told me. The chinese workers did all of the ordering etc. An owner of a Chinese restaurant that is no show is perhaps just a front for the Chine$e real owners to claim “the owner is Jewi$h”. The Hashgocha may have been fooled.
    A little while back the Hashgocha was told by the Mashgichim that they are questioning the reliability of some of the meat n poultry sources.
    The hashgocha did make some changes, lo and behold the quantities of meat n poultry from the kosher sources increased substantially. Gevald!
    Others in the surrounding area were advising people for quite some time not to trust the kashrus there.


Anonymous said...

Pck administrator rabbi yecheskel Auerbach.
Is this the same auerbach from lakewood who is employed by zeev from npgs?

TREIF said...

No surprise in Passaic especially after rabbonim spoke to PCK administrator Rabbi Auerbach about an idol that the Asians put at the front counter & he REFUSED to do ANYTHING about it.

Yes, he is employed by Zeev to provide the private seal of 'approval' on NPGS shenanigans.

Anonymous said...


All in the Family said...

Auerbach is cousin of der "Humner Ruv" fin Qveens, Rabbi Oelbaum & his shvugger, the other cover-upper from the moderner geggen in the outskirts dort.

(Starting the countdown biz Yankela geit tzim orbit to defend them & to attack their critics)

Anonymous said...

I thought Auerbach was busy giving *shiurim* for the vyberlach across the lake on shabbos afternoons?

Anonymous said...

The Mashgichim say they used BODEk brocolli & other Bodek products, so kashrus standrds were never high on their list. Positive & kusher Garden is a much more reliable brands as far as infestation, but the hashgocha wanted Bodek.

The locals were not comfortable about the kashrus there.

It's still closed, guess gotta kasher your keilim.

Yankeleh said...

So to conclude and solidify all the comments:

Zeev + the IDOL + Hummner Ruv + Vyblerlach (from across the lake only) + Bodek
are all responsible DIRECTLY for the "MAYBE" kashrut failure in Passaic in general and at Jin's in particular.

Hope this "Svarah" brings a "Refuah Shlaima" to "deh Kranke" oif Metropolitan 'Gaas' and makes him feel a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Moshe Friedman
11 days ago
I'm a good friend with the head mashgiach at Jin Glatt Kosher. He was there for over a year and recently left with the other mashgiach.

He told me they left because the Chinese where caught sneaking in non kosher chicken without invoices and because of many other kashrus violations. They brought this to the attention of the head rabbi and the other rabbi that checks the premises daily representing PCK (Passaic Clifton Kashrus) over a month ago and nothing was done.

I don't know why the hashgacha is covering this up. Don't eat there. It is completely treif.

Anonymous said...

שיחת המשגיח הגה"צ רבי שלמה ברעוודה זצוק"ל שנאמרה בשידור טלפוני ממיטת חוליו מארה"ב לביהמ"ד כולל הלפרין בבני ברק, בעצרת מספד על הגאון רבי יצחק דרשוביץ זצ"ל בשלהי חודש תשרי התשע"ג.

מורי ורבותי, אני שוכב על ערש דווי ל"ע, כבר שבעה וחצי חודשים, אני סובל מהמחלה האיומה ביותר ל"ע עם יסורים גדולים עד לשמים. אני מבקש מכולכם טובה גדולה, כל יום כשיש לכם זמן שאפשר להתפנות תאמרו פרק אחד מתהלים שיהיה לזכות ולרפו"ש מהשמים לשלמה ליב בן מרים בתושח"י ויתקבל ברחמי שמים ולניסים ובנפלאות.

מורי ורבותי, לפני כמה שנים שהגעתי לארה"ק סיפרו לי שאחד מצדיקי הדור האמיתיים חלם שהח"ח זיע"א בא אליו בחלום ואמר לו שהמשיח בא!!! אני מכיר את הצדיק הק' הזה ואני מאמין בו. ושאלתי אז איפה משיח צדקנו ? והתירוץ הוא רבותי : מי אמר שהוא לא בא?! הוא בא!!! אבל הוא לא מתגלה, ולמה לא מתגלה? הרי הציבור המקדיש את חייו לתורה הסולת של כלל ישראל יראים ושלמים. תשמעו...

הגמ' ביומא אומרת, השח שיחת חולין דהיינו דברים בטלים, לא דברים הכרחיים.. עובר בעשה ובלא תעשה. עובר בעשה כדכ' "ודברת בם" ולא בדברים בטלים, ומהו הלאו? פסוק בקהלת [א,ח] "כל הדברים יגעים לא יוכל איש לדבר... מורי ורבותי נשאלת השאלה אם האדם לא מדבר לשה"ר, שקר, וליצנות, ורק מדבר סתם דברים בטלים מה העוולה בכך, חוץ מביטול תורה? כתב ע"ז רבי יצחק אייזיק חבר ז"ל, שהיה גדול בנגלה ובנסתר. מה העוול בסתם דברים בטלים? ידוע כשיהודי לומד תורה המילים הק' עולות למעלה ועושים תיקונים גדולים ובונים עולמות של קדושה. וממשיך ואומר דברים נוראים "כשמדברים דברים בטלים האדם בונה את עולם הסטרא אחרא" זהו הלאו "לא יוכל איש לדבר..." איום ונורא מה שכתוב כאן....

כשאני למדתי בבחרותי בישיבה, העבירה הכי גדולה בעולם הישיבות היה לדבר דברים בטלים, כשיצאנו מביהמ"ד לצורך אכילה המשכנו לדבר דברי תורה, ברשב"א בריטב"א ברמב"ם ובשיעור של הר"י וכו', היה לנו חשקת התורה, היינו דבוקים בתורה. היום המצב השתנה, מן הקצה לקצה, יוצאים מכותלי ביהמ"ד באותו רגע כבר מדברים שטויות ודברים בטלים.

אז מה נאמר שמשיח צדקנו יתגלה במהרה בימינו?! למי הוא יכול להתגלות? אם בני תורה שח"ו בונים מדברים בטלים עולמות של הסט"א, אז יבא המשיח ויתגלה 'לקבלנים' של הסט"א?!?! למה כשאני מגיע לארה"ק אני רואה בחורים בליל שב"ק ברחוב הולכים בקבוצות, לא יודע לאן הולכים, הלא יש ביהמ"ד- לא? למה הם ברחוב? לא הרגשתי שהחבורות הללו מדברים דברי תורה, סתם מדברים שטויות! פעם פנה אלי בחור אחד מתוך הקבוצה, ושאלני האם הרב מכיר את ההורים שלי? אמרתי לו כן בודאי, ההורים שלך מתפללים עליך הרבה שתגדל להיות גדול בתורה ויר"ש, אז אני רוצה לתת לך ולחבריך עצה. אולי כשתמשיכו ללכת עכשיו תדברו קצת דברי תורה ... הבחורים עמדו והשתוממו על עצותי... אתם שומעים רבותי מה קרה איתנו?!

ולכן אע"פ שבקושי יש לי כח דיבור ונשמה היום, אני כזה חלש ואין לי כח לדבר. החלטתי בכל הכח להגיד לציבור החשוב הזה, את המילים האלה: הלא רבי יצחק דרשוביץ ז"ל שיסד את הרעיון של "כולל ערב" מה הוא רצה? הוא רצה להציל את עולם התורה מלבלות את הלילה בדברים בטלים, שימשיכו לבנות את עולם הקדושה, עולם של תורה.

והיום מאיימים עלינו מהשמים ע"י הרשעים הכופרים השולטים בארצנו הקדושה, על בני הישיבות, מה זה סתם איום???!! זה מן השמים, לעורר אותנו להגביר דיבורי תורה ביום ובלילה, שהאוויר שלנו יהיה דברי תורה מתוקים מדבש ונופת צופים.
מורי ורבותי, אני מבקש מחילה אולי דיברתי בחריפות, תדונו אותי לכף זכות. אבל אולי מישהו בלילה הזה ישמע את הדברים האלו ולאט לאט יתחיל לשנות את דרכו בתורה, והציבור שהולכים הביתה יחליטו לדבר בד"ת, ולא סתם לספר מה היה, ומי דיבר, אלא רק דברי תורה להקשות קושיות ולתרץ, ואז במהרה יופיע משיח צדקנו.

ואני מעומק הלב מברך את הקהל הק' הזה שכולכם עם בני משפחותיכם תעברו את תקופת "חבלו של משיח" לחיים ולשלום, ותזכו לקבל את פניו בלב שמח, וזו ברכה גדולה מאד, כי יהיו כאלו שיעברו את חבלו של משיח, אבל להישאר בלב שמח צריכים "תיבת נח" של תורה להגן עליכם. עלו והצליחו!

Timtum said...

I hope Zeev doesn't need Auerbach to cover things as bad as his brother's behavior

The part dealt with by the Courts about the vacations paid for with stolen money & who was the only person going on the vacations with Zev's brother is really "Torahdik"

kashrus insider said...

how did the PCK admin-tzedraiter become such a macher in kashrus? his behavior when he was at Chof K, to put it mildly, was odd

Der Gantze Mishpooche said...

Correct, Auerbach is cousin of Rav Oelbaum / der shvooger.

Do you know who else is?

The Rabbi Hartman from 5 Towns vus halt zich velt's mimche on sifrei Maharal who gives shiurim in Rav Oelbaum's shul.

Someone told me he once asked der shvooger if Rabbi Hartman is related to the infamous koifer David Hartman who left Chaim Berlin for YU and then became a Conservative rabbi. The koifer David Hartman who is also a con artist, went on a world wide shnorring tour in the 1980s to raise money for a "yeshiva" which he described as it will make Conservative "talmidei chuchumim" who will "wipe the floor with Lakewood". Avadda such a metzius is impossible. The "yeshiva" did not come about. So he just pocketed the money and laid low for the next 20 years.

Der shvooger became angry at the question, praised 5 Towns Hartman as part of zein mishpooche & vehemently denied there is any relation to koifer David Hartman.

Well, he can deny fin heint biz morgen and get as tzehitz as he wants, but it doesn't change the facts.

5 Towns Hartman is grandson of Dr. Rabbi Charles (Yecheskel) Hartman who led a modern orthodox shul in St Louis. Yes, Dr. Rabbi Charles is named after his zeide Yecheskel Hartman who was the Satmar chazan in Uhel. Ober fort, Dr. Rabbi Charles is the BROTHER of koifer David Hartman. Koifer Hartman is therefore fetter of 5 Towns Hartman and very much a cheilek of the mishpooche.

Anonymous said...

I’d rather be a cousin to a koifer then to either spread Loshon horah &/or moitzee Shem rah on people - especially rabonim.
Or be host to a site that allows such Loshon horah &/ or mother Shem rah freely.

Talmidei Gedalya ben Achikam said...

9:18 pm, that really worked out "well" , didn't it?! To not listen to any lashon horah in any circumstance that Chazal had to be kovea a taanis tzibur.

Who needs to know takka if people are coming for retzicha or if they are covering up that a whole ir Hatorah was eating treif meat?

The Gemara tells us that all animals have middos we can learn from. You must be learning from the ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand.

Bulvan and friends said...

When David Hartman was still in YU he appointed himself the bouncer in the beis medrash. There is a well known story of the day R' Dovid Cohen from Flatbush altz bochur came to visit, and Hartman who has a bigger frame than him, physically threw him out.

Hartman & others had claimed that R' Dovid Cohen was being a mechutzef in the middle of Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik's shiur. But Professor Shapiro who is Chair of Judaic studies at University of Scranton studied the tape of the shiur & concluded that R' Dovid Cohen was asking a legitimate kashya that the others were not oimek lesof daato to understand what he was asking. The Professor does not like Charedim very much but still defends him.

Anonymous said...

The PCK was not forthcoming with all of the information, so this blogger did his due diligence and his research (claiming some 40 years of experience) including all types of food service & 4 Chinese restaurants, etc. and concluded that they did serve TREIF.

What a shocking revelation.

Kew Gardens said...

Der oylam esst nuch "kusher"?

Isn't it ironic that Yanky who is so preoccupied with who is from the shlechta 'moderna' has been exposed as throwing stones in his own 'glass shtiebel'. Shteiner hut em gevarft bei Yerushalmi hafgunos & veiter gegangen dee 'shteiner' vus er iz mamshich zein tze varfen.

Nisht nor 1st cousin Shiya who is Cantor in the Conservative temple just blocks from the musty basement vus zei reefen der "koilel", ober yetzt all these 'interesanta' associations of the "koilel" alein.

hope this is leto'eles said...

Talmidei Gedalya ben Achikam

What a "shvantz" to call himself a talmid of anyone let alone Gedalya ben Achikam.

There is no heter whatsoever in loshon horah halachos to publicize or talk about in any way, form or manner about a relative - brother, shvoger, in-laws etc - of someone who you may think there a heter or a mitzvah to 'badmouth'.

Absolutely, positively no 'crack' of a heter.

If Gedalya would of listened to any such type of loshon horah he would of been killed anyway and Zom Gedalya would of been a Yom Tov instead of a fast.

The Chofetz Chayim has many rules about when one may 'badmouth' some body and the first and last rule is: It must be thought through thoroughly to make sure ALL the conditions apply AND that you are not fooling yourself.

When it comes to thinking - you have demonstrated that you have no clue what that is or means.
When it comes to fooling your self you have demonstrated that as well.

(Of course if Money or Kavod (or even worse - revenge etc. is involved then you are doing a great job.)

Your history of citing all kinds of so called evils posted on the inetrnet about people who have no association to the "badmouthed" subject other the being related or a partner shows your evil acts rooted in your evil personality.

The reason for this comment is that you should reconsider your attitude in life towards yourself and others. Its not too late.

Its NEVER too late.

Anonymous said...

Will auerbach still be on board with the pck after this episode?
As far as most people are concerned auerback doesnt belong toying in kashrus to begin with. Maybe he should start his own bottle cap company!

Anonymous said...

Wed Jan 17, 06:33:00 PM 2018

Here we go again with the 'Yanky:Shiya' Formula.

This formula is treif from inception.

No Rov or person would think or say something like this kal voochoimeh posting it.

itchiemayer said...

Rabbi Rakeffet-Rothkoff has a different take on the David Hartman/Rav Dovid Cohen incident from 1960 than the take you attribute to Professor Shapiro. It can be found on the YU Torah website. I don't know, I wasn't yet alive.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of working Mashgichim. If a Mashgiah is supposed to be overseeing all aspects of Kashrus and worrying about Tolayim in a facility that uses a lot of infested ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what other restaurants Tova Ackerman owns? How can we trust the kashrus?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Off the cuff- we see the PCK consulted Rabbi Luban "OU", Rabbi Eisen who worked for the "OU" in food service.
Perhaps Rabbi Perlmutter should be in charge of these establishments? He lives in Passaic, works for the "OU" many years, no nonsense, etc.

Anonymous said...

sorry about rabbi blech but pinny lipschutz should know better than to write on his matzav website that blech was admin of earth kosher. earth kosher is a talmid of avi weiss who consulted with blech. when people started not trusting him he suddenly 'promoted' blech to put him in charge in name

Paysach Krohny Watch said...

Wasn't Tova Ackerman a teacher at Shevach (the watered down wannabe Bais Yaakov high school in Queens) where she worked under Mrs Krohn?

Your Shachen from across the 'graintz' said...

One still gotto wonder why a Queens resident would keep on residing there when EVERYTHING there in NO GOOD.

The food is not Kosher.
The Schools are not Kosher.
The Rabbanim are not Kosher.
The Chevrah Kadisha is not Kosher.
The Eiriv is Not Kosher.
Surly the Mikvah is not Kosher either.

But yet, he lives there
'vee ah Shineh yeed.
He eats all the food from there.
Uses the Schools there.
Asks his shaalehs there.
Carries there just all others.
And of course he can't control where his w... goes to the M.... which of course is a local one.

Gotto wonder about these evil Yentas.

All Treif Roads lead to Queens said...

Tova Ackerman's shutef in Passaic is Richard Austein who is a major Queens Vaad client.

He owns:

Hunki's Pizza

Wing Wan

And Ackerstein's Catering - Ackerman-Austein?

All under the Queens Vaad.

The Austeins have lived in Long Island towns that don't have a single Orthodox Jew. Did he ever become Orthodox at some point?

It doesn't mean much that Ackerman & Austein show up at the Chabad telethon because so do goyim like the sleazy Ed Mangano.

It should be noted that Auerbach at PCK & the Queens Vaad were the only two hashgochos among a group of hashgochos who were contacted about the idols in Chinese restaurants who didn't want to do anything about it. Other hashgochos were grateful to be informed of the problem & had the idols immediately removed. The Queens Vaad eventually did removed one type of idol as a PR move after they came under attack here years ago. But reverted to their collective kvad lev when it came to a 2nd idol.

The Gray area of Vleigh said...

"Surly the Mikvah is not Kosher either"

Odd that the chaver of the so called "kollel" would mention that being that the "shvugger" alein once insinuated that the VHQ mikva was nisht kusher which prompted a ferocious attack on him by old R' Fabian who called him the big mouth down Union Turnpike dortten.

That was before he 'smartened up' to help the VHQ do whatever avlos they want in exchange for special privileges.

Anonymous said...

Queens was also told that the goish owner goes to the tiflah and they once again did nothing.

Bow down to that living wage? said...

There are Rishonim that hold that shituf is mutter for goyim but shituf is only the so called Abrahamic religions from Esav & a few religions from bnei Hagar (Islam according to Ibn Ezra + Bahai & other small religions). There is no shituf by all the far flung religions of bnei Keturah. And certainly if the Asians want to sell us kosher they have no business putting idols in our faces right at the checkout counter that some customers even inadvertently are bowing in front of.

Amazing what fails to shter the Queens Vaad and their "yeshivishe" figurehead who was hired to pull the wool over the eyes of KG as the puppet of the YU rabbis.

Anonymous said...

A Message from Eliyahu HaNavi to an IDF Soldier
[Please Google to find this interesting story]
Here is a very quick translation:

We heard in a lecture on Chanukah 5778 by Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberius, who said that by Purim the war of Gog and Magog will breakout and that this Purim 5778 will be the last Purim before the revelation of Mashiach.

A few days ago, after services, a young student approached his Rabbi in a certain village in Israel and asked if he could tell him about a frightening incident. A true story that happened to a young man a few days before that.

A young soldier got on a bus and sat at the back seat. An old man came to sit next to him. The old man, without knowing him started to speak to him and said: “You should know that the war of Gog and Magog will breakout in Shvat”

The shocked young man asked him “How do you know this”, the old man said “It is hard to prove what I know, but in order for you to understand that it is true, you can ask me any question you have about any person you know and I will tell you everything about him”.

The young man thought and said to himself I’ll ask him about my cousin who is very sick and we’ll see what he’ll tell me. And he told the old man the name of his cousin. The old man told him exactly about the difficult situation of his cousin, that she needs divine mercy and everything about her without knowing her.

The old man continued and said that you should know that Hashem hates licentiousness, and that what is going on in the army with male and female soldiers is no secret. That they are committing sins of sexual immorality, and that they are deliberately enlisting females into the army in order to cause the young men to sin and any jobs that female soldiers do in the army can be done by young men. And also that it is no secret that one of the purposes of the army is to secularize young Israeli men. It will not continue, Hashem hates licentiousness (Zenus).

He left the young man without another word and got off the bus. The curious young man, who wanted to know where the old man lived, got off the bus after him, and the old man disappeared. They say he merited a revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi of blessed memory.

It is brought in the book “Davar B’ito” (Everything in it’s time) about the month of Shvat, that on the 15th of Shvat there will be a full lunar eclipse. It is written in the book “Yalkut Moshe” that a lunar eclipse in the month of Shvat [is a sign of] stringent judgment on most of the world, and that day will be very dark.

We have to wake up, Hashem is dealing with us with great kindness and is sending us faithful messengers that we may merit to wake up and prepare ourselves for the Geulah. We have a few days left to examine ourselves and to quickly strengthen ourselves and to change our behavior. To swap our tight clothing for modest clothing, for longer and wider skirts, long sleeves, wider shirts that are not so tight.

Every married woman should cover her hair with a modest hair covering, and
not a wig.
To get rid of our impure devices with forbidden images!!! And are also a Bitul Torah!!!
They are unnecessary in a Jewish House/Heart.
To maintain our pure speech.
To learn lots of Torah.
To learn Halachos in order to be a Kosher person.
And to increase acts of kindness – Chessed.
To judge everyone favorably.
We must be Shomer Shabbos KeHilchosah 100%.

May we all merit the revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi who comes to announce the arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. And may we all merit to be united and receive the king Mashiach with great mercy and kindness.

When Mashiach comes it will be to late to for us change! also to late to do Teshuva. Don’t say we didn’t know and don’t say nobody told you. You have enough time NOW to do Teshuva before Yom Hadin HaNorah.

yonatron said...

Jin was not owned by the Chinese workers there. It was owned by a Frum lady from Five Towns! All these comments about non-Jewish owned restaurants don't apply...

Yudel Shain said...

The Frum lady evidently was not so frum, she was machshil klal yisroel with infestation, treif, etc. Hiding behind the vail of PCK kosher?

BTW- She also fooled the PCK that she's the owner.
She was the "front" for the Chinese manager / owner.

That does not absolve the PCK and the mashgichim from being at fault.

Anonymous said...

... that some customers even inadvertently are bowing in front of.

Here goes the Krankeh again.

The goy is ah goy und blaibed ah goy.

The goy goes to Church. The goy eats not kosher. The goy lives with Arayos. The Goy Speaks Loshon Horah. The Goy.......

If you dont want to bow down to this so called whatever then just don't shop there or better, Don't bow down. (Suprised that YOU out all people would even consider going into a goyish ownred shop - but then again we are talking about a Krankeh Neshama R"L).

No one ever bows down to anyone when buying or paying for something - inadvertently or advertently. It makes no difference if the shop is in Queens or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

am haaretz 12:07 pm, there is a big discussion in chazal & poskim about some avodah zaros that people are tricked into bowing / worshipping. i saw in achronim that if those goyim were successful in tricking a yid, the yid must do teshuva for shogeg

Anonymous said...

יְהִי רָצוֹן מִלְּפָנֶיךָ רִבּוֹנוֹ שֶׁל עוֹלָם קֵל מֶלֶךְ חַנּוּן וְרַחוּם, עוֹשֶׂה צְדָקוֹת עִם כָּל בָּשָׂר וְרוּחַ בְּכָל עֵת, הֵעָתֵר לָנוּ הַיּוֹם וּבְכָל יוֹם וָיוֹם בִּתְפִלָּתֵנוּ, וְתִּשְׁמַע קוֹלֵנוּ, וּתבַטֵּל מֵעָלֵינוּ בְּקָרוֹב גְּזֵירַת גִּיוּס הַשְׁמַד וְהַזִימָּה מֵעַל בְּנֵי בְּרִיתְךָ. אָבִינוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ כַּלֵּה דֶּבֶר וְחֶרֶב וְרָעָב וּשְׁבִי וּמַשְׁחִית וּשְׁמָד מִבְּנֵי בְּרִיתֶךָ. כִּי אַתָּה שׁוֹמֵעַ תְּפִלַּת כָּל-פֶּה בְּרַחֲמִים

Anonymous said...

הידע שלו - של רשכבה"ג מרן ר' שמואל זצוק"ל - היה מחריד

העמקות שלו - פשוט לא מעלמא הדין

היראת שמים שלו - לא ניתנת לתיאור כלל וכלל

הרחמנות על אלמנות ויתומים - עם רגישות שלא נתפסת

התפלה - התלהטות והשתוקקות לאבינו שבשמים

אהא, אבדנו, יתומים היינו, אין מילים

אי אי, וי להאי שופרא דבלי בעפרא

Pass the Treif said...

Some of the milchdik gesheft owners in Passaic act very angry at you if you say one word about the Chinese restaurant scandal. They attack you that you have no right to question Auerbach's "chezkas kashrus" despite any evidence you may have vos er hot nisht a chazokah.

"Nice" tactic of these gesheften to protect their own reputations while under such a lousy hashgocho.